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beyond the gates

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beyond the gates

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beyond the gates
  • Cans Beyond The Gates
    "She told me to wait Now I'm alone outside the gate My eyes are bleeding visions fade away The sun came to late Time is here to seal my fate In pain inside the purgatory flames Now open gate let me in,"
  • Demon Beyond the gates
    "Beyond the Gates of Hell Between death and life There's a road few have travelled A road few survive Watch out! Beware! Prepare to run with your life Watch out! Out there! For the fool who takes A look"
  • Possessed Beyond The Gates
    "I bow to the altar For I bow to my faith Guide me to my destiny With everlasting grace Unholy are my thoughts In you I must confide I prowl among the nights With Satan at my side Bow to the altar The"
  • Mekong Delta Beyond The Gates
    "Time - passing as the world changed it's face Past - all that used to be not a trace Now - all that was is gone can't you see Always questions What - happened to our world different now Why - answers"
  • Neaera Beyond The Gates
    "I'll make you bleed for What others have done to me Words are written on my tongue Scars of torment carved into each corner of my dying mind Inhabited by self-hatred The day has ceased to breathe Night"
  • Forgotten Tales Gates Beyond Reality
    "I can see in your eyes the fear and the pain. Now you know that today will be your last If you could see in our hearts the clouds and the rain. You should know,we can't forget the past. You lived your"
  • Exciter Beyond The Gates Of Doom
    "A faceless man steps up to meet you Evil demons chanting "we want you" A creation where time and death collide You're feeling drawn to the other side He's calling your name tonight Ascend from the depths"
  • Eternity's End Beyond the Gates of Salvation
    "On wings of eagles I’m riding the storm Across the valleys of despair Born Into the darkness, a black raven’s heart Ethereal starlight guides my path Alone I stand, an army of one My unbroken spirit"
  • Rhapsody Beyond The Gates Of Infinity
    "Fire of wisdom light the sky let me go on through this dark evil ground A veil of fog now covers all something is happening my heart must be strong Keep away monsters of hell No, I won't give you my inviting"
  • Gardens Of Gehenna Beyond The Gates Of Dusk
    "Beyond the night, deep in the darkness i'm waiting,hidden from the light to show you foreign lands of horror, to be your guide into the night. I show you realms you've never heard of, where mountains"
  • Jedi Mind Tricks Beyond The Gates Of Pain
    "Yes, just infest, the best is I Leave you, stretched on the sket, in Bedford-Stuy With a, lead to eject, but I bet it's I Did that, like a rat, you testify Niggaz like what's the matter with Sean? I'm"
  • Dragonheart Arcadia Gates
    "The wind freezes my bones While I'm riding through the darkness Searching by the ruins Where the Arcadia Gates wait Old spirits call my name And show me the way of wizards Beyond of reality I'm deep in"
  • Winterstorm Burning Gates
    "flames all around there's no chance to escape how can one change sudden fate heat devastates the intruder of faith beyond consciousness the stone awakes and sorrounds him glowing with power of life FOLLOW"
  • Krisiun Abyssal Gates
    "Enter the gates of pure abominations of abyssic chambers with infinite dimensions frozen winds distant shine of stars distorted reflections of the slaughtered and damned following circles of malignant"
  • As Cities Burn Gates
    "I've been looking for a new course A different way to say your name, to hear your voice I've gotta find new chords Well how my new body, it shines Somehow your blood makes you blind To our divine, I am"
  • Wolfsheim Gates
    "Alone ... but you're feeling allright It's a lie, you're feeling good because strange men want you to Easy way to run away from yourself It's a lie, no-one gets out of here alive And everyone feels happy Everyone"
  • Eidolon Within the Gates
    "Enter a world - forgotten time Born through a miracle - without reason or rhyme A fulmination - of hope and praise The chosen one put forth - to vanquish buried flames For those before you - far beyond"
  • Star One The Two Gates
    "And so its come to this, two gates, two portals await let your choice be guided by collective wisdom. Hm, hath the prospect of freedom ever tasted so good? One gate completes the circle. One step away"
  • Ayreon The Two Gates
    "'''Forever of the Stars:''' And so it's come to this: Two Gates, two portals await. Let your choice be guided by collective wisdom. Mmm, hath the prospect of freedom ever tasted so good? One gate completes"
  • Gareth Gates Gareth Gates
    "I've been letting you down, down Girl I know I've been such a fool Giving into temptation I should have played it cool The situation got out of hand I hope you understand Chorus It can happen to anyone"

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