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behind the paint

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behind the paint

  • Behind The Paint - Insane Clown Posse
    "Remember me bitch, 8th grade ball park, skinny ass well-fare aid Ustler and Bruce brothers we was the shit Dungeons, Dragons, and Bruce Lee flicks quit school, nobody missed us, nobody hugged and kissed"
  • Behind the paint - ICP
    "Remember me bitch, 8th gradeBall park, skinny ass well-fare aidUstler and bruce brothers we was the shitDungeons, dragons, and bruce lee flicksQuit school, nobody missed us,Nobody hugged and kissed us,"
  • Paint Work - The Fall
    "We go two, twice all the way round those things Two high ones, two low ones, yeah Right man Man stopped us at corner He had a bloody nose And then he opened his denim jacket It was under his vest made"
  • Red paint - Neneh Cherry
    "On a table lies the crust of what he Had and just leaves behind As I put bread down on the list of things That I had to buy By the store leaves your mountain bike You on the floor still looking hard core"
  • Paint - Skillet
    "We take a walk in the garden We share the fruits of life We live beneath this canopy Why did we take that bite? We cover up our shame We walk in black and white We turn this ground for hunger Why"
  • Paint - Roxette
    "I've got a hot chilly feeling I don't understand. I've got to run through this minute like a hurricane. I've got to tighten my wire from the sense to the soul. I find my back to the wall when it's time"
  • Paint Pastel Princess - Silverchair
    "It's only self rejection With a mean left Cold carbon copied coping And it's mean theft That's been left behind Paint pastel princess Bo and arapax The shelves when they're broken I'll beg you, beg you Waste"
  • Waste Of Paint - Bright Eyes
    "I have a friend, he's mostly made of pain. He wakes up, drives to work, and then straight back home again. He once cut one of my nightmares out of paper. I thought it was beautiful, I put it on a record"
  • The Paint Chips Away - Bane
    "We just can't go on No not like this The center will not hold So many voices with so much to say But frozen when it's time to lift a finger And fix what has been broken for so long You have not taken"
  • Paint A Vulgar Picture - The Smiths
    "At the record company meeting On their hands - a dead star And oh, the plans they weave And oh, the sickening greed At the record company party On their hands - a dead star The sycophantic slags all say: "I"
  • Behind - Die Krupps
    "benefit from your pain shelter yourself from relief waste a moment to wash your dirty body telephone a lonely friend who got caught behind jump behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler fiddle with farsighted"
  • Behind - Pola Rise
    "All I left behind, Left behind, Left behind. Taught me to be stronger; With my empty pockets There is no place to hide from nosy eyes. They're watching carefully Your every step and move, tiny mistake. All"
  • Behind - ATB pres Flanders
    "Saturday morning the sun is high so I can underline all of my hopes to get out from my tears so I, I can brighten will be sunshine in me I'm living a life inside a broken life will be sunshine in me I'm"
  • Behind - Flanders
    "Saturday morning the sun is high so I can underline All of my hopes to get out from my tears So I, I can brighten Will be sunshine in me I'm living a life inside a broken life Will be sunshine in me I'm"
  • Behind - Plain White T's
    "why can't you see? what you do to me? and why i can't let you go. but if you feel the same as me then, just let me know. but if you don't come you'll never see that you're part of me. and if you don't"
  • Behind - Ocean Blue
    "Sorting through this mess I happen on your smile gleaming through a photograph buried for some while. I'm taken by the way the swagger captured there has vanished in the haze of time. And by a foolish"
  • Behind - Talk Show
    "(r. deleo / d. coutts) Painted numbers and sonic slumbers Fool who thinks he knows it But can't show the way he really feels Goodbye wavers and penny savers Fool who thinks he knows it But can't show"
  • Behind - Forgive-Me-Not
    "Whoever told you that we can not try to fly To fly without wings much easier just try To dive in deep blue dream and stay up there wrapped in peace Is simple thing to do just pull the strings We will"
  • Behind - BrainStorm
    "If only I could trace that light To ignore the blind But you don't know so go ahead and find your sight I'm out of my mind and now it's time, to count the bodies dead last thing you know a place to go"
  • Paint me in your sunshine - Mari
    "Paint me in your sunshine Wake my sleepy eyes Round me in your comfort Stay with me for all of time Reach your hand, I'll follow Darken clouds for your rays of hope So paint me in your sunshine"

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