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  • Berenice - Jorge Benjor
    "Ber, Ber, Ber, Berenice Ber, Ber, Ber, Berenice Ber, Ber, Ber, Berenice Eu bem que te disse, Berenice Com teu corpo de miss e tua neguice Me fariam fazer alguma tolice Ber, Ber, Ber, Berenice Ber, Ber,"
  • I'D Rather Sleep Alone - Berenice
    "You've always been my alter ego I've always been your toy ! I always like to be where you go But you're a free-living boy Ooh, you're passing by But I ain't gonna cry ! I'd rather sleep alone Than feel"
  • I'm Lying - Berenice
    "You taught me all I know You opened up my eyes But now that I have grown You leave me no surprise I tell you I still care I say I want much more But I just grin and bear Until you're out the door"
  • I'm Proud - Berenice
    "Some people say that I'm a stubborn girl They tell me I'm living in another world They say I could use a little give and take But sometimes a habit can be hard to shake I like attention and I like"
  • Inside - Berenice
    "I'm alone inside 'cause my mama's died (repeat x2) I'm alone inside 'cause my mama's died I'm alone inside 'cause my mom is dead I'm alone inside You were the sunlight Shining on my way Life was only"
  • Strolling In The Hurricane - Berenice
    "Free, cos I'm getting a grip on my life Hope : got a new kinda trip on my mind Don't need your threats, no more advice, no Don't need to dress just to make you fell nice Cos you're not In control"
  • Catalytic Lover - Berenice
    "You're a fire inside a kinder's are burning When you smile all my emotions are turning You're like the sun, in my eyes Cause you date me When you're near All kind of things start to curl in And it's clear,"
  • Clandestine - Berenice
    "I've never needed more than just a lover I walk away, don't look behind When you're not there, you fade Cos out of sight is out of mind I've never tried to step out of the shadows I'd rather be your"
  • I want him there - Berenice
    "I'm not a girl who needs a lover Don't want a boyfriend in the way Don't need a guy to share the covers I keep my appetite at bay But the boy that I have found is like no other Cos he opens up the doors"
  • Imperfect girl - Berenice
    "When it comes to the night I'm an imperfect girl I'm just here for the ride Couldn't care for tomorrow! I'm like a gem that's from above I'd rather share the sea of love Than swim it alone Than swim it"
  • The leavers dance - The Veils
    "Berenice My hands and feet are worn As much as yours are And though my head, my hands, my heart are forming They still feel worlds apart Berenice Beneath it all you're golden And that's all I'm feeding"
  • Desert Search For Techno Allah - Mr. Bungle
    "Powder grinding mouthfull Pull the day from the nocturn Sonimloquist is the nightmare's song "In the multiplied objects of the external world I had no thoughts but for the teeth... And of Berenice, I more"
  • Carry Stress In The Jaw - Mr. Bungle
    "Powder grinding mouthful Pull the day from the nocturn Sonmiloquist is the nightmare's song "In the multiplied objects of the external world I had no thoughts but for the teeth... and of Berenice I more"
  • I Can't Wait - Unbelievable Truth
    "Berenice Those insect-eggs are hatching out and I think I'm going deaf. in one ear and my balance is shot so you can guess my dreams are filled with brain-eating worms but it's only when I wake I really"
  • Zobaczy - Wawele
    "Srebrny las mieni się nad głowami Skrajem dróg, Mlecznych Dróg idzie czas. Może są, może są między nami Ludzie ci spadli z mlecznych tras Może ty spadłaś mi prosto z nieba? Może masz warkocz z gwiazd,"
  • BKS Anthem - Marshall aka.Bogu
    "1.Ta krótka historia będzie o tym co kocham Bo wiem ze moje słowa będą bładzic gdzies po blokach Dlatego chce pokazac ludziom mój sens istnienia BKS i innego klubu nie ma To nie sciema, to jest taka kolej"

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