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bebe lily glupotki

  • Głupotki - Bebe Lilly
    "Połknęłam czekolady dwie. Wypiłam całą colę też. Ponieważ cię nie było wciąż wysmarowałam dżemem dom. Obrazy poniszczyłam tak, że poznać ich już nie ma szans. Firanki pozrywałam ci zrobiłam wycinanki"
  • Bebe - INNA x Vinka
    "Vinka, Vinka Romania Vinka"
  • Lily - Pierre Perret
    "On la trouvait plutt jolie, Lily Elle arrivait des Somalies Lily Dans un bateau plein d'migrs Qui venaient tous de leur plein gr Vider les poubelles Paris Elle croyait qu'on tait gaux Lily Au pays de"
  • Lily - Perret Pierre
    "Paroles et musique : Pierre Perret ditions Adle 1 On la trouvait plutt jolie, Lily Elle arrivait des Somalies, Lily Dans un bateau plein d'migrs Qui venaient tous de leur plein gr Vider les poubelles"
  • Lily - Joan Baez
    "Lily lived in a farmhouse at the edge of townLong black braids like anchor chainsHow they weighed her downDark eyes, pale skinMean dad, she was my second grade friendMy very best friendShe had four older"
  • Lily - Sara Hickman
    "Lily, I love you, I do Yes, I'll always be true I've been true to you here in my heart Lily, I love you, I do Yes, I'll always be true I've been true to you here from the start Here is your hand, it's"
  • Lily - The Smashing Pumpkins
    "Lily my one and only i can hardly wait till i see her silly i know i'm silly cause i'm hanging in this tree in the hopes that she will catch a glimpse of me and thru her window shade i watch her shadow"
  • Lily - Kate Bush
    "Oh thou, who givest sustenance to the universe From whom all things proceed To whom all things return Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual sun Hidden by a disc of golden light That we may know the"
  • Lily - Alan Walker
    "Lily was a little girl Afraid of the big wide world She grew up within her castle walls Now and then she tried to run And then on the night with the setting sun She went in the woods away So afraid, all"
  • Fuma, bebe - Ventania
    "Somos a turma que mais fuma maconhaSomos todos bebados e no temos vergonhaE o nosso lema sóDizia assim:Fuma, bebe, no pensa em trabalharFuma, bebe, queremos descansarCaipirinha, mulher e praiaDepois de"
  • Bebe Buell - Chester French
    "Oh no, I never been to L.A. I never hung around with so many nuts And 'ye said that there'd be drunk and hot girls But I'm not tryin to mess with no sluts Cuz I just need a girl like you Who doesn't wanna"
  • Bebe vampire - Lio
    "Bb vampire dvore des comicsen suant son pouce maquilltourne la page avec ses doigts mouillsmet du rouge aux lvres d'AsterixBb vampire suce une grenadineelle agace la paille avec sa langueet quand elle"
  • Chaque Nuit Bebe - Alain Bashung
    "Chaque nuit bb Cherche et retrouve Tendres livreuses Gentilles patrouilles Baisers solds Fin de l'hiver Pass futur imparfait Filles de kermesses Beaut passive Juste agressive S'voir tout donner Effleurer"
  • Un baby, bebe - Joe Dassin
    "J'm'installe au comptoir, trois dollars, De quoi fter les demis, perdus au poker. Qu'est-ce que c'est cette poupe, Qui m'balance un grand sourire goldwinmay ? Moi ch'uis pas du gernr'rouleur, Pas du genr'dragueur."
  • Bebe?im Bebegim - Kut Burak
    "Sz: Ercan Saati Mzik: Ercan Saati - Ufuk Yldrm Dzenleme: Ercan Saati - Ufuk Yldrm Gzlerim tkendi bu akam Neden allahm bu ceza Bedenim donuk, ellerim souk Ayrlk var yine yalnzm Sen sevdiimdin, bebeimdin Neden"
  • El bebe masoquista - Fatboy Slim
    "(intro)My Masochistic baby went and left meMy Masochistic baby went and left meMy Masochistic baby went and left meMy Masochistic baby went and left meOh, Oh, Oh, Oh, OhGo, Give it up, give it up (x8)(verse"
  • September Lily - Hawksley Workman
    "September lily Come here and kiss me That's an order September lily Come here and kiss me Please think about me But only the good things Like a mother And the truth of it is I wonder am I beautiful enough For"
  • Lily Two - Matt Pond PA
    "who knows whats right lily you dont have to when you see the moon you trust its light the crickets sing loud lily you can hear it in their voices how youve made them proud at the top of your voice there"
  • Lily Bolane - Inkubus Sukkubus
    "Lily Bolane, Lily Bolane.Lily Bolane is a witch with no shameLily Bolane, Lily Bolane,She'll catch you and curse you and craze you with painA figure of hate,a figure of fearYou cross yourself, pray and"
  • Gilded Lily - GWAR
    "Well I've been wearing a Gilded Lily Cunningly carved in a manner frilly To my design it was created No deviation was tolerated My Gilded Lily he think he funny My Gilded Lily he worth cash money"

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