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band of heroes - the funeral

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band of heroes - the funeral

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band of heroes - the funeral
  • Widespread Panic Heroes
    "Johnny let his baby brother sleep Through the back door and baseball All the kids are waiting outside Old days come and go too soon Old friends, heroes, lifetimes Don't let a single memory fade away These"
  • Band Of Horses Funeral
    "Im coming up only to hold you under Im coming up only to show you wrong and to know you is hard we wander to know you all wrong we won Ooooohh oooohh Ooooohhhoohhhhooh Really to late to call so be"
  • Gardenian Funeral
    "So let me wake from this nightmare This is so wrong Now when you're gone What should I do but shed my tears All night long This should not have happened Not this soon I can not be whole without you You"
  • Silent Civilian Funeral
    "I look at the reflection of what I've become Been witness to death and life, at times very numb Scars will never go away, but all is not lost Focus on my strength today, no matter the cost Breathe Slow Be"
  • King Diamond Funeral
    ""We are gathered here tonight, to lay to rest Abigail LaFey, whom we now know was first born dead on The 7th Day of July 1777. Abigail must be nailed to her coffin with 7 silver spikes, 1 through each"
  • Ice Cube Funeral
    "Niggaz are in a state of emergencyThe death side: a mirror damage of where we are todayThe life side: a vision of where we need to goSo sign your death certificateFuck all y'all ...Lisa got him- Allright,"
  • Jack In The Pulpit Heroes
    "where have all the heroes gone? when the world is bruised and broken Kryptonite's overtaken, follow me to Abbadon the city of tragedy where can we find peace. save me take me from the place I know save"
  • Elena Paparizou Heroes
    "Desire, the fire, it's haunting you The passion, and action, you take me through I'm living it, I'm loving it This is where the dreams come alive A shooting star in the night Para siempre Viva los heroes"
  • Jeanette Heroes
    "Yeah, were true blue heroes Really true blue heroes Now we gonna break down the walls Cause were true blue heroes Our chances are not zero Yeah, were on the top, we didnt fall It is a new world Here we"
  • Murray McLauchlan Heroes
    "Heroes don't think that their heroes And get all swelled up in their chests They're just quietly workin' They don't give up tryin' They're happy just to give it their best They don't think that they're"
  • Shinedown Heroes
    "Stare in wonder, who's here to bring you down?Find your martyr, I'm sure you've made the crownSo light a fire under my bones, so whenI die for you, at least I'll die aloneAin't nothing for me to end up"
  • Virus Heroes
    "One time my father said to me When you grow up, you be the best man you can be When I look back on how fucked up my life has gone He said, Well son that's the thing that will make you strong Bridge: I"
  • Masterplan Heroes
    "Are we caught between good and badIt's all just said and done Longing for a better wayThe feeling is so strongTry to mend your broken waysWhy should we live within a hazeWe're the heroes of a new worldThe"
  • David Cook Heroes
    "As the sun goes down in front of me It reminds of me of where I want to be With you and you alone Hold me in like you were made for me I'm losing faith in gravity I just need to let you know And I just"
  • Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson Heroes
    "Son you make me feel so proud I pop the buttons of my shirt I know I said I'd take you to the lake today But I'm going to have to break those plans and it really hurts. Every time I go fishin' it'd always"
  • Camel Heroes
    "Latimer/Hoover Image of mine are you just a myth? Aiming for the stars and a need to exist Singing your life to its final bar, Staging all the scenes to avoid who you are. Idol of mine will you lead"
  • Motorhead Heroes
    "Look over on your left, Look over on the right, There's nothing you can see out there, But this ain't no fair fight, A lot of people dying, men driven raving mad, They scream out there for hours, And it"
  • Jackopierce Heroes
    ""The children all cried as the hero did die And the credits they rolled on to black There's comfort they know, they'll soon be at home With the hero in wait behind the curtains Heroes don't die that's"
  • Shed Seven Heroes
    "I lost my heart in san francisco years ago I've been back to search but the curse is getting worse Don't you know That the hardest blow to take is the one that you don't Really know is around the corner"
  • Ian Matthews Heroes
    "I don't know if I believe in heroes Or if I'd choose to call good fortune luck Every chance encounter has a reason and every dirty deed goes in the book I don't know if passion is a virtue Or put there"

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