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baybe it

  • Do It - Make It Pop
    "Corki Where are my girls at? Where are my boys? Jodi 'Cause we wanna make some, make some noise Sun Hi We don't even care what the neighbors say We're turning up loud so come out and play. All Imma Do"
  • Light It Up - Make It Pop
    "Let's light it up Let's see it all around us We're one and all The fire's gonna guide us Look at the sky We gonna make it shine so bright ooo Get ready now, It's time to put your cellies high I wanna"
  • Jump To It - Make It Pop
    "Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump Jump to it Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump Just put your heart into (x2) Sun Hi You gotta have a heart of steel, If you’re gonna make it real Nothing ever comes for free Work"
  • Whatever It Takes - Whatever It Takes
    "Whatever it takes Whatever it takes I know I can make it through Ah huh yeah If I hold out If I do I know I can make it through Ooooohhhh Be the best The best that I can be Hear what I say to you Whatever"
  • Get It Right - Make It Pop
    "Get it right or do it all again This time round I'll be better then I used to be, I wanna see If I'm ready for the big time (For the big time) Get it right or do it all again This time round I'll be better"
  • We Got It - Make It Pop
    "You are nothin' like me and I'm not much like you That's how it should be, so don't try change me We dance to our own drum, we sing our own song You'll be right here, you'll be right here (Never say never"
  • Sort It Out - Set It Straight
    "I can't find myself in this f**king mess, and it seems like they have found it all. Can i hand my life into your grasp to see if you can sort it out? The jewls, the fools, the music, it all means nothing"
  • Make It Pop - Make It Pop
    "Bright lights late nights ow out on tour Screaming fans hanging at the stage door Everyone who's anyone Is wearing my line Front seats fashion week for my designs Woo hoo one day woo hoo someday We'll"
  • Give It Up - Sing It Loud
    "Somebody told me that I'm the one I'm the one Who'll follow you, I'll pull your through We're in the third time around time around But that's okay, 'cause I'm here to stay Give it up, give it all you've"
  • Know It All - As It Stands
    "You have this feeling inside, and it makes you want to run and hide, you're so scared. You've got your hands against the wall you've never felt this way you've never felt so small. Too scared to say you"
  • Bring It On - Bring It On
    "I'm sexy, I'm cute, I'm popular to boot , I'm bitchen , great hair The boys all love to stare I'm wanted, I'm hot I'm everything your not I'm pretty I'm cool I dominate the school Who am I? Just guess! Guys"
  • It - Genesis
    "When it's cold, it comes slow. it is warm, just watch it grow. -all around me. it is here. it is now. Just a little bit of it can bring you up or down. Like the supper it is cooking in your hometown. it"
  • It - Prince
    "I think about IT baby all the time, all right IT feels so good IT must be a crime, all right I wanna do IT baby every day, all right In a bed, on the stairs, anywhere, all right I wanna do IT baby all"
  • It - Clawfinger
    "I can hear it in your voice I can see it in your eyes I can smell it in the air I can hear it in your sighs The way you look at me and the way that you act The way you make me feel I have to react Is it"
  • It - Michael Kiske
    "When you say your love is outrageous I'm not trying matching with you Fear eats through the ages Swallows all good that we do When IT comes close tonight I grab as much of IT as I can get my hands on The"
  • It - Natalie Imbruglia
    "If I could stick my pen in my heart, I would spill it all over the stage. Would it satisfy ya, would it slide on by ya, would you think the boy is strange? Ain't he strange? If I could win ya, if I could"
  • It - Brothers Keepers
    "All di crew an di massive where is my posse? Hand mi de acid inna dem face mi a go dash it. Gimme a "uuh" if you love it, a "prah" if you bu'n it. Hand mi di tonic, mek dem drink it till dem vomit. Pompom,"
  • It - Extreme
    "Everbody was born in it Shure as hell gonna die in it Some people don't give a shit Whether or not they're full of it It's on my mind most of the time That's when you find we all go blind Then it will"
  • It - The Kinks
    "I want you to imagine that somewhere in America There's a lovely housewife watching TV, Doing her housework... Hi there. Are you feeling tired, drained of all energy? Is your life becoming routine? does"
  • It - Rheostatics
    "Martin Tielli A train moving out of the station, somewhere south of it. A satellite making connections somewhere over it. One makes a long lonely howl, one is silent. A new design waits to be launched"

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