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  • Saad Beirut
    "das ist mein land, das ist mein stolz meine herkunft, die erde wo ich her komm es ist libanon das schnste land der welt es gibt kein andren ort der mir besser gefllt ich wurd in beirut geboren, die hauptstadt"
  • Stiff Little Fingers Beirut Moon
    "(Announcer: Speech) "We'd like to help you," the consul said "But there's nothing we can do." "Well, you knew the risks when you took the job. After all you're not a fool. So don't call me, don't call"
  • Roger Waters Leaving Beirut
    "So we left Beirut Willa and I He headed East to Baghdad and the rest of it I set out North I walked the five or six miles to the last of the street lamps And hunkered in the curb side dusk Holding out"
  • Rick Springfield Honeymoon in Beirut
    "I wake up every night (to the sound) To the sound of breaking glass Got troops in the bed And tanks in the hall I kidnapped and held for ransom (the one in me) The one in me that you loved We wait for"
  • Beirut Un Dernier Verre (Pour La Route)
    "Come, sit at the table under October's able skies, Once we'd seen eye to eye, I'd known that I'd pass you by, and I tried. The bell's chime seven times Completed at nine The world moves on, I find, No,"
  • Beirut Cherbourg
    "And a fall from you is a long way down I've found a better way out And a fall from you is a long way down I know a better way out Well it's been a long time since I've seen you smile Gambled away my fright Till"
  • Beirut The Flying Club Cup
    "I built my house of reeds upon a marsh in Elise My father was released a day's walk from San Denise We buried him beneath the bone-white sands of San Denise Silence of an airborne night Push high above"
  • Beirut Interior Of A Dutch House
    "Could you really be so tired and you thought it was Wave it down inside Could you really be so tired and you thought you were Wave it down inside Could you really be so tired when you thought about it Tie"
  • Beirut My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille
    "and we believed her then And we believed her then And we believed her then And we believed her then And now outside you see the waves in her eyes And I, I won't mind what you decide to swear by And now"
  • Beirut Brandenburg
    "send me now, the winter's over a light turns out, the winds are colder the love we've had will turn all over going south and we are older (?) on the one tightrope you walked down on a night like this"
  • Beirut Postcards From Italy
    "the times we had oh, when the wind would blow with rain and snow we're not all bad we put our feet just where they had, had to go never to go the shattered soul following close but nearly twice as slow in"
  • Beirut Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)
    "And I know when time will pass by slow without my heart what can I do you're in the halls the bell gives way to a larger swell without my heart what can I do, oh wroclai and we grow fat on the charms"
  • Beirut The Canals Of Our City
    "The times we had Oh, when the wind would blow with rain and snow Were not all bad We put our feet just where they had, had to go Never to go The shattered soul Following close but nearly twice as slow In"
  • Beirut Elephant Gun
    "If I was young, I'd flee this town I'd bury my dreams underground As did I, we drink to die, we drink tonight Far from home, elephant gun Let's take them down one by one We'll lay it down, it's not been"
  • Beirut Carousels
    "Carousels twirl all around exited youth. I do not mind at all. Where tonight in a world full of thrills - it can carry me up, far above it all. It's a long way down from here to the sound. Watch the faces"
  • Beirut Transatlantique
    "No I couldn't tell you how the house burned down Last night while we were running around Midnight surrounds you with moonlight makes you proud Last night oh we were running around Sing for last call Sing"
  • Beirut Nantes
    "Well it's been a long time, long time now since I've seen you smile And I'll gamble away my fright and I'll gamble away my time And in a year, a year or so this will slip into the sea Well it's been a"
  • Beirut A Sunday Smile
    "All I want is the best for our lives my dear, And you know my wishes are sincere. What's to say of all the days I cannot bear? A Sunday smile, we wore it for a while And a cemetary mile we paused and"
  • Beirut Cliquot
    "A plague in the workhouse, a plague on the poor Now I'll beat on my drum 'til I'm dead Yesterday, a fever, tomorrow, St. Peter I'll beat on my drum until then. But what melody will lead my lover from"
  • Beirut The Penalty
    "Like an ancient day and I'm on trial Let them seize the way, this once was an island And I could not stay for I believed them Left for the lights always in season Impassable night in a crowd of homesick Fully"

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