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beat boys

  • Beat the boys - LAB
    "I let down my hair It's my day I wear a shirt like skirt Just shorter I sit on a bench They line up the score They all wish to play And don't I have the ball! Girls just want! To beat the boys Girls just"
  • Give Me The Beat Boys - Bill Withers
    "Day after day I'm more confused But I look for the light through the pouring rain You know that's a game that I hate to lose Now I'm feeling the strain Aint it a shame? (Chorus) Oh, give me the beat boys"
  • Give me the beat boys - Doobie Brothers
    "Day after day I'm more confusedbut I look for the light through the pouring rainyou know thats a game that I hate to losei'm feeling the strainain't it a shameGive me the beat boysand free my soulI wanna"
  • Boys - Midnight Fall
    "Listen up, listen up, and I'll tell you all about the chances I have taken she appreciates the songs I've written and every single chance I get to play them out on stage, I take it every word I am spitting"
  • Hit That Perfect Beat - Bronski Beat
    "Searching for some company feel the rhythm dance with me. Them beat boy blues seem out of place Now they want the party pace party pace. Dance dance on the floor; dance dance feel some more Dance dance feel"
  • Hit That Perfect Beat - Bronski Beat
    "Sell me your soul And I'll make you a star Fantasies turned realities And a Cadillac car Watch them hero worship The boys at the bar You they idolise The all boy America We will make them be your doggies We"
  • Brixton beat - The Toasters
    "Out for some fun on a saturday night Had to dogde into door ways to keep out of fights Catch sight of Frazzled Frida a tired old tart I heard she gives it free on Sundays a couple of hours before she starts"
  • The Beat - Ima Robot
    "Julie's clocking out at the station hurry up and get your pay a two day vacation friday, saturday down in the basement shower up in the sink throw on some lipstick and look pretty in pink short skirts"
  • Mersey Beat - Reckless Kelly
    "Harry was a bus driver He was a very forthright man He'd run down the road Right over a dog Before he'd change his path Then he met lovely Loraine They had a rough and tumble lad And it didn't come easy But"
  • Beat Street - Grandmaster Flash
    "Beat Street Breakdown, Raah! Hip Hop! Beat Street The king of the beat You see him rocking that beat from across the street And Huh Huh! Beat Street is a lesson too, because you can't let the Streets"
  • Geto Boys & Girls - Geto Boys
    "Intro: Boys and girls Scarface: I remember in the 80's me and pops would rock In a 7 0 chevy with the drops in slot Use to pass me pepsi cola while he drunk him a pint Tippin' to the southside runnin'"
  • Beach Boys Medley - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Collection Beach Boys Medley I, I love the colorful clothes she wears And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair I hear the sound of a gentle word On the wind that lifts her perfume through"
  • Boys Will Be Boys - Dennis DeYoung
    "We're looking for action--Cruising and acting so cool Rocking and rolling--Trying to find somebody who Will go for a ride, and maybe tonight we'll get lucky Summer vacation--That's when we party the best Busting"
  • Local Boys - Na Leo Pilimehana
    "Blue eyes and blondey don't thrill me 'Cause I'm in love with the local boys Don't try to convince me Because the local boys aloha oi' It doesn't matter what island In the mountains or an endless sea If"
  • Silly Boys - Klaatu
    "''(Original mirror writing from album jacket)'' '''Syob Yllis''' (Nhoj Kcuhcsolow / Eed Gnol) Ytinutroppo eht rof tiaw ew ti won thgir Gnisrever si nus eht ees dluow ew neht Ytinutroppo eht rof tiaw ew"
  • Blind Boys - Free Diamonds
    "Stop what you're doing to me. I've gotta headache from the things that you're saying to me. I gotta girl who likes to party a lot. I'm just a boy who doesn't like to party at all. Save me. I've gotta headache"
  • Roth boys - Asher Roth
    "And the winner is Ash roth ya'll My man The Roth boys in the building tonight Oh what a feeling I'm feelin' nice If you only live once Then there's only one life Then tonight might as well be the night White"
  • Roth's Boys - Asher Roth
    "CANNON You're about to witness a dynasty like no other (and the winner is...) This is history in the making (and the winner is... Ash Roth, ya'll, my man) The Roth boys in the building tonight Oh what"
  • We Boys - Black Sheep
    "(feat. The Legion) Ahh, shit! Get ready for the lyrical beat down Go for your gat, nigga, you can catch a smack, clown You think you get props, nope, you're in the wrong biz Because the Sugar Dick Daddy"
  • Bad Boys - Diana King
    "I don't want no fly guy I just want a shy guy That's what I want yeah U know what I want yeah Oh lord have mercy mercy mercy DI man dem ina dI party party party DI ole a dem look sexy sexy sexy Watch dem"

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