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  • Everybody On - Christopher Walla
    "A chance to breathe... Everyone breathe; the news is hard, the days are long, and still we breathe. Everybody on the border towns, your radios, your northern sounds: Fly your banners form the line, a thousand"
  • Everybody On - Chris Walla
    "A chance to breathe Everyone breathe The news is hard, the days are long And still we breathe Everybody on the border towns Your radios, your northern sounds Fly your banners from the line A thousand miles"
  • Mighty Like A Rose - Van Morrison
    "You have drowned a thousand sorrows all in one, and mixed with mugs, (?) and millionaires you have done. Ya' been and gone and done it for a quid, and just what you don't know, up there you got hid. Lord,"
  • People Carrier - Morcheeba
    "Well it was '94 when i dug you up And like the time before, It was just bad luck I should have knocked you out With an upper cut But you smothered me shut What is with me, And these needy folk? As it"
  • Beaumont Rag - Redgum
    "I am a wealthy barrister About 100 bucks a word I've got a plum stuck in my mouth I'm really such a Really such a turd I attended PAC I meet a wife at the prefects' ball I am the elder fotheringay And"

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