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betta lemme bammbola

  • LEMME SLIDE - Brian Setzer
    "(Lyric Video)"
  • Betta Listen - De La Soul
    "Mummy I saw one day She was on some fume vapors Givin' me lip so I continued with the caper Cat litter had me sniffin Since outside the palace Eyes sicker than aids Game harder than a callous Tried to"
  • Betta Half - Ginuwine
    "You know what baby I'm so glad you're mine and I'm yours I thank God for you and you just make me better You're my better half Who loves me like you do? Oh baby baby Who loves me like you do? There just"
  • Betta Days - Snoop Doggy Dogg
    "Celebrate, grab a drink and put a blunt in the sky Worldwide, nigga it's 1999 Shit out of control, sign of the times I ain't had this much fun since '79 I was only eight then, hadn't been to the penn Just"
  • Betta Days - Snoop Dogg
    "Celebrate, grab a drink and put a blunt in the sky Worldwide, nigga it's 1999 Shit out of control, sign of the times I ain't had this much fun since '79 I was only eight then, hadn't been to the penn Just"
  • Lemme Get That - Rihanna
    "I got a house, but I need new furniture, Why spend mine when I could spend yours The truth is I will love you the same But why complain you buying gucci babe You might see me in the spot Ya boy think"
  • Lemme Love Into Ya - Slade
  • So much betta - Janet Jackson
    "Tired of being number 2I can do what she can't doSo much betta I'm for youSo so much betta I'm for youDon't need anotherI can prove itJust let me love youWatch me do itBelieve in thisMake a wishCome see"
  • Lemme Get A Newport - Attila
    "I'm losing patience with the world and i know i know, the way to the top never stop, never stop till our work here is done oh how many, how many times does it take until you, until you can take all of"
  • Reconsider (U Betta) - Chaka Khan
    "(Chaka Khan and The Artist) Please forgive me I don't know what to say except I'm sorry To scare you away from me I get crazy and don't know what I've done It's all hazy Thought we were having fun Was"
  • Should've known betta - Monica
    "I didn't ask to go with you to Mexico,I really didn't need the shopping sprees in L A or Melrose,boy if you didn't know it , now you knowI didn't need the furs or the jewelry,because material things they"
  • Betta Kill Me - Kane & Able
    "You believe in miracles huh Miracles ain't gonna save you Nigga to the 4 eyes 2 heads 2 killas 2 fillas Known as Kane & Able Ice cream man fina need some Mayo Thousand 8 grams of that uncut coke Beg"
  • Shoulda Known Betta - Case
    "(Yeah, Yeah) Tony Starks ya'll Ghost, Bini and Case C'mon, yeah Sing that sh*t Let'em have it (Case) Been around the world ladies come and go Still I tell myself that you weren't one of those That's what"
  • Betta Ask Somebody - G-Unit
    "[50 Cent] I, know, you, know I'm, on, fiiiii-re If, you don't know, who I be You betta ask somebooooody about me Oh - you wanna be tough nigga, a look is enough I put that snub nose to ya and bust nigga If,"
  • Who Fuck Betta - Fredro Starr
    "Chorus:1x Who f**k betta then me, get sex wetter then me Go down betta then me, can ya man girlfriend You look better wit me, fantasy, you wishin That ya man could be, slide ya body down the pole Baby"
  • U betta recognize - Snoop Dogg
    "Oh shit is, is that Snoop over there? Oh shit Fuck that nigga bitch. My name is Sam Sneed you betta recognize Aiyyo, aiy, I'm sorry, I just love that nigga he is so fine Man fuck that nigga His music is"
  • Betta Watch Me - C-Murder
    "Intro: Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake UP Man I hit the set, and them bays be gettin' ghost(Yeah) Huh,(Yeah) They spookin'(Yeah) It's cool, Fuck the day dog(Yeah) Chorus 2x: You betta watch me Cause I'm doin'"
  • No Betta L0ve - Young Gunz
    "YOUNG GUNZ LYRICS "No Better Love" (Young Chris + Neef Talking) Where the ladies You can feel me I wanna be your mother, your father Your brother, your sister Your everything (VERSE 1) (Young Chris"
  • Love You Betta - Keith Sweat
    "You Needed To Go And Let Him Know Right Now. (Right Now). 'cuz He Don't Even Know How To Make You Smile. Y'all Don't Even Makin Love, See It's Over Baby. He Spend All His Night At The Strip Club. (Strip"
  • Lemme Get Up In Ya - Kane & Abel
    "I'm a nigga with a wide car bone And I'm takin' one of these hoes home Where they at, hit em' from the front and the back From the side when we ride, we some ballers and macks Yeah we did that, give"

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