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bey bey babby

  • Obeis au bey - Charles Trenet
    "C'est une histoire d'un Bey de Tunis Qui avait engag son service Un p'tit groom, mais l'enfant Demeurait tout tremblant D'vant la mre du palais, Une bonne vieille qui voulait Que tout marche et disait"
  • Kaziklu Bey (The Lord Impaler) - Marduk
    "Kaziklu Bey - Devils son Chosen one After the fourth crusade all christian piety is gone And the greatest commander against the muslim turks you have now become Kaziklu Bey - Stormbringer of fright Now"
  • Caravan - Andy Bey
    "Night and stars above that shine so bright The mystery of their fading light That shines upon our caravan Sleep upon my shoulder as we creep Across the sand so I may keep This is so exciting, you are so"
  • It's Only A Paper Moon - Andy Bey
    "I never feel a thing, is it real When I'm away from you? Out of your embrace, the world becomes A temporary parking place A bubble for a minute, you smile And the bubble has a rainbow in it Say it's only"
  • Lonely Town - Andy Bey
    "A town's a lonely town When you pass through And there is no one waiting there for you Then it's a lonely town You wander up and down The crowds rush by A million faces pass before your eyes Still it's"
  • Never Let Me Go - Andy Bey
    "Never let me go Love me much too much If you let me go Life would lose its touch What would I be without you? There's no place for me without you Never let me go I'd be so lost if you went away There'd"
  • Prelude To A Kiss - Andy Bey
    "If you hear a song in blue Like a flower crying for the dew That was my heart serenading you My prelude to a kiss If you hear a song that grows From my tender sentimental woes That was my heart trying"
  • Satin Doll - Andy Bey
    "Cigarette holder which wigs me Over her shoulder she digs me Out cattin' my satin doll Baby, shall we go out skippin'? Careful amigo, you're flippin' Speaks Latin my satin doll She's nobody's fool So I'm"
  • Smiles - Andy Bey & The Bey Sisters
    "There are smiles that make us happy There are smiles that make us blue There are smiles that steal away the tear drops As the sum beam steal away the dew There are smiles that have a tender meaning That"
  • Abdu - Ada Fijał
    "Ajajaj jaj Abduł Bey Ma osiem osłów, cztery żony i wielbłąda Aj aj aj jaj Abduł Bey Na Koran, a więc on tej żony nie pożąda Przysięga co chwila, na brodę Proroka Zajada daktyla i buja w obłokach Ajajaj"
  • Mit Pfefferminz Bin Ich Dein Prinz - Westernhagen
    "Lola war schn Lola war klug Sie war der Star Im Tombstone Saloon Ich hab sie geliebt Mehr als mein Pferd Bye, bey, bey Lola Blue Lola war blond Blond wie Platin Ich sah sie mit Joe Die Treppe raufgehn Ich"
  • Anno Domini 1476 - Marduk
    "But since Stefan failed his word and let Draculs enemys come from every side Dracu has no choise but with his two hundred men into death ride During the last battle the turkish lines begin to scatter And"
  • Beautiful Thing - The Stone Roses
    "There was no crucifixion Just lies to steal your mind Now I know that you're thinking That I'm running out of time Sister must a missed you I don't wanna steal your shine There's method to my madness Yes,"
  • Hey Hey - Swami
    "Intro: I said hey, hey boy I love you so won't let you go I feel the need to let you know, so Punjabi Chorus: HAI HAI, BEY MUNDIAN DI GAL BAN GAI BALLAY BALLAY, BEY MUNDIAN DI GAL BAN GAI SHABA SHABA,"
  • We Yelomoni - Amr Diab
    "Weylomoony. Maylemoony. Alby raah le lehawaa. Weylomoony. Maylemoony. Alby raah le lehawaa. Aa-shak ya alby, ehlaam ya alby. Khalee bokraa kol hob we doob ma-aa. Aa-shak ya alby, ehlaam ya alby. We emshee"
  • Vinvm Sabbati - Behemoth
    "waters' running down by the silver moonrays - towards the foundation reflecting themselves and creating deadly forms ov life vinvm sabbati crystal formula melted by the fire ov lust etera zetgiell emoke"
  • Duel Duet - Cast
    "We rarely recognise the source We barely touch upon its shores, though blinded by its force And who's to say what's inbetween? Can we ascend to where we've been, respond to what we've seen? Are we in touch"
  • The Anthem - Pitbull
    "Everybody knows this right here Your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, abuela y abuelo Everybody sing along! Mami, el negro Mami, el negro Mami, el negro Mami, el negro Mami, el negro esta"
  • Mayenzeit - Van Langen
    "Mayen zeit one neidt. freuden geit. wider streit. sein widerkumen kan vns allen helffen. uff dem plan. one wan. sicht man stan. wolgethan lichte praune plumlein bey den gelffen durch das gras sind sie"
  • For The Record - Smut Peddlers
    "(featuring Masai Bey) Since the beginnig, there has always been smut God is smut, death is smut, your girl is probably smut, hip hop is smut And now, for your pleasure, all you dirty f**ks Smut Peddlers (Cage) See"

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