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  • Giant's Lore (Heart Of Winter) - Fates Warning
    "In a time long past tomorrow sleeping in the castle of the black. In the Leland hills are the monster tracks of a giant. The darn of autumn playing in the garden of the rising sun the children they run"
  • Bella - Beady Belle
    "When bella came home she wasn't recognized She must have changed a lot she realized She feels new She feels strong She feels young She can do What she wants 'Cause her past Has disappeared Her"
  • Girl Next Door - Drake Bell
    "She may not be Marilyn Monroe And she may not be the cutest girl I know It's how she makes me feel not how she looks One smile from her heart That's all it took The girl next door is not the girl"
  • Hanuka Bell - Woody Guthrie
    "Dinga lingle lingle, I ring your bell Knocka knock knockie knock at your door The week of Hanuka now is here And you must be sad no more I'll help you clean and scrubbity scrub I'll dress you pretty and"
  • Ring My Bell - Madonna
    "If you wanna talk to me, That's exactly what you're gonna have to do, Talk to me When we first met, you had a lot to give I said, "If I was in your shoes, I could not lose" But now, baby, I just don't"
  • Ring My Bell - Billie
    "ring my bell ring my bell wonder could it be could it be for me thats the sound ive been waiting for any tI'me of day he can come my way when I open the door i know that all is well every tI'me I hear"
  • Church Bell Tone - John Lee Hooker
    "(John Lee Hooker) People I thought I heard, I thought I heard, heard them church bell tone Well, I thought I heard , I heard, thought I heard this mornin', thought I heard the church bell tone It might"
  • Ring My Bell - Luniz
    "Damn What's up!? (It's me mayne, Money Green!) I'm tired of no good people poppin up on the scene I'm talkin' about them "buy-no" bro's don't buy no Hamps, don't buy no liquor smoke yo whole bundle type"
  • Ina Bell sale - Greg Brown
    "InaBell is dead, Savior, and we pray that Thou wouldst give us the strength to lift her and carry her to her grave. InaBell is dead, and, Jesus, we'll never again hear her gravel-on-the-window voice, her"
  • Tra Loro - Nomadi
    "E dopo il treno prenderai la solita corriera che nella notte sale per valli infreddolite, sull'ultimo sedile la Luna e i suoi scagnozzi, non sanno se fermarsi l, sono stranieri. E in pochi giorni"
  • At Death Door - Sacrilege
    "The new day is dawning they start counting the dead, The hard swollen bellies of the children not fed, Their land dry and parched still they pray for the rain, The massacre continous yet again and again. Year"
  • Bell - Avail
    "The Birmingham sun It burned me through I thought of you And with every step I've made mistakes You've seen me though You've seen me true All these towns are lonesome All their streets the same"
  • Ring My Bell (Bonus Track) - Madonna
    "(spoken: ) If you wanna talk to me, thats exactly what youre gonna have to do: talk to me! When we first met you had a lot to give I said I was in your shoes, i could not lose But now, baby, I just dont"
  • Fuck McDonalds And Taco Bell - Afroman
    "A-FRO-MAN, take a pound of bud and flip it like a pancake. PACAW!!!! I quit my job this mornin I dont want to work no more Fuck MacDonalds and Taco Bell, That modern day slavery is knockin on my front"
  • Door - Martha Wainwright
    "There's a door Handle's cold Made of iron & brass And this door it used to lead Into what is now my past If you were to have opened this door It would have lead you on to a floor Where my mother had played"
  • Belle (English Version) - Notre Dame De Paris
    "Belle, is the only word I know that suits her well When she dances oh, the stories she can tell A free bird trying out her wings to fly away And when I see her move I see the hell to pay She dances naked"
  • Belle (english version) - Garou
    "Belle, is the only wordI know that suits her wellWhen she dances oh the stories she can tellA free bird trying out her wings to fly awayAnd when I see her move I see hell to payShe dances naked in my soul"
  • Door - Frenzal Rhomb
    "Door You don't have to wait in line But you do it all the time I'd be happy to pay the fine My decision's not a crime Get out of my face I don't care if you're not Jase If it's me you must"
  • Door - Lemonheads
    "Baby when i think of all my yesterdays when i dream about tomorrow when i recount my joys when i remember my sorrows sometimes a mans gotta say what he's gotta say I ain't hangin' around no more tonight"
  • A Southern Belle - Sonny
    "We could have skated through winter. If...I just kissed you then. Mistakes I made by not falling head over heels for you on icy ponds. And your grip on my hand could have been tighter as we listened"

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