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better days hadlly

  • Better Days - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 Better days Seem so far away Maybe I will see them someday When the time has come for us to move Better days will be better soon Better days They seem so unreal They've been gone now I"
  • Better Days - God Forbid
    "Suicide on the horizon I count these miseries to ten Contempt is a lifestyle (Is a lifestyle) Contempt is a lifestyle (Is a lifestyle) These demons strike twice Demons...these demons strike twice Contempt"
  • Better Days - Five for Fighting
    "Late night Early morning We talked until there was nothing left to say It was strange The war was on But I've never felt so safe No, I've never seen better days You laughed You understood something unfimilar"
  • Better Days - Chaka Khan
    "It's not the way you smile that makes me realize I think I love you It just might be that all my life I've been searchin' for Someone just like you Takin' my time Everything's fine I call you by the phone Nobody's"
  • Better Days - Rufus
    "It's not the way you smile that makes me realize I think I love you It just might be that all my life I've been searchin? for Someone just like you Takin' my time Everything's fine I call you by the phone Nobody's"
  • Better Days - The Jayhawks
    "Took a walk down Paramount (I've seen better days) Left behind a friend of mine (I've seen better days) Passed by a statue of Saint Augustine in prayer Said for one, the only one I turned my back"
  • Better Days - Bruce Springsteen
    "Well my soul checked out missing as I sat listening To the hours and minutes tickin away Yeah just sittin around waitin for my life to begin While it was all just slippin away Im tired of waitin for tomorrow"
  • Better Days - OneRepublic
    "i know that they’ll be better days that sunshine bout to come my way may we never ever shed another tear for today cause , I know that they’ll better days walking up in CALIFORNIA BUT THESE CLOIDS THEY"
  • Better Days - Citizen King
    "(It goes a little something like, like, like this.) In my shoes My toes are busted My kitchen says My bread is molded Got a good job At the dollar store One foot in the hole One foot gettin' deeper With"
  • Better Days - Idle Sons
    "On the way back to your home Were you strong Did they push you back somehow On the way back to your home Were they wrong Did they let you fall back down They pushed me back Now I can see The emptiness"
  • Better Days - Kate Voegele
    "On the borderline Playing overtime Pushed the minute to the limit for a long time And the second I cross the finish line I'll be wishing I had listened to the voice inside I can't remember how it feels To"
  • Better Days - Depeche Mode
    "What are you hiding from You are part of the sum What has been going on Your confidence has gone You have seen better days You have lived better ways What are you waiting for Answers that question more Unexpected"
  • Better Days - Pink Cream 69
    "I looked through a window Just to let my mind flow Then I saw a friend who Was looking for a friend too Spoke of her father Said he'll be leaving us She'll be so lonely And I want to understand Then"
  • Better Days - Breaking Benjamin
    "You carry me places I'd rather be Well mannered gardens well tempered seas We're gathered in reason I should believe That this is different that this feels free How could this be I'm on my way to better"
  • Better Days - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
    "(GUITAR & HARP INTRO) for days on days I've seen your game and it takes away my joy the sea bird knows where the fair winds blow his knowledge, he employs I know that fast, the end shall come the"
  • Better Days - Susan Tedeschi
    "(Written by Adrienne Hayes) I've been wrong, wrong for so long Living life like this, I just can't go on Without a helping hand I just can't seem to find my way So I'll keep waiting, waiting for my better"
  • Better Days - Point Of Grace
    "VERSE 1 It's a heart attack a minute In this life down here on earth We're all stranded right here in it Wonderin what it's worth There are always threads of trouble In this tangled web we weave But tomorrow"
  • Better days - Supertramp
    "Trust me, I can help youFeel free, we can save youJoin us in the good lifeAnd better days, better daysCampaign for a new lifeChampagne and the bright lightsMake way for the right wayAnd better days, better"
  • Better Days - The Apples In Stereo
    "You've seen better days my friend but I've seen days that would not end I've seen things that never came to be sitting and sifting through the soft debris You've seen better days than me I think on that"
  • Better Days - Lullacry
    "Come with me and you will see our world falls apart Wipe away your tears it doesn't mean a thing at all Stay for a while and you will find yourself in an endless dream Bitterness is born on the days like"

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