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be my shine

  • Shine - Andreas Johnson
    "Andreas Johnson Miscellaneous Shine Sister my head of creation On the last train leaving the station We got vast love, no destination Tonight we will be forever baby Sister, my head"
  • Shine - Patty Smyth
    "Why'd you tell me that you won't see me no more I say baby, baby, baby do you wanna watch me crawl across the floor Cause anyone can learn to pull a trigger Anyone can break a heart in two It's so easy"
  • Shine - Imogen Heap
    "Rain drain my play away Sun gun me down and burn me Nature hates me today My head distorts reality Madness just moved into my shadow Shine I will not cry and I will not die, no Shine I will be there"
  • Shine - Bare Jr.
    "I forget dreams and lies I try and I try Think you should know Just what I like You should by now, somehow, Be living without I would rather shine in your eyes Hold me up, I'm coming down Headfirst for"
  • Shine - Rachel Fuller
    "Cold and grey I fade away And guard my light inside Waiting for the moment when It will no longer hide 'Cause deep inside me is a spark And when I feel it's time I will release it from my heart Stand"
  • Shine - Zucchero
    "Just me and four walls It's cold outside Nothing to eat I got small talk and cigarettes Inside my head - inside my head I need you now Everything I want You know it means Nothing to me And I'm all out"
  • Shine - Joshua Kadison
    "Hey, Sebastian, don't be blue It ain't up to you Sometimes this world just has a way of goin' astray And hey, Sebastian, look around It's a crazy lost and found We're all tryin' to find a place in this"
  • Shine - Estelle
    "Are you ready? It's your girl Estelle This album's for my people Gonna be a struggle But ya know what Fuck it We're gonna have fun tonight You feel me? Oh this is my song I'm just like you I gotta fight"
  • Shine - Galactic Cowboys
    "remember then? good and plenty days when the wind blew clouds in shapes as the sun beat down remember then? now and later days when the kids came out to play all of life was now and the future seemed so"
  • Shine - Cyndi Lauper
    "Shine I'll stand by you Don't try and push me away 'cause I'm just gonna stay You can Shine I won't deny you And don't be afraid It will all be ok Do you know my name? Well I Ain't gonna take that big"
  • Shine - Luther Vandross
    "Yeah.. Ya'll came here to gave it up So come on and show me what you got It's about to be on baby non-stop Tonight you're gonna get your time to shine Nobody but stars in here tonight Dancing underneath"
  • Shine - Fields Of The Nephilim
    "Mirror, Mirror This is the place where love is broken down I'm barely free As I want you now Misery - seems so cold out Misery - am I dead now Shine - enlighten me - shine Shine awaken me - shine Shine"
  • Shine - Paddy Casey
    "you may say you're crazy and you're lost in your mind but i say they're just to lazy to lazy to find the place where you shine the place where you shine what was stolen from books, kah and lay their wings"
  • Shine - Booty Luv
    "It's about to be on... It's about to be on... Ya'll came here to gave it up So come on and show me what you got It's about to be on baby non-stop Tonight you're gonna get your time to shine Nobody but"
  • Shine - Human Waste Project
    "His Virgin Mary Away she has come He's blinded always by her innocence He quivers as her mouth glides eagerly across the flesh His eyes close, he turns away But she still just shines, shines, shines Too"
  • Shine - Raze
    "I've got the answer I've found the only way I've got your Love in my soul I keep believing in all the things You say You put the joy in my life all the things that You give to me I'll be living in eternity and"
  • Shine - Raven
    "Verse:I know what I'm all about, nobody's gonna change me, I stand my ground and deal with negativity, I got my mind made up, I'm gonna do whatever makes me happy, One step at a time, I chose my own destiny.Bridge:Theres"
  • Shine - Jonah 33
    "How long's it been now Since I called You by name Since I felt Your presence In the midst of all my pain How long's it been now That I try it all my own way I need to be broken, so I look to You and say "
  • Shine - Jadakiss
    "(feat. Snoop Dogg & DJ Quick) Shine, shine, shine Everyday when I'm rollin thru the hood Playas watch me cuz they know I Shine, shine, shine Hey I know I'm shinin I'm fresh pearl bodies in a crispy"
  • Shine - Ilse DeLange
    "(Him) We couldn't decide on who was going to drive tonight, (Him) So I guess he felt the tension from his side of this taxi-ride. (Him) Asking us where we're headed for, and if we were both alright, (Him)"

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