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  • Beta w Benzie - FASTER
    "Twórcy przeboju "Audi w LPG” przygotowali nową piosenkę. Będzie nosić tytuł "Beta w Benzie". Data premiery nie jest jeszcze znana."
  • Benzie Box - Danger Doom
    "(Chorus: Cee-Lo) His name's, Doom They wonder just who is he But don't wor..ry, Believe me he'll get busy When it comes, to poetry he's got plenty La la lahhhhhh... la la la la lah (MF Doom) Jump 'em"
  • Beta - Doll Factory
    "I don't mind When you take it from me Well, I just got my reprieve Now you're a long way in Think it can't get better than this But still it itch, your cancer itch Think it never touch you Think it never"
    "tylko nie mów mi że nasz nie znasz puszczam nowy hit na osiedla szminki patrzą się jak na breaka robię sobie cash, czarna beta z kartelem sos robię sajperek sztos hip-hop nigdy stop, robimy nowy pop nowy"
  • Beta-Rhythm - Stem
    "Divine hypnotic spiral fall Electric cell interaction combined Find means of interpretation Polyrhythmic get away Left alone with your instinctive creation Reflection of the sight beneath your eyes Individual"
  • Beta Carotene - Modest Mouse
    "You didn't dye your hair and oh my hair went black Now what you knew you knew you knew you know what the fuck Take all the way you get down I'll get them down Couldn't thought, getting all the Kryptonyte"
  • Beta Complex - Ayria
    "I've wasted time I've wasted this mind A superficial life With apathy I know we have not won I know this all because When we have everything It will not change a thing Just leave me alone today Because"
  • The Beta Band Rap - The Beta Band
    "We're the Beta Band and we're nice and clean We're always polite and hardly ever mean Times have changed, we used to be smelly, We lived in a squat 'til a punk nicked our telly Since we've been signed"
  • Chiron Beta Prime - Jonathan Coulton
    "This year has been a little crazy for the Andersons. You may recall we had some trouble last year. The robot council had us banished to an asteroid. That hasn't undermined our holiday cheer. And we know"
  • Alpha Beta Parking Lot - Cake
    "Standing in the alpha beta parking lot Watching the sunset- I'll never forget Watching all the reds, and oranges slip away- Letting go of yet, another dirty day Breathing in the fumes from so many ideling"
  • Run Di World (Beta) - Sean Paul
    "Dede woojaa wooja woojaa Dede woojaa wooja woo Dede woojaa wooja woojaa Dede woojaa woo Dede woojaa dede woojaa woojaa wooja dede woo Dede woojaa dede woojaa Dede woojaa wee You run di world explicit"
  • Bet - Tinashe
    "Sky's on fire Lightning, the stars come You know I, tried to tell you, attempted, to warn ya And we've been praying to the raining It's been months now since you came here to California I'll be here to"
  • Bet - Foje
    "bet sis pasaulis per daug jau liudnas kad as galeciau sypsotis graziai tik sis pasaulis per daug jau piktas kad as galeciau prajuokint tave mano gyvenimo erdves aplenkia industrinio liudesio miestus bet"
  • Bet - La Toya Jackson
    "(Bet'cha gonna need my lovin') (Bet'cha gonna need my kissin') (Bet'cha gonna need my huggin') (You'll find out what cha missin') You say feeling low Well I see the reason why You keep sitting in the"
  • I bet - Mario Vazquez
    "Ohhh Three times this same week you been askin' to come to my crib Girl you got a problem and I know what it is You done got a little taste of incredible that's got you out of pocketing and you don't"
  • Bet Me - Joe Ely
    "1) Bet me your last nickel that the neon shines tonight Bet me on a night like this I will treat you right Now don't tell me your troubles it just ain't worth the time Come here close beside me bet me"
  • I Bet - TLC
    "I (I want to change my number) 'cause you (you steady call my number) 'cause you Want everyone to think that (you're so over me) But I (I know I got you open) And you (I know you probably hoping) That"
  • I Bet - B2K
    "Girl, don't you tell me that you're dreamin that And don't you tell me that you're scheming that For thinking that he could ever take the place of me And girl, don't you tell me that you've got my back And"
  • I Bet - Flo Rida (Feat. T Pain)
    "I bet that you can wine slow take it down low shawtay I bet that you can wine fast you got all that ass on you Hey, money on deck for the dying Make it pop for me I bet you can wine Look back at it cause"
  • I bet - Flo Rida
    "Feat - T-Pain(Rap T-Pain)I bet that you can wineSlow take it down low Shawty wut u waiting onI bet that you can wine Fast you got all that ass On you now Wut u think im bout to do(Flo Rida)Hey, money on"

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