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  • Y Yo Te Bes - Sergio Dalma
    "A dos milmetros escasos de tu boca, se que por fin va a suceder, mis manos cobran vida, tiemblan y te tocan, todos mis nervios puestos en pie. Hipnotizndose mis ojos en tu boca tira mi piel hacia mi"
  • Wild Is The Wind/ Very Bes Of Johnny Mathis - Johnny Mathis
    "Love me, love me, say you do Let me fly away with you For my love is like the wind And wild is the wind Give me more than one caress Satisfy this hungriness Let the wind blow through your heart For wild"
  • Bes - Ney Matogrosso
    "Bsame, bsame mucho Como si fuera esta la noche la ltima vez Bsame, bsame mucho que tengo miedo a perderte perderte despus Quiero tenerte muy cerca mirarme en tus ojos verte junto a m Piensa que tal vez"
  • Bes' friends - Lovin' Spoonful
    "Well, Ive heard about the quarrels and how it always ends And how a couple loses touch and never makes amends And how they weave a false cocoon and how the web extends But Ive never heard of lovers that"
  • One Love - Acel Besa
    "Artist Name: Acel Besa Album Name: Song Name: One Love higher than the sky above you clearer than blue brighter than the rays of sunshine warmer than what you feel more than all the wonders you see it's"
  • Love me or hate me - Love me or hate me
    "Yeah, It's officially the biggest midget in the game. I dunno. Make way for the S.O.V. Love me or hate me, its still an obsession. Love me or hate me, that is the question. If you love me then"
  • Hehe With Me - Mercy Me
    "I long for your embrace Every single day To meet you in this place And see you face to face Will you show me? Reveal yourself to me Because of your mercy I fall down on my knees And I can feel your presence"
  • Black Me Out - Against Me!
    "I don't ever wanna talk that way again, I don't wanna know people like that anymore. As if there was an obligation, as if I owed you something. Black me out. I wanna piss on the walls of your house, I"
  • Trust Me - Color Me Badd
    "I knew you were the perfect girl For my love For you I thank the stars in the Heaven above Love of my life Time was on our side It took you quite a while to hold my hand I was patient baby It was all in"
  • Tie Me Up! Untie Me! - Me Without You
    "I was looking at the leaves Climbing to the tops of the trees But you were nowhere to be found, Just beneath all the green You were buried like a little seed Among the roots and underground, I was licking"
  • Fly with me - Fly with me
    "Fly with me to the stars tonight to the palce behind the sky. Fly with me to the stars tonight music take us high. Fly with me to the stars tonight to the palce behind the sky. Fly with me to the"
  • Take Me Back - Me And My
    "Tell me is it wrong, loving you so strong? I know we said goodbye but baby How can I go on, now that tou are hone? My nights are long, it feels so wrong to be apart and all alone Chorus: Take me back"
  • You Left Me - Me And My
    "It hurts so bad I'm almost falling apart It's oh so sad the way you broke my heart You took my soul, you took my bleeding heart You left me with the memory of how if feels to love Since I know you I don't"
  • You And Me - Forgive-Me-Not
    "Swallow the stones that I see in your eyes Tell me that fable for bleeding surprise When you're old you're full of desire Come to my dream but do not take me higher Maybe I can't give you all that you"
  • Color Me Badd - Color Me Badd
    "We'd like to introduce us Were Color Me Badd the funky new band And our dope producer. Dr Freeze With Mark Bryan Kevin and Sam We're down with Warner Brothers and You'll hear on Giant records Our music"
  • Away From Me - Excuse Me Moses
    "we used to think we could find a way didn't I say some things would never change? Again I feel the lonelieless inside no one to dream about no place to hide i'm bagging you don't let it get you down ref: but"
  • Me Da Igual - Camila
    "no me importa donde estas con quien sales, con quien vas ya me da igual si no quieres verme mas hazte a un lado pero ya no me daes mas coro tanto tiempo te espere tantas noches te soe solo en sueos"
  • DRONE BOMB ME - Bring Me The Horizon
    "Lord, drone bomb me Blow me from the mountains And into the sea Blow me from the side of the mountain Blow my head off Explode my crystal guts Lay my purple on the grass I have a glint in my eye I go"
  • Stay With Me - You me at six
    "You've got a lot to say for the one that walked away. I give you take, its the way it's always been oh how do i know if i should stay or just go the bottom line is this way that i'll never know stay"
  • It's On Me - Show Me The Skyline
    "She speaks a tongue I don't understand Likes me and what I'm all about. I don't know what I'm gettin my self into But I know for sure that I don't want out. I watch the clock and I wait for her Watch her"

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