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before the night ends

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before the night ends

  • Ends - Everlast
    "Ends, some people will rob their mother For the ends, rats snitch on one another For the ends, sometimes kids get murdered For the ends, so before we go any further I want my ends I knew this cat named"
  • Ends - House Of Pain
    "CHORUS: Ends Some people will rob their mother for the ends Rats snitch on one another for the ends Sometimes kids get murdered for the ends So before we go any further I want my ends I knew this cat"
  • Before it ends - A Day Away
    "We're taking everythingOne step at a timeHolding on to you and IAnd now we're holding handsAnd walking in the sandAnd hoping that this will not end tonightTake a picture, stories toldHold my hand and don't"
  • Before This Day Ends - Kitty Wells
    "They say that my kind of love is blind some even say I must have lost my mind But if I knew I'd never kiss your lips again I'd rather die before this day ends Seeds of gossip always grow till they kill"
  • Before It All Ends - Kent
    "Modern thoughts about each other Can't make you shine out any brighter Antique promises uncovered When we stop breathing for each other We're drained of our will Chorus: Are you happy now? Are"
  • Night before - Carrie Underwood
    "(Life Goes On)Sittin up on the roofsneakin a smoke by the chimneycheckin out the moonand the city lightshe takes off his flannel shirtand drapes it around her shouldersslides up behind her and holds on"
  • The night before - Beatles, The
    "Beatles, The Help The night before We said our goodbyes (ah the night before) Love was in your eyes (ah the night before) Now today I find you have changed your mind Treat me like you did the night before Were"
  • The Night Before - The Beatles
    "We said our good-byes Love was in your eyes Now today I find You have changed your mind Treat me like you did the night before Were you telling lies? Was I so unwise When I held you near You were"
  • The Future Finale: Before The Music Ends - Frank Sinatra
    "Frank with (chorus) I reached the age of forty somewhat sooner than expected, Living at a fairly hectic pace. When I count the years that I have happily collected, The future shows its apprehensive face. (But"
  • Before - Mike & The Mechanics
    "(The Next Heartache Falls)A freezing cold December brings a chill into my heart And fills me with an emptiness now we're so far apart Lost in my confusion now through everything I see Oh won't you come"
  • The Night Before - Beatles
    "(Lennon/McCartney) We said our goodbyes, ah, the night before Love was in your eyes, ah, the night before Now today I find you have changed your mind Treat me like you did the night before Were you telling"
  • The Night Before - Grave Digger
    "Blackend days long winter nights Days without future, days without light No horizon, no intoxing heat I'm listening to my lonely hearbeat My soul has left me,life has changed Over my head, dark clouds"
  • The Night Before - Riverside
    "Close your eyes Don’t be afraid I’m with you This place is safe We found a camp We have supplies They will let us stay the night Close your eyes I’ll tuck you in Mum will sing to make you sleep Don’t"
  • The Night Before - Murs
    "(Verse 1) Now some claim gangsta rap's the CNN of the streets But it's used as an excuse to pretend over beats So I'ma lend my speech to all within my reach To tell what really goes on from cells to the"
  • It Ends - Faber Drive
    "so clear silver moon wind moves through my room memories of Saturday (memories of Saturday) slight turn of her head, eyes down when she said, shes goin away, goin away i need to know this am i the fool,"
  • Transmission Ends - Chris De Burgh
    "Looking out on a windy sky, Watching seabirds as they fly, On a summer day, on a summer day; And now the sun is here to stay, The winter seems so far away, In the summertime, in the summertime; Sitting"
  • Rope Ends - Pain Of Salvation
    "She is still young... Another day of emptiness This life is wearing her down The room around her is a mess Her children safe with her mom She is still young but feeling old Two children with different"
  • Loose Ends - Sergio Mendes
    "Dear Mom, Alana's in her second trimester Stressed out 'Cause I'm gone, she acting all extra We're happy cause she knows it's a girl But we doubtful if we should bring another one in the world An' the"
  • Loose Ends - Justin Timberlake
    "Dear MumAlot [?] is in our second trimester ?Stressed outCauses shes goin acting all extraWere happy cause she knows its a girlBut we doubtful if we should bring another one in the worldAint you said that"
  • Everything Ends - Sinamore
    "So fell from a day another gracious race of man Crashing straight to the ground Making a sound so cold And leaving behind the marks of a dreamworld On your face final disgrace, I'll force you down to obey I"

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