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battle beast

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battle beast

  • Beast - Ali
    "It's the S, the T, the L, the O And the U, the I, the S, St. Louis Roll to the North side, chill on the Westside Take the bridge to the East, the Southside Dodge the beast, we see 'em comin' Fuck them,"
  • Battle cry - Beth Crowley
    "I have no heart, just ice and stone. Made up of nails and teeth and bone. And I know exactly what I’m for: to hurt and destroy and nothing more. And if it’s true that I was made, I still don’t know if"
  • Touch in the Night - BATTLE BEAST
    "When the night, meets the dawn One will stand, one will fall Broken I can't go on An act of despair is what I seek Give me your love tonight You're burning up but I'm still cold Give me a place to hide From"
  • Madness - BATTLE BEAST
    "One and only reality Fatal journey to infinity Chase the monster of the seven seas Face it, kill it, and you'll be free I am thy strength, I am thy sword Ref: My name is Madness And I'm the light you"
  • Fighting the Beast - Dragonhammer
    "When you look at the moon and the red light is shining The prophecy is coming near The end of it all will break the sky The fear of the scared lies You are in my hands You don't understand You are puppets"
  • Win The Battle - Hellraiser
    "I' m a fighter I break through the jungles of love I never lose always win But I can't get enough My life is a battle I'm a soldier My life is a struggle with the death Win the battle Nothing comes easy"
  • In The Battle - Saint
    "In the blackest night the signatures are done The treaty's set, the missions clear A nation to be won He shakes the hand of fate He's cleaver, he's no fool He's set the stage, manipulates He's setting"
  • Amidst The Battle - Orion's Reign
    "Verse: Born in times so hard and hostile, my hand could not stay empty Had to live inside a world of evil man and beast Each day a battle fierce, strong hand filled with steel With every wound my fire"
  • The Final Battle - Crimson Moonlight
    "And I saw an angel coming out of heaven. Holding the key to the abyss, And in his hand the key to the abyss. He seized the dragon that ancient serpent And bound him for a thousand years. He threw him"
  • Battle Axe Experiment - Swollen Members
    "Ah, this shit doesn't even sound human anymore....it's time to kill Rough terrain, insane in my domain Sadomasochism, whacks, whips an' chains There's no stoppin' us, soon to be popular Dive in, snorkelin',"
  • Ritual Of Battle - Deeds Of Flesh
    "Anticipating the moment When this horrid torture will end My body becomes more and more deformed Lying there screaming So deformed So deformed More and more deformed So deformed Something is tearing at My"
  • Unleash The Beast (Within) - Overkill
    "Prepare for battle, wait for the time to arrive. Unleashing the fury, a gift to me and my kind. Suffer little damage, only the strong will survive!!! The gift we are given will carry us through the fight. These"
  • Strike Of The Beast - Exodus
    "Walking down the backstreets The noon is full and high You feel your body start to sweat Someone's about to die You turn around and run It's the only thing to do Someone's about to die And that someone..."
  • Strike of the Beast - Exodus
    "Walking down the backstreets the noon is full and high you feel your body start to sweat someone's about to die you turn around and run it's the only thing to do someone's about to die and that someone..."
  • Beast - Talib Kweli
    "Dave this a monster (Hook)- Talib Kweli When the boys with the tech's throwin up they sets And the spot so hot the ceiling starts to sweat That's when the beast come out That's when the beast come out That's"
  • Beast - Nina Kinert
    "Why do we always talk about things like this Why do we always haunt each other down Why do we always smoke those sigarettes And drink a lot of wine I know the kind of beast that Ive become I know I dont"
  • Beast - Okay
    "She can't help you out if she's got it figured out It's not the way she walks, it's not the way she talks She can't help you out if she's got it figured out It's just one kind of lie, there's just one"
  • Beast - Tech N9ne
    "I did this by just listenin to the song and trying to Figure it out, if i got any words wrong, tell me! Insanity at its finest Fire starter riot maker Moon stricken animal need Bad seed, untaimable beast (everybody"
  • Beast - KMFDM
  • The Beast In My Soul - Act Of God
    "The careless herd Prepare to death Evil was settled in my soul The beast was settled He requires the blood And pain and suffering I am a stinger infernal hive The destroyer of life The wave of the dark"

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