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  • Brigitte Bardot - Brigitte Bardot
    "{Refrain:}Tu es le soleil de ma vieTu es le soleil de mes joursTu es le soleil de mes nuitsTu es le soleil de l'amour1. C'est comme si tout avait commencDepuis plus d'un million d'annesC'est comme"
  • Brigitte Bardot - Creature
    "Would you say no to Brigitte Bardot? I would never! Kids say they know Brigitte Bardot I know her better! Make an escape like Brigitte Bardot Get me out of here! Take it to the place, it's a party yo! I"
  • Battersea Bardot - Cock Sparrer
    "With your hair so white you could light up the night Burning out like a shooting star From the stage to The Squeeze, from T.V. to striptease I loved you in the back of my car Nobody's gonna tell you"
  • Jus' Like Brigitte Bardot - Joshua Kadison
    "Neffertiti came out west in a stolen limousine. Twenty dollars to her name and a walk like you ain't never seen. She moved into number eight with just a bottle in her hand, an old radio wrapped up in it's"
  • Brigitte Bardot T.N.T. - Pizzicato Five
    "(Takanami) Translators: wakatteru wa yo mo unzari ne anata nanka ni kankei nai desho onna no ko wa sugoku muzukashii mono na no ki ni shite wa iru kedo sore wa betsu no hanashi atari-mae desho"
  • Je T'Aime... Moi Non Plus (avec Brigitte Bardot) - Serge Gainsbourg
    "Je t'aime je t'aime Oh oui je t'aime Moi non plus Oh mon amour Comme la vague irrsolue Je vais, je vais et je viens Entre tes reins Je vais et je viens Entre tes reins Et je me retiens Je t'aime je t'aime Oh"
  • Poison - Bardot
    "Bardot Bardot Poison You better stop better run away You better listen to what I have to say I'll keep you hanging on the line With just one kiss I will blow your mind Your desperation makes you feel insane Fever"
  • What Have You Done - Bardot
    "Bardot Bardot What Have You Done nothing else matters in the world today you know my car won't start and theres bills to pay i've left my summons on the bedroom floor you know they just don't scare me"
  • Got Me Where You Want Me - Bardot
    "Bardot Bardot Got Me Where You Want Me Never knew a boy like you You don't give up Wouldn't stop at anything to give my love Told me I was everything your dreaming of But I thought you weren't my type Now"
  • Holding On - Bardot
    "Bardot Bardot Holding On Ohh yeah I'm sitting here by myself But I don't want to feel this way I've been missing, I've been missing your love There's never been nobody so good Your so speacial to me I'm"
  • I Need Somebody - Bardot
    "Bardot Play It Like That I Need Somebody Thanks to michael2001_@hotmail.com for these lyrics. Don't need anybody messin with you I want you just the way you are Don't want anything that you can give"
  • Down - Bardot
    "Bardot Bardot Down Down, down, down, down Look what you're doing to me 'Cause I don't want you to leave Wish I could stop you somehow But you're out of plain now I want you please to come back to me (Back"
  • Girls Do, Boys Don't - Bardot
    "Bardot Bardot Girls Do, Boys Don't Girls do, boys don't Girls say what boys won't You're all that and more I do adore you It's a simple thing I got everything that you need I see you watching me I caught"
  • Higher Than Heaven - Bardot
    "Bardot Bardot Higher Than Heaven You take me higher You take me higher You take me higher than I've ever been before When I was down (down) You always gave me the faith You stuck around (round) Gave me"
  • Love Me No More - Bardot
    "Bardot Bardot Love Me No More I toss and turn in bed Can't get you out of my head Even though you're so far away I need you here with me Oh boy, why can't you see That I can't live without your love When"
  • Other Side Of Love - Bardot
    "Bardot Bardot Other Side Of Love Other side of love, other side of love There was another She took your trust and threw it away Leaving you lonely For too long, so long I know you've been broken-hearted It"
  • I Should've Never Let You Go - Bardot
    "Bardot Bardot I Should've Never Let You Go Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, I, Oh, Oh, Oh, I. Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, I, Oh, Oh, Oh, I. Seems we played a game, but lost along the way, Somewhere we went wrong, I didn't"
  • These Days - Bardot
    "Bardot Bardot These Days Some days I couldn't get up, couldn't get down, I'm bored of everything, Somehow a little black cloud would rain over me. Someone was making me mad, good turned bad and I'd lose"
  • Missin' Your Love - Bardot
    "Bardot Bardot Missin' Your Love I guess we didn't see It wasn't meant to be But we tried to love each other There was no reason to It's just what we went through Now time has torn us apart Though I told"
  • Empty Room - Bardot
    "Bardot Miscellaneous Empty Room I thought I wanted it this way I thought I really meant the words that I said I had so many reasons in my head But all I really needed was a little time and space That"

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