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behemoth the satanist

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behemoth the satanist

  • The Satanist - Behemoth
    "I descended from the Mount Sinai Unleashed the splendour upon a scroundel mob To shelter where no messianic light Drove one single ray into the pulp ov life O sweet Salome I beckon thee Bring forth thy"
  • Behemoth - Electric Wizard
    "His blackened wings shadow the Earth This age of fire is his rebirth Awakened now in these troubled times He's come to judge us for our crimes Behemoth Behemoth Day of judgment, it has arrived All you"
  • Behemoth - Static X
    "Abandon me A horror scene A time storm A pile up Exterminate it Calculate it Ricochet Smart bullet Get louder Get higher Get true to form Behemoth Verify Storm of the eye To detonate the fusion Get it? Wrecking Dragging Nagging Sagging Blocking"
  • Behemoth - Static-X
    "Abandon meA horror sceneA time stormA pile upExterminate itCalculate itRicochetSmart bulletGet louderGet higherGet true to formBehemothVerifyStorm of the eyeTo detonate the fusionGet it?WreckingDraggingNaggingSaggingBlockingCockingSmockingChokingGet"
  • Fist Of The Satanist - Behexen
    "The fist forged of black metal by the hammer imperegnated with hate In the smithy spitting the black flames In darkness the glory of Satan in our minds With the iron fists and the will to use them we"
  • Towering Grief Behemoth - Tales Of Dark
    "Enter the fogdraped silva, ye sanguine flames of dusk Carry me forth through the scent of dying flowers Vain are the words that this cordial silence recites When grief tinctured thoughts enshroud my voiceless"
  • Where Strides The Behemoth - Mastodon
    "condition tomorrow with visions inlaid the priest stands to our right a princess is mine the regress of some minds further chase the prize pretentious you follow religion is mine anger precedes my footsteps haunting"
  • That's When I Became A Satanist - Entombed
    "When I was a kid I fell out of a second floor window In the fall I thought, that's it It's time for me to die Fell so hard on my back I was gasping for air That's when I realised God would not show me"
  • I Saw Behemoth And It Ruled - Man Overboard
    "It's like they need two separate planets to make it stop. The boy who was a hero became the shame. The girl who took it all lost everything. She sent a message, she tried to talk, there was something"
  • The Harlot Ov The Saints - Behemoth
    "Ho Ophios ho archaios Ho Drakon ho megas Ho en kai ho on kai Ho zon tous aionas Meta tou pneumatos sou Ho Ophios ho archaios Ho Drakon ho megas Whore ov abominations I invoke theel The harlot ov the saints The"
  • The Sermon To The Hypocrites - Behemoth
    "O, ye whose future is in other hands! Foul feeders! Slipped, are ye on you excrement? Parasites! Having the world lousy, Imagine ye are of significance to Heaven I, who enjoy my body would rather pack"
  • The Chant From The Eastern Lands - Behemoth
    "In the forests of eternal dreaming Old oaks lighted up by the fullmoon's light The coldness of dungeon touches the inside of wooden maze From the womb of mother-wolf I was born The witches foretold in"
  • The Nephilim Rising - Behemoth
    "( music by Nergal; lyrics by Krzysztof Azarewicz; acoustic outro by Seth ) I'm burning like a fucking fire Mysterious Domain, Murdered Apprehension Shemyaza, Lacifarus - glow like the Sun in this final"
  • The Dance Of The Pagan Slaves - Behemoth
    "oh, cursed profanated thougths of glory return to me receive my every fall, my every pain and misfortune and wrath will born inside you stronger than sounds of bells primeval instincts will wake pagan"
  • The Alchemist's Dream - Behemoth
    "Welcome to Theatre of Absurd When the world and rason are audience And actor illusion and experience only Here gleams shiny mandala In the chamber of creation and annihilation And Lingam links with Yoni"
  • The Dark Forest - Behemoth
    "Darkness spread its dark wings Whispers of woods were growing With every moment I felt them paying enormous tributes Powers, which were still alive at night In the battle of light with dark earth Spirits"
  • The Universe Illumination - Behemoth
    "ov circus my world wiseman call'd ov drunken trickster bed and not violators of thoughts they're for life is a theatre in which actors all we are but when curtain is open there is no time for any reh's and"
  • The Entrance To The Spheres Of Mars - Behemoth
    "Freedom - said I And then the sun set and the dusk Fell on my life Transformations and metamorphoses It was what I experienced there, on the south of heaven I was striking with my fists at the heavens"
  • At The Left Hand Ov God - Behemoth
    "o, Serpent and Lion! I invoke Thee! inside the shrine called life by the seven wonders by myriad mortals that gone and are to come outside! outside desert ov restriction in act ov rebellion on the sea"
  • The Seed ov I - Behemoth
    "from the top ov the highest mountain prior to descent, my fall for Thee my weapon is silence I, bringer ov light to burn this goddamn Eden down! behold! I rise from primal silence as a storm crushing"

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