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  • Come Back - Bananarama
    "Bananarama Miscellaneous Come Back ======================== Bananarama - Come Back ======================== I havent heard from you in a week I thought that we had something special Come back my love to"
  • Na Na Hey Hey - Bananarama
    "Bananarama Miscellaneous Na Na Hey Hey Na na na na na na na na Hey hey hey goodbye He'll never love you The way that I love you 'Cause if he did no, No he wouldn't make you cry (bridge) He might be thrilling"
  • Bad For Me - Bananarama
    "Bananarama Miscellaneous Bad For Me ========================= Bananarama - Bad For Me ========================= Its something wonderful when he makes love to me Hes everything I ever need They cant understand"
  • Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango) - Bananarama
    "Bananarama Miscellaneous Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango) It's close to midnight and I'm leaving now I'm getting in my car and I'm heading out And I can't slow down Coz I don't know how You got my number"
  • Tripping On Your Love - Bananarama
    "Go on, come with it Hear me now Breakout I woke from a dream Looked up to see your face was Smiling down at me The sunlight crept through Painting my room and I just Had to say Primrose coloured"
  • Aie A Mwana - Bananarama
    "Bananarama Miscellaneous Aie A Mwana Aie a mwana dina quela que tu a mo yana bib naba do do oh yeah Aie a mwana sa sa eebu busheebu una shoba bee bee oou da la la la yeah Bama mama ra figu aki yeah mi"
  • What You Gonna Do - Bananarama
    "Love's calling, I can see your face Warm expression fills up all this space True reflections of your world in me Deep inside I know I found your key Lay down next to me Show me you care Slowly, I'm"
  • Crazy - Bananarama
    "You broke my heart When you walked away You tell me you made a mistake So you're back to bother me You think that you're just what I need Well baby let me tell you that you're wrong Baby don't you"
  • Boom - Bananarama
    "You're too shy Cos baby I Need to see a little more attitude So if you wanna fly Across my sky You'd better buy a one-way ticket to the moon You're too shy Cos baby I Need to see a little more"
  • Sleep - Bananarama
    "My lover, my angel Each time you layed with me Falling from your lips With each kiss You're betraying me Don't tell me you made me You played me for a fool Lies come tumbling down now Like a waterfall"
  • Tempus Fugit Mix - Bananarama
    "Who needs friends who never show I'll tell you what you want to know I could have saved a broken heart If I'd found out long ago I'm just thinking about Those lonely nights (I'm just thinking about"
  • Do They Know It's Christmas ? - Bananarama
    "It's Christmas time There's no need to be afraid At Christmas time We let in light and we banish hate And in our world of plenty We can spread a smile of joy Throw your arms around the world At"
  • Don - Bananarama
    "It's so electric here tonight And so I'm heading out for the city life I feel connected and it feels so right Hear the sounds all around All around Got no time to hesitate If you're with me don't be late 'cause"
  • Feel For You - Bananarama
    "Think it over A little longer You know I'm right It's me you're looking for It won't be long now Coz I'm not like the girls before Where you going ? Don't you know yet ? Shall I shout it out ?"
  • Got A Thing For You - Bananarama
    "You, you make me come alive Each time I close my eyes You take up all my time My every thoughts of you (bridge) Tell me why I got a thing for you, a thing for you Do you mind if I get with you, get with"
  • Let It Be - Bananarama
    "When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of wisdom Let it be And in my hour of darkness She is standing right in front of me Speaking words of wisdom Let it"
  • Let Me Love You One - Bananarama
    "I never meant to hurt you Didn't mean to do you wrong I guess I never learned to Cherish love 'til it was gone And then by chance to meet you Bringing back the memories I realised I need you Could"
  • Look On The Floor - Bananarama
    "It's close to midnight And I'm leavin' now I'm getting in my car I'm headin' out And I can't slow down Cos I don't know how You got my number So we'll be fine So go and use it Just don't waste my time Cos"
  • Love, Truth And Honesty - Bananarama
    "Never trust your own emotions They'll always let you down And the one that's closest to you May not always be around (bridge 1) I never questioned The promises you made Every time I gave my heart"
  • Love Bites - Bananarama
    "I've got a secret I gotta keep No turning back I'm in too deep I know it's so hard 'cause I shiver I knew you were trouble from the moment we met The look in your eyes pushed me over the edge Can nothing"

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