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be a body grimes

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be a body grimes
  • Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster The Mind Of A Grimes
    "Loaded down ready to end it all. Coming this far can't be a nothing. Flirting with death everyday, but we don't make mistakes. Martyrs this blood makes. Digging the graves for the valleydale saints."
  • Body Count Body Count
    "You know sometimes I sit at home, you know, and I watch T.V. and I wonder what it would be like to live someplace like, you know, the Cosby show, Ozzie and Harriet, you know, where cops come and got your"
  • The Servant Body
    "Youve got to take your mind off him But not with aspirins You wont You wont let your family in Like smoke your body comes Through the gaps in the urban slums You try You try to speak american When you"
  • Absurd Minds Body
    "It is the centre figure in the dreaming of the world There is no dream about it It doesn't exist without the dream In which it acts as if it were a person to be seen And they believe born in to the world"
  • Ashnikko Cry (Feat. Grimes)
    "I am a tough biych But i am sensitive Could’ve Could’ve Could’ve Quick fucked By your sedative That’s relative Cause you were pushing me Out tothe fucking Edge I am about to rip all of my hair out Cause"
  • Bring Me The Horizon nihilist blues (ft. Grimes)
    "I’ve been climbing up the walls To escape the sinking feeling But I can’t hide from the nihilist at my door. Buried in the basement floor buried in the basement floor didn’t know what I had planted it"
  • Jay J' Body To Body
    "Yeah mmm Girl just listen To what I'm about to say yeah I've got a little fire come and put it out baby And If you're still scared I don't really care Cause if you wanna be with me You gotta take a risk Come"
  • Blue System Body To Body
    "Body to body - anybody baby Body to body - everbody baby Come on everybody, let's have a party, baby Come on everybody to the house of love, oh baby Come on everybody, body to body, baby Anybody is in"
  • A$AP Rocky (ASAP Rocky) Electric Body
    "Yeah, this year we finna make a killin' Now the money stack up to the ceilin' All I know is payback, all I rep is A$AP Now we finna go off in the buildin' I could really give a fuck about your feelings Used"
  • Bourbon Crow A Dead Body
    "I'm too drunk to dig this grave, I've been drinkin for 17 days, I'm living the american dream, A dead body and a bottle of Beam, The cops are hot on my trail, I dont have any money for bail, And Ive got"
  • Queen A Human Body
    "They were talking in whispers In bear skins and fur Captain Scott and his heroes to be To have laboured so long To have made it this far Ooh it's been such a long ride Ooh you know it's been a long way For"
  • Freddie Mercury A human body
    "They were talking in whispersIn bear skins and furCaptain Scott and his heroes to beTo have laboured so longTo have made it this farOoh it's been such a long rideOoh you know it's been a long wayFor a"
  • The (International) Noise Conspiracy A Body Treatise
    "Succulent beautiful and fine I'm touching my body; I'm feeling my mind A fascination for penance So please won't you modify me with Plastic knives and plastic spoons and other types of cutlery Take"
  • Cattle Decapitation A Body Farm
    "For every life I take, an ecosystem I create Blood and guts consumes my life I am the "brutal gardener" I - "quantity controller" more insane than Jesus Christ. Forgive my humble abode Rotting bodies"
  • Heather Nova This Body
    "The world outside can't describe my inner life The river's long, the road rolls on in my inner life I know you're a good man, but you can only guess This body has traveled on, this body is fine and strong This"
  • La Bouche Body Soul
    "Ooooooo Verse1: Tingles down my body, from my head down to my feet. Such a sweet sensation, it makes me feel so real. I give you my body and my soul. Chorus: Giving you my body and my soul. I'll be"
  • Public Image Ltd. The Body
    "When you run about Without precautions You'll get diseased And need abortions And up till now No vaccination Can give you back your reputation We want We want your body We want We want your body We want We"
  • Rod Stewart Body Wishes
    "(Stewart, Cregan, Savigar, Le Mesurier) The night closes in on another day as the oldest game's gettin' underway on the minds of a million people body wishes So you climb on the carousel and take a chance the"
  • Tank My Body
    "Oooh, All Night I Been Puttin' Alcohol In Your Body (Oh...Oh Oh) Oooh, It's Alright 'cause I Know How To Handle Your Body (Oh Oh...Oh Oh) Girl I'm Ready When You're Ready To Take Your Body On A Ride Tonight I'm"
  • Donna Summer Body talk
    "I can tellby the way you stare at me(Talk):It's deep...real deepyour mind's messed upwords just don't come easily(Talk):It should be naturalyour invitation...babyturned my head aroundquiet conversationlanguage"

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