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better than words

  • Better Than Words - One Direction
    "Harry: Better than words But more than a feeling Crazy in Love Dancing on the ceiling Liam: Everytime we touch I'm all shook up You make me wanna How deep is your love? God only knows, baby "
  • Better Than Life - Hillsong United
    "Better Than Life Words and Music by Marty Sampson Better than the riches of this world Better than the sound of my friend's voices Better than the biggest dreams of my heart And that's just the start Better"
  • Better Than You - Cheez
    "The years have passed Since that dumb day I was embarrassed But now it is over My life was a laugh I hid in the shadows Then I came out proud And said the words inside my head: I am no longer who I used"
  • Better Than This - Busted
    "The more I look the more I find it hard to see I'm uncultured but I'm not quite sure what that means Why bring me down and complicate? You take my words But then you hear them a different way The way"
  • Better Than Art - Randy
    "Well my friend is even this a trend? Then even I hope our career will end. I don't consider myself all that smart. I come this far by using only my heart. I wear my intentions on my sleeve. I'm not cynical"
  • Better Than You - The Friday Night Boys
    "On the front step your heart starts sinking You look in to his eyes but I know what hes thinking Maybe now, hes gonna find out The truth about you is you were trouble to begin with Talk to me, like I never"
  • Better Than This - Edwin
    "She tripped on her words again She stopped trying to make sense By laughing at me I feel sorry for her she doesn't know better I ask her to stay away She tries to say something intelligent to me (chorus)"
  • Words - Scoffers
    "I could fly I could stop the time I could break the world destroy everything I could cry fall into madness I could die make the earth fly apart But it`s only words, but it`s only words But it`s only words"
  • Words - Madonna
    "Words, they cut like a knife Cut into my life I don't want to hear your words They always attack Please take them all back If they're yours I don't want anymore You think you're so smart You try to manipulate"
  • Words - Lucinda Williams
    "I would rather suffer sweet silent solitude Deathly defiant from drowning out Filthy sounds stumbling, ugly and cruel Between the lips of your beautiful mouth Deep down within me words move in phases Frozen"
  • Words - The Left Rights
    "I love the word Orchard, better than I Love the word barrier. I kinda like the word gesture, but not as much as i would enjoy the word vanished. i'm not really into the word smiley, but sometimes i feel"
  • Action speaks louder than words - Chocolate Milk
    "Action speaks louder than words Action speaks louder than words Action speaks louder than words (Action, action, action) Action speaks louder than words (Action, action, action) People say It's gonna be"
  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words - B.B. King
    "You won't listen to nothing I tell you, baby You keep on doing just as you please Hey, you won't do nothing I tell you, baby, keep on doing as you please I've taken as long as I can, baby, when is this"
  • Actions speak louder than words - BB King
    "You won't listen to nothing i tell you, babyYou keep on doing just as you pleaseHey, you won't do nothing i tell you, babyKeep on doing as you pleaseI've taken as long as i can, babyWhen is this foolishness"
  • Action Speaks Louder Than Words - Geto Boys
    "(feat. Ganksta NIP, Seagram) Too Black Records Yeah, this is Jay Hold on, Jay Hey Jay, long time no hear, man, what's up? Say man People been kicking around a lot of hoe shit in my ears Is"
  • New Better Than You - Joee
    "I see the sun much brighter since you went away, I'm doing better than you think girl... I see the sky much clearer since you went away, I'm doing better than you... (I'm doing better than you think girl) Just"
  • Better than a dream - Dean Martin
    "Judy Holiday: So that's what you look like At last I know You're better better than a dream What you are is better far better than a dream Well I tried to picture your face But now I see you you're out"
  • Better Than Making Love - Chant
    "You look good You smell good You know what I want I like that Get closer If something feels better, I wanna know about it If you know what it is, baby, tell me about it This feeling's so beautiful, no"
  • Better Late Than Forever - Allister
    "I'm writing this song to tell you that I'm sorry Because I know you never thought that I'd be away so long I know it's unfair to ask you to wait for me When I don't have a real job and you're ready to"
  • Better by you better than me - Judas Priest
    "You could find a way to ease my passion You listen to the blood flow in my veins You hear the teaching of the wind Tell her why I'm alive within I can't find the words My mind is dead It's better by you"

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