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before more than i got');

  • Better Than Before - Aaron Tveit
    "The memories are there somewhere Find some pictures you can share Keepsakes of the life that's there behind her Keep it light at first that's best Careful that she's not distressed When the time's right"
  • Before Braille - Before Braille
    "SECRET NO.7 We feel just like Two criminals With unknown crimes It's not your fault It's always mine. THE SPANISH DAGGER Well stop cashing me in for a thin line You're right on track to know what it"
  • More Than Friends - Estelle
    "Wonder why, wonder why, wonder why Why must we pretend Why can't we be more than friends? Let's be more than friends. What are you afraid of? We've been playing games love Together we crazy, good I mean"
  • More Than Everything - Rhett Akins
    "Long before the first beats of our hearts Somehow, someone knew that you belonged here in my arms And now that I've got you girl I'm amazed every day How you make my life complete in every way But when"
  • More Than Gold - Bronze Nazareth
    "*Man speaking Japanese* (Bronze Nazareth) I'm a king with no wings, but we can box in one I'm toxic, spun off the marksmen epiclotist Ex-robbers, vile toting, swinging totem pole Cobra ax flow, niggas"
  • Stronger Than Before - Chaka Khan
    "(Burt Bacharach, Carole Bayer Sager and Bruce Roberts) If you don't believe what I say You won't believe I'm not that way And I never meant to turn the hurt around I would be a fool to lose the love I'd"
  • Slip Out (Little More Than Before) - Beck
    "I don't know since when I changed to such a cold-hearted guy I have to warm this frozen, icy, lonely heart to thaw I like being wrapped with warmness more than anything else for sure I'm gonna make my"
  • More Than A Woman - 911
    "Doo doo doo doo More than a woman Doo doo doo doo Oh, girl I've known you very well I've seen you growing everyday I never really looked before (But now you take my breath away). Suddenly you're"
  • More Than A Woman - Bee Gees
    "Oh, girl I've known you very well I've seen you growing everyday I never really looked before but now you take my breath away. Suddenly you're in my life part of everything I do you got me working day"
  • We Got More - Digital Underground
    "(feat. The Luniz) Mammy, zammy, damn there's nothin to me but when they rock us in the streets we say "Ooo-we" you see the freak in the beat, she do me I hit that mitty-bitty wit the sticky ooo-we"
  • More Than Words Can Say - Alias
    "Here I am at six o'clock in the morning Still thinking about you It's still hard, at six o'clock in the morning To sleep without you And I know that it might Seem too late for love All I know I need"
  • I Got More - Cole Deggs & The Lonesome
    "Justine it's only me out here standin' outside your door tonight I took a chance and stopped and knocked when I saw your light I know you think I'm drunk or I'm crazy But I had to talk to you To help you"
  • More Than You Can Chew - Horslips
    "Perhaps the best known Irish March, The March of the King of Laois, forms the basic melodic structure of this song - a warning to Maeve from Cu Chulainn. People say you're dressed to kill. You're not a"
  • Nothing More Than A Memory - Paul Carrack
    "Outside in the pouring rain I walked the lonely streets and searched in vain Every corner of every street And every doorway where we used to meet As I turned to walk away I could swear I saw"
  • More Than I Wanted - Jude
    "I heard nothing but the empty slap of words That was all I heard when you spoke to me I ... I ... I want you You asked me if I knew what a nipple was for Put me on the floor and then rape me to explore"
  • Eyes Wider Than Before - Scott Matthews
    "Oh Lord; that distant beam of light and drive-by neon floods my weary eyes. It illuminates; my soul is inspired. I'm heading your way, with the traffic by my side. Remember how it was before; just a"
  • More Than Ordinary - Ruth Ann
    "I saw the storm to come, before I felt the rain But we've been through it all and the end's always the same Lightning and thunder could never break you and I apart There's no mountain high enough to stop"
  • More Than Rain - Tom Waits
    "It's more than rain that falls on our parade tonight it's more than thunder it's more than thunder And its more than a bad dream, now that i'm sober it's more than a swindle this crooked card game Nothing"
  • More Than This - Krezip
    "I should be able I should have tried, justified We could be nothing We cant deny But I still got pride Could we be loved, could this be real Cause we ought to be just fine chorus Theres got to be more"
  • More Than Anyone  - Gavin DeGraw
    "You need a friend I'll be around Don't let this end Before I see you again What can I say to convince you To change your mind of me? I'm going to love you more than anyone I'm going to hold you closer"

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