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  • Candy (ft. Rick Ross) - Berner & B-Real
    "I am in a Candy-point Candy whit a Candy rain fatty Lil’ thick bitch Yeah, she think my name Daddy Never use the same days Switch up spots They ouldn’t let me in the door I pick the locks Game over, this"
  • Keith B. Real I (Interlude) - Will Smith
    "I am keith b real story breaker keeping it real here I'm in some chinese mans theatre and this brother is keeping it real damn ridiculous this is belemptious we got people up here posing as slaves and"
  • Keith B - Real 1 - Will Smith
    "(keith)my name is keith b-real and I'm will smiths cousin (will)keith, whatchu doin? (keith)uh, nutin will nutin (woman)wow! your're his cousin? !? (keith)uh, will let me expla- (will)keith!!!!!! you"
  • Vato(Ft. B-Real) - Snoop Dogg
    "Asking where I'm from while he running up, Gangbang my setll nag one of them, Some things, sons they just wont change, Fools dont respect nothing but the gang bang, What's seen is what's sawn, Dogg"
  • American Psycho Ii - B Real - D-12
    "(Chorus - B-Real) I'm a little bit off the chain, you can call me insane, but the fact remains That I'm a psycho Better get it through your brain was a pice of shit, when you say my name, never say it"
  • B-Real - Vix.N
    "Przeszedłbym się na koncert Cypress Hill to nie wypadać ma z głowy jak B-Real nie ma co bywać trzeba być życie to nie festiwal życie to my! Przeszedłbym się na koncert Cypress Hill to nie wypadać ma"
  • Keep It Real - Jon B.
    "Huh cheer Understand this right uh How real is this cheers Jon B. Coko Jigga Uh huh understand what we tryin to do (Keep it real love) Right right (Keep it real love) Keep it real love keep it"
  • Killafornia (Feat. B.Real) - The Transplants
    ""Killafornia" (feat. B.Real) Album: Hounted Cities This is Killafornia, home of the killas Killafornia, home of the killas Smoke clears, only one winner Killafornia, home of the killas So many dreams"
  • High Rollers Feat. B-Real & Method Man - Proof
    "(B-Real) Loaded, dazed, confused.. I'm in the Esco' rollin the crisp weed You know that I'm never ever blazin the Bush weed You know you're on cloud nine f**kin with me duke Be sure that I'm the crisp"
  • N. I. B. - Ugly Kid Joe
    "Written by ozzy osbourne, bill ward, geezer butler and tony iommi (black sabbath) Oh yeah! Some people say my love cannot be true Please believe me, my love, and I'll show you I will give you those things"
  • I Want To Believe In You (Ft. Tonez, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg & Berner Yoko) - BRIDGE
    "Twist that spinach, put fire on the end of the bitch Now let me hit it Baby you cute, but you need to be fucking with Snoop Come through and see what it do Cause uh, nephew, let me hear some of that kush"
  • Theo B - Sunny Day Real Estate
    "What a dream you still love me whoa, is it my imagination? For we reached to one against all white left smoke in your eyes And they were offering me good advice Try to tie an arrow Way on top the statue"
  • Real Estate - Cypress Hill
    "You'll waste time to hurt her, sorta like murder A duck with the public's favorite rhyme order I ain't no waiter or hater of a spectator (kill em B-Real) Seekin to find the toys, with no flavor See I'm"
  • Something Real - Eric Benet
    "(Somethin' For The People/E. Baker/Eric "Kenya B." Baker/Eric Bent/Leslie Butler/Shari Watson) Hook: I just wanna do something real to you Like a real brother is suppose to do Tell me how you feel"
  • Real Niggaz - The Diplomats
    "(Cam'ron) Dip Set, Jim Jones, Freeky Aight Santana man...let's do this Killa, let's do it man, killa (Cam'ron) Aiyyo I argue with my mother, spring, summer, fall and winter time Get that off the table"
  • Real Women - UGK
    "(Raheem DeVaughn) H-Town women (this is so soulful right now!) Chocolate women (this is so soulful right now!) New York, New York women (UGK, Raheem DeVaughn) A-Town women (Kweli) This is for Chi-Town"
  • Real things - Javine
    "Hottest , Finest.Everybody wanna be, wearing jewellery,Escaping reality, running the city,So you wanna be number one? Don't forget where you came from,It's not about me and you, It's about the things you"
  • Real Gangstaz - The Game
    "(Chorus: repeat 2X) Real gangstaz stand up, hold they dick Bitch niggaz sit down to piss, what type of nigga is you? I'm the type to pack a gat or few Pull out and pop, simply cause I'm mad at you (The"
  • Real Talk - Cassidy
    "back against tha wall they got my back against tha wall (x3) CASSIDY verse 1 life is cruel but u could choose your life and if you dont make tha right moves you could lose your life and that aint cool theres"
  • Still real - Fat Joe
    "It's so depressing, uh.. Be the realest shit I ever wrote (Money and cars bitches) Shit Is Real Part 2.. (drugs) modern day.. (society yaknow?) See what it's like to walk in my shoes It ain't all fun and"

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