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bangok miamia london ibiza new yourk

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bangok miamia london ibiza new yourk

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bangok miamia london ibiza new yourk
  • Barry Manilow London
    "New York winter Traffic squeals The city feels.... so old Late December Taxi ride Then run inside It's cold Got your letter Monday I think Or Tuesday I lose track Since then I've been thinking of you... And"
  • Alessi London
    "With a city old as you We just can't mistake your grace It's a pitty that's old is new As they slowly change your face Chorus: Ooh London, don't give it away Cause we can't replace the charm That you've"
  • Pet Shop Boys London
    "We came from the far North summered in Crimea deserted the armed forces had to disappear made it to the free West on a chartered flight so we could see what we trained to fight We were in London "Let's"
  • Tangerine Dream London
    "Artist: Tangerine Dream Song: London Album: Tyger LONDON (poem of William Blake [1757-1827]) I wander thro' each charter'd street Near where the charter'd Thames does flow, And mark in every face I meet Marks"
  • Sparklehorse London
    "(Words by William Blake [1757 - 1827]) I wander through each chartered street, near where the chartered Thames does flow, and mark in every face I meet marks of weakness, marks of woe in every cry of"
  • Tyga Ibiza
    "Popped the molly, i am flexin’, woo, woo Come and meet me, i am ready, woo, woo I just walked off the jetty, jetty VVS on bougetti I got clout and i leveragem My bitch got fce adventage Ass shaped like"
  • Blacha 2115 Ibiza
    "ona jest singielką a wiec nie ma żadnych zasad możesz zrobić ze mną co chcesz nie zna słowa zakaz kraj w koszuli pod mango dawaj, dawaj nie słyszę cię Van Gogh twoja praca artysto Picasso potrzebny nam"
  • Łąki Łan Ibiza
    "impreza się rozkręca ibizę mamy w sercach w górę ręce wszyscy w górę ręce up! żywy bit żywobyt z łąk lokomotywa wrzą kluby z membrany żar sie wydobywa pałamy po to by rozgorzała biba by landy i zagony"
  • Gary Numan New Thing From London Town
    "New thing from London Town Refugees of broken sound The sound of breathing and crying hearts This situation tears me apart. The new police will find me soon I can't hide inside this room I'm waiting for"
  • Etienne Daho Swingin' London
    "Garden party, Londres 66, jet society dont j'fais partie Garden party, fun psychedelic, jerk society dont j'fais partie Les mecs sont chics, les filles hystriques, fun society dont j'fais partie Jerk,"
  • Slavers Ibiza Club
    "Dużo, dużo, dużo Mnóstwo jest nas tu Do klubu Ibiza znowu zwalił tłum Tańczy, tańczyć, krzyczeć Śpiewać, śpiewać głośno Gardeł nie żałować Ibiza, Ibiza tu jest właśnie klimat Ibiza, Ibiza To jest właśnie"
  • ABC Tower Of London
    "Let me take you to Trafalgar Square Let me take you there Every street's a fashion catwalk Everyone's debonair Let me take you to Piccadilly Guess it leads somewhere Tower over centuries, tower over London Tower"
  • 50 Cent London Bridge (Remix)
    "Yeaahhhhh New 50 London, London Ohhhhh When I come up in the club with my nine (Oh shit!), I'll be front from the hoes with my shine (Oh shit!), tell shorty I don't do this all the time (Oh shit!),"
  • Girls Aloud Swinging London Town
    "Do you know the me that wakes and sees the livewire in my eyes? The it girl with a twist girl and no one realises That I'm living on a tightrope, I can't, I won't look down I pussyfoot from drink to drink"
  • Lightyear Bomb Ibiza
    "(Bomb Ibiza!) A simple song of sympathy Is how it started, honestly Won't turn my life around It turned my life around A million smiles of people met One 'hello' and friendship's set Won't turn my life"
  • 3 Doors Down Landing In London
    "I woke up today in London As the plane was touching down And all I could think about was monday And maybe ill be back around If this keeps me away much longer I dont know what i will do Youve got to understand"
  • Three Doors Down Landing in London
    "I woke up today in London As the plane was touching down. All I could think about was Monday and maybe i'd be back around. If this keeps me away much longer I don't know what I would do. You've got to"
  • Azealia Banks Venus (Ibiza Edition) (Ft. Paul Oakenfold & Richard Beynon)
    "Une chance, une danse, un rendez-vous en France L’amour, la tour, on s’aimerais pour toujours Une chance, une danse, un rendez-vous en France L’amour, la tour, on s’aimerais pour toujours I don’t need"
  • Captain Jack Miss Ibiza
    "* Ohejoh, my Miss IbizaI sex you up, cause you're hot like a pizzaOhejoh, Miss CaipyrinjaMake kamasutra better than a ninjaOoooh, oooohFor my favourite miss, I write these wordsFor my Miss UniverseMiss"
  • Pink Floyd Ibiza Bar
    "I'm so afraid of mistakes that I made Taking every time that I wake I feel like a hard-boiled butter man So give me a time when the countries will lie on the storyline if kind Are days are made since"

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