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beautiful car crash

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beautiful car crash

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beautiful car crash
  • Kaddisfly Late Night Car Crash
    "Broke down and it's hard to relay The emptiness of fate Not knowing where to turn Street lamps seem to guide the way As if to a better place for now :chorus: Headlights blinding Car crash see nothing Broke"
  • The Thrills Car Crash
    "Do I look like a car crash Baby tell me it aint true Cos if i look like a car crash I don't know what the hell i'd do Everybody tells me i'm out of my mind Just because I say Baby, oh baby Don't change Do"
  • Matt Nathanson Car crash
    "I'm wide awake and so alive, ringing like a bell Tell me this is paradise and not some place I fell, 'Cause I keep on falling I want to feel the car crash I want to feel the capsize I want to feel the"
  • Cloud Cult Car Crash
    "In the middle of the car crash, you turned to me and said 'Living's so pretty, let's do it again' For all the things I want to do For all the things I want to do Oh no, no, no... In the middle of the"
  • Avengers Car Crash
    "Sittin at home all alone. I hear a voice on the telephone. Telling me that you're dead. You wrecked your car, you lost your head Said you had a car crash, Now you're dead on the road with your head smashed. I"
  • Eskimo Joe Car Crash
    "I don't wanna die In a car crash with you Tonight Tonight The roads are wet And you're asleep at the wheel Open your eyes Open your eyes Can't you try and wait Till I'm wide awak Or will it"
  • Our Lady Peace Car Crash
    "Tired and jaded This road is unsafe Have you been there, have you been there But time is on your side You're too stubborn to wait Are you listening, are you listening They want you to know They want you"
  • Tricky Car Crash
    "Tricky & Costanza: You leave me hungry Wanting more Am I thirsty I wasn't sure See me driving Through the rain Why am I driving I can't explain In my car to where you are I won't make it I can't make it In"
  • Powerman 5000 Car Crash
    "Red, the color the lines the road 225 the fearless explode Who burns rubber from coast to coast supernova gets burned like toast Gasoline blood fire veins honk Kong flu rides soul train Concrete"
  • Courtney Love Car Crash
    "There's a ghost on the highway, And I want to run it down, There's a phantom in my bed, And I'm all alone now. I've seen every hotel, I've seen every hell, There's nothing I haven't done, There's no one"
  • Odds Car Crash Love
    "The rain is busting the fog with holes and you're wheezing like a stricken deer I will punch the wall with the flash of headlights through the spit and beer Scrape off the mud, this is car crash love Scrape"
  • Fall Out Boy Car crash heart
    ":"yeah, what you critics said would never happen. we dedicate this album to anybody people said couldn't make it. to the friends who held us down 'til everybody came around. welcome, it's here." :Last"
  • Firewater Car Crash Collaborator
    "You never would believe The things that I have seen In my professional career Well people can be cruel But honestly I never meant to hurt you I'm just a car crash collaborator I'm just a cold cash"
  • Judith Owen Crash The Car
    "And i thought i knew you Yes i though, i'd be very good for you I thought, i knew you Yes i thought, i meant something to you You said... This could be the perfect combination; (yes you did) And meanwhile"
  • Gwen Stefani Crash
    "Back it up, back it up You got it, you got it Put your hands up, put your hands up Put your hands up, uh uh uh You got it, you got it Drive back, baby, to me fast in your car I'm here waiting, crash"
  • Cavo Crash
    "You're a beautiful wreck now you're out of control Crossing the double lines You're a perfect disaster, the road to catastrophe Don't stop for the signs Heartbreak waiting to happen Headlights cut through"
  • Methods Of Mayhem Crash
    "(HERE'S SOME MUSIC TO CRASH YOUR CAR TO!!) Ain't no use, it's too fast to undo Crash... Crash 60 shots of Jack and I feel you Equilibrium's off and it's pure pandemonium We're goin' too fast! We're"
  • Longwave Crash
    "you're real yeah your sordid it's complicated but i like your style and you talk all the big talk you glide inside me i'm glad you came and now it suddenly seems so bright where is the cold night"
  • Warcloud Crash
    "Artist: Holocaust Album: Blue Sky Black Death presents The Holocaust Song: Crash Typed by: Cno Evil (Intro: Holocaust) The Holocaust... Crash! (Chorus: Holocaust) Frequency modulation, Mephistopheles Mi"
  • Lou Bega Crash
    "(Car horns) Hey! Come on drive on stupid! What you waiting for? Drive man! Damn with this! Alot people can't drive! Drive on stupid! (Lou phone rings) Orh... Tsk... Hello?! Oh sweetie sorry I'm just so"

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