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being scared dosen

  • Scared - Yoko Ono
    "-"sneaky!" I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared, so scared. I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared, As the years roll away, And the price that I paid And the straws slip away. You don't have to"
  • Scared - John Lennon
    "(John Lennon) I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared I'm scared, so scared I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared As the years roll away And the price that I paid And the straws slips away You don't have to"
  • Scared - Dangerous Toys
    "Who is the man in the white vest! Im getting nervous, becoming a mess Is he the doctor's man to take me away, or the same damn demon from yesterday! waking up is virtually impossible Something in this"
  • I'm Scared - Brian May
    "(Brian May) You take me to the party You put me on the stand You're pumpin' up my heart To the beatin' of the band You toss it in the air And you don't care where it lands You take it - you break it You're"
  • I'm Scared - Hoku
    "I'm Scared I don't know where we stand anymore You've got one foot in my life And the other's out the door And I can't believe this is happening to me Deep inside I've wanted to believe That somehow maybe"
  • Running Scared - Burden Of Grief
    "Running through the darkness of the night Running away of all these lies Errantry in the streets of modern life Paved with rules they don't make sense Falling - falling - falling down into an endless"
  • Scared Now - The Game
    "Who the fuck scared now? Look who the fuck fed now Had to hit him with the shotty nigga Another dead fucking body nigga Gangsters, this is how we roll Jesus Piece, and it's out of gold Versace polo and"
  • Scared away - 1208
    "Somebody once said Stop when the light turns red I know the story But I don't want the glory Cause when you're shot down You're gonna hit ground But they don't feel it No they won't heal it I've given"
  • Being Watched - Faction
    "It's late at night The house is dark The t.v. glow won't let me sleep A noise is heard I'm filled with fright The doors are locked I'm sure I'm sure A feeling hits me What's going on Did that shadow move"
  • Scared of lonely - Beyonce
    "I'm in this fight, and I'm swingingAnd my arms are getting tiredI'm trying to beat this emptiness but I'm running out of timeI'm sinking in the sand , And I can't barely standAnd I'm lost in this dream"
  • If You're Not Scared - K's Choice
    "Outside it's raining, still you shine How I've missed your trembling hands inside of mine I've been away for ages, still you care Do you count the Sundays when I'm there Teach me how to watch this game The"
  • If you not scared - K's Choice
    "Outside its raining still you shine How Ive missed your tremling hands inside of mine Ive been away for ages, still you care Do you count the Sundays when I there Teach me how to watch this game The way"
  • Scared Of The Light - Your Demise
    "I gave up on you, like I thought the world gave up on me, I hope you know that this is for you, the worst person that I ever knew. Scared of the light and sun deprived, and you think the world owes you; You"
  • Scared - Judith
    "Baby, do you understand, That I have to say goodbye to you my friend, Please don't think it's easy for me to do. You're my best friend and I still love you too. Into the night I cry, can anybody tell"
  • Scared - Three Days Grace
    "At night I hear it creeping At night I feel it move I'll never sleep here anymore I wish you never told me I wish I never knew I wake up screaming It's all because of you So real these voices in my head When"
  • Scared - Autumnblaze
    "I sleep on a thin drowning rope To burn inside the fragile sea I saw you fall many days My nights were cruel - windless boughs To you I wrote fevered rhymes Oppressive sounds inspired me I am... ...scared"
  • Scared - Jasmine Guy
    "I'm scared to feel left aloneThe day i start high schoolI hope i have lots of conferdentI hope that i'll be able to handleThe people i see and hate...I'm scared that i'll get lostI'm scared i'll be in"
  • Scared - Albert Hammond
    "You know that something inside of you still plays a part in what i do Always i'm here for you. I think that if we were all we had, that's more than most people ever have Anyway Oh Anyway You can Stay here. i"
  • Scared - Albert Hammond, Jr.
    "You know that something inside of you Still plays a part in what I do, always I'm here for you I think that if we were all we had That's more than most people ever have, anyway Oh anyway you can stay here I"
  • Scared - Nivea
    "now i dont care about it just be about it love wont do with out you i love you boo hook-i aint scared to love you,i aint scared to touch you i aint scared to be with you just tell me if you scared"

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