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beyonce runnin

  • Runnin' - Cher
    "It's hard to hit a moving target At least that's what I've been told If they can't catch you they can't hurt you You never let them get a hold So I keep runinn' I keep right on runnin' I've always pushed"
  • Runnin' - Jesse McCartney
    "Runnin' away, runnin' away, hey Runnin' away I had the perfect girl, we'd spend together hours every day You can say that I had it made (made) and I was all for the commitment But then she started wantin'"
  • Runnin' - Crystal Lewis
    "copyright Bill Baumgart, Michael Campion, Tim Heintz Runnin' in and out of time Spendin' every dime Feeling all alone at night Wonderin' if its all so right And every day you work so hard Playin' every"
  • Runnin - Machine Gun Kelly
    "Where? Why? Mayday! Runnin' I, runnin', I ain't runnin' away I told you! You are never going to be shit Runnin' I, runnin', I ain't runnin' away Just stop now, you're not gonna make it Runnin' I, runnin',"
  • Runnin' - Pharrell Williams
    "Summertime in Virginia was a oven All the kids eating ice cream with their cousins I was studying while you was playing the dozens Don't act like you was there when you wasn't Runnin' from the man runnin'"
  • Runnin' - Grits
    "runnin runnin lookin for that love i once knew runnin runnin trying to find my way back to you i been runnin since understandin confiscated my globe stuttering since expression stole the key to my soul struggling"
  • Runnin - Toby Keith
    "My buddy said his girlfriend is as pretty as can be He said help a brother out tonight and come double date with me She's gotta a baby sister and they're headed into town They're lookin' for a good time They're"
  • Runnin - Notorious B.I.G.
    "One time, one time nigga one time! (Where?) Runnin' from the police (Yeah I know what you mean) No matter what I do, they got a nigga still runnin' from the police (Put them motherfuckin Nike's on tight"
  • Runnin' - The Game
    "(Chorus) Got to live for today cause tomorrow ain't promised to me Don't just want a piece I want my whole destiny (If you got it) I'm gone take it (If you're in it) You're coming with me (Bench warmers) Get"
  • Runnin - Heartless Bastards
    "For every calm there is a storm But it is often out of view It changes paths, it changes forms Just like our souls Like they often do Broke the calm, strain in the back I was born, driven by fear And"
  • Runnin - The Pharcyde
    "Can't keep runnin' away..... Verse One: Fat Lip I must admit on some occasions I went out like a punk and a chump or a sucka or something to that effect Respect I usedto never get when all I got was"
  • Runnin' - Information Society
    "Hot steamy night alone I wait for you. Cold brittle morning alone And I cry for you. And when you finally call, You cloak your moves in the shadows. Those days and nights I was good to you. They must"
  • Runnin', Runnin' - Blackfoot
    "O, ain't that funny, things we do for love, Things we do for passion, well I'm feelin' kind of rough. Too many woman, too many games, A million faces and a million names, Don't have much time, ain;t got"
  • Angel (Beyonce & Kelly) - Everything But The Girl
    "Show me something worse Than a child outside a church Begging with a cardboard box In a heartless town that hurts and mocks And on a chair anywhere I will sit down and cry And close my eyes Against"
  • Angel (Beyonce & Kelly) - Destiny's Child
    "This is for my fans uh huh uh huh This is for my destiny uh huh uh huh This is for my fans uh huh uh uh This is for my future manuh huh uh huh This is for my best friend uh huh uh huh This is for my future"
  • Listen (feat. Beyonce) - Alexandra Burke
    "Listen To the song here in my heart A melody I start but can't complete Listen To the sound from deep within It's only beginning to find release Oh the time has come for my dreams to be heard They"
  • In Da Club (Beyonce Remix) - Trick Daddy
    "no shorty its beyonce we gonna party like it's your birthday we gettin in naughty like it your birthday so put your drink up in da air if you look sexy im the chick with the hot shit manolo blind it jimmy"
  • I Got That (feat. Beyonce) - Amil
    "(Beyonce') Uh, uh-huh Amil-lion, yeah Roc-a-fella (Oh, oh yeah) What? Huh, uh-huh (Oh) Yea-yeah, yeah, I got that Uh-huh, yo, yo I make cats pay like lay-way Own like they stole Deal with late"
  • Naove (Duet With Beyonce Knowles) - Solange Knowles
    "Chorus I know you think I'm young and naive but you gotta trust in me to be strong and responsible cause I think I'm in love I know you think I'm young and naive but you gotta trust in me to be strong"
  • Work It Out / Beyonce Knowles - Austin Powers in Goldmember
    "How ya doin', honey, baby You know I don't ask for much But for a girl spendin' time alone Can be pretty rough But I get a knock on my door I know it's yours for sure We can't wait for the bedroom So we"

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