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beyonce - liberation

  • Liberation - Noise Unit
    "Bring power to its knees (clear Delerium Coup de Tat reference) In all its glory its still a disease Bring power to its knees An evil empire to set you free Revolution no solution Systematic persecution No"
  • Liberation - Village People
    "Liberation (libera-a-a-ation), liberation It's time for liberation, (right now-ow-ow) Liberation (libera-a-a-ation), liberation It's time for liberation Out of our way because we're ready to fly (liberation) And"
  • Liberation - Love Like Blood
  • Liberation - Pet Shop Boys
    "Take my hand, I've changed my mind again Really, I believed it true That all who fell in love were foolish But I was wrong, I've learned that lesson well All the way back home at midnight You were sleeping"
  • Liberation - Hardcore Superstar
    "The love she gives is almost real Some things inside is always clear So deep inside my mind I always see CHORUS But she will never ever be the one that I need And she will never ever be the one that"
  • Liberation - 1349
    "As time floats by I'm stuck on this point of no return The world, a stage upon which a neular play unfolds flickering by in shades of grey permeated by absurdity like a glossy polished reality slowly fading"
  • Liberation - Sads
    "kuichigire hanabira no oku madetachikomeru tousui wa nureterukako mo mirai mo wasureteshimaisou dekuchi o akeru DANCE de haneagaregirigiri de kiremakure midara nimasatsu shite kyokubu wa HIGH ni naruyume"
  • Liberation - Mad Marge And The Stonecutters
    "The series of the flame tonight That is burning like hell in the deep twilight. It will never fade but only build its power. Liberation comes in the midnight hour. Do you know? Do you know Where you come"
  • Liberation - Outkast
    "(feat. Erykah Badu, Big Rube, Cee-Lo) And there's a, and there's a And there's a, and there's a, finnne.. linnne Too late to pray that I'm on it.. Ya, yeah, yeahhhh Y'all, uh-huh, y'all And there's"
  • Liberation - Outkast (feat. Erykah Badu, Big Rube, Cee-Lo)
    "And there's a, and there's a And there's a, and there's a, finnne.. linnne Too late to pray that I'm on it.. Ya, yeah, yeahhhh Y'all, uh-huh, y'all And there's a fine line between love and hate you"
  • Liberation - The Echoing Green
    "If I could hand you a teardrop or two Would you taste the pain that binds me? Every single trap that I fall into Takes a little peace from inside me This is a question of heart This is the answer"
  • Liberation - Chumbawamba
    "There's always been a pattern of struggle and defeatNever that cycle incompleteNever enough to tip the scalesToo many people rotting in jailsOr bloodied on the battlefieldsThe history books from every"
  • Liberation - Vision Of Disorder
    "It's something that's inside Something that makes us strive It's not the voice in my head Or your poor streets They place the blame on you They place the blame on me There's nothing you can do To change"
  • Liberation - Crashdog
    "pray, Christian, pray, O that the fires of your hell might warm the dreams of the poor all is well, all is well nothing is well when the weak are held underneath slow your words, let 'em cease, careless"
  • Liberation - Backlash
    "In this hazy place of cold I reach my hands for desire something makes my senses glow a treasure I admire you're my beatiful twisted lie the mental drug in me that makes me fly All the things I've done"
  • Liberation - Mike Oldfield
    "When the birds sing outside, and you see the trees changing to green the sun invites one to be out in the open air when the sky is so blue, then oh then, I wish for so much! And the best remedy, for"
  • Liberation For... - Amen
    "We want your liberation We watch your TV screens We want your generations to bring down all they've seen We put our LIPS ON so clean We kiss ourselves OFF so clean We want your liberation We want your"
  • Liberation (mix) - Pet Shop Boys
    "Ah eeeh Ah ah eeeh Ah ah eeeh Ah ah eeeh Ah ah eeeh Ah ah eeeh Ah ah eeeh Ah ah eeeh Ah ah eeeh Ah ah eeeh Talkin'bout liberation Talkin'bout liberation Talkin'bout liberation Ooh ah ah Talkin'bout liberation"
  • Liberation Frequency - Refused
    "It's coming through the air For all of us to hear Could it be the sounds of liberation Or just the image of detention We want the airwaves back We want the airwaves back We don't just want airtime We"
  • Liberation Day - Quitter
    "from the shadows guards are watching towers to the skies fences stretch for miles plan it slow work in silence surmounting obstacles master patience leave nothing to chance give the signal send the code"

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