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better man

  • Better Man - Oasis
    "I wanna love you I wanna be a better man I don't wanna hurt you Just wanna see what's in your hands Well alright now Yeah yeah Well alright now Yeah yeah Aaaahh....and I know you'll understand Aaaahh....and"
  • Better Man - Pearl Jam
    "Waitin', watchin' the clock, it's four o'clock, it's got to stop Tell him, take no more, she practices her speech As he opens the door, she rolls over... Pretends to sleep as he looks her over She lies"
  • Better Man - Perl Jam
    "Waitin, watchin the clock, it's four o'clock, it's got to stop Tell him, take no more, she practices her speech As he opens the door, she rolls over... Pretends to sleep as he looks her over She lies and"
  • Better Man - The Prom Kings
    "Trust was never meant for me Stuck on sights that can't be seen I play on what the world believes The easy way I turn to lean And maybe chance, is all played out And a better man, would have figured"
  • Better Man - Little Big Town
    "I know I'm probably better off on my own Than lovin a man who didn't know What he had when he had it And I see the permanent damage you did to me Never again, I just wish I could forget when it was magic I"
  • Better Man - Atozzio
    "I'm sittin here, starin at the wall Ain't nobody here, but me the tv and the dog I just can't fall back, I needa call back I just need you to understand where my heart is at Only been a couple hours since"
  • Better Man - Lady Antebellum
    "The first time I laid eyes on you In that downtown cafe How I loved the way your auburn hair Danced across your face And looking back at who I was I don't recognize that guy Oh I can't imagine where I'd"
  • Better Man - Warren Brothers
    "I saw some old friends the other day And all they could talk about was how I've changed They thought I'd be the last one to ever settle down They can't believe I'm flyin' so high with both feet on the"
  • Better Man - Paolo Nutini
    "She makes me smile she thinks the way i think that girl makes me wanna be better Took her down Bleecker Street so she drank the way I drink I kiss the sky to send her blue a letter That girl makes me"
  • Better Man - Hughes Turner Project
    "When the sky was burnin' red When the mountains crumble and fall And I was outta my head That's when I heard you call I can feel a change in the weather I put my feet on the ground I had to pull myself"
  • Better Man - Shayne Ward
    "Until the oceans all run dry Until the stars fall from the sky Even if words dont seem to rhyme Ill be addicted to your smile And if the wind blows out the sun Ill still believe you are the one No"
  • Better Man - Robbie Williams
    "Send someone to love me I need to rest in arms Keep me safe from harm In pouring rain Give me endless summer Lord I fear the cold Feel I'm getting old Before my time As my soul heals the shame I will"
  • Better Man - Darius
    "It's two o'clock in the morning Thought you said that you would call You took all my pride from me So I'd be glad to fall and crawl It's not like me to ever care That's the side of me you dare And I don't"
  • Better Man - Tank
    "I could be trippin I could be slippin but I think I'm in love I could be wishin I could be missin all the things you remind me of if I ever missed you how can this been never ever been this so"
  • Better Man - Ginuwine
    "Do you love me? Of course I love you baby but you keep bringing up the past Well the past hurts You gonna have to let it go though It's hard though baby Things happen, things change, we move"
  • Better Man - James Morrison
    "There was a time I had nothing to give I needed shelter from the storm I was in And when it all got too heavy You carried my weight And I want to hold you And I want to say That you are all that I need For"
  • Better Man, Better Off - Tracy Lawrence
    "The hardest thing I'll ever do is to walk away still loving you But I'd give anything if you loved me something's just ain't meant to be Can't say it's all been time lost And in the long run I'd be a better"
  • Better - Toby Lightman
    "He'll be enough to make you cry He'll be enough to open your eyes To all the little things that make this world better He'll give you love you never know He'll give his heart only to you And he'll make"
  • Better - Johnta Austin
    "Yea Uh Say What Right About This Time Ya'll Know What This Is So So Def Is In The Building Johnta Austin Is In The Building There's No Crew Stronger Then Us There's No Crew That Runs The Charts The"
  • Better - Good Riddance
    "there's no sense waiting in this state i've realized too late there's only so much left inside only so much space to hide i've dreamed of castles in the air but i've never found out where i need"

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