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bg bogosawi

  • The Walk Featda Muzicians, Countrie Biggz, Homebwoi & Bg - Ying Yang Twins
    "Ey, dis D-Roc from the Ying Yang Twins (yup) and i got Da Muzicians, Big Countrie, and B Gizzle to help me show yall how ta walk Dis is a new dance, right? It's da ghetto-alicious slide so yall got ta"
  • With Tha B.g. - B.G.
    "B.G. Chopper City In The Ghetto With Tha B.g. B.g. Don't fuck with me Tellin' ya Verse one: b.g. Nigga better tighten up Before my clique start lighten up Fuckin' with me baby salutin' niggas bittin'"
  • Free B.G. - 2 Chainz
    "Hot boy (Hot boy) yeah Hot boy talkin' 'bout free B.G. Hot boy bought some P's off of PPP (mhm) Hot boy doin' donuts down the street Hot boy say the other niggas supposed to bleed (bleed) Hot boy got 12"
  • Http://Odok.Hit.Bg/ - Wisin Y Yandel
    "(wisin) ( hace un ao que no se de ella ) ( hace un ao que cambie mis amistades ) ( que amigos es un peso en el bolsillo por sus comentarios perdi a la mujer que amo) ( hace un ao que no como lo mismo) ("
  • Real Brothas - BG Knocc Out
    "Knock knock Who's there ? Well its the gang s-t-a-ster The gangsta who ? Yo its your brother gangsta dresta Open up the door so i can flow and let 'em know That me and bg knocc is good to go to"
  • Real Brothas - Bg Knocc Out & Dresta
    "(dresta) Knock knock (bg knocc out) Who's there ? (dresta) Well it's the gang s-t-a-ster (bg knocc out) The gangsta who ? (dresta) Yo it's your brother gangsta dresta Open up the door so I can flow and"
  • Dpg Killa - Bg Knocc Out & Dresta
    "(dresta) Easily I approach The microphone because I ain't no joke Nigga tell kurupt, nate and daz i'mma buck 'em Matter of fact tell that whole pound I say f**k 'em It's a new year so put the bustas in"
  • Compton Swingin' - Bg Knocc Out & Dresta
    "(chorus) Hey hey hey (comptoooooooon compton swingin) All day every day I gotta pray All day every day I gotta pray Hey hey hey (comptoooooooon compton swingin) All day every day I gotta pray All day every"
  • Whose The 'G' - Bg Knocc Out & Dresta
    "(Dresta) Yeah, I sit back and ask myself A question, y'know what i'm sayin Nigga who's the G Is it him, is it me (BG Knocc Out) Who's the G Is it him, him or me I can tell you blind to the facts So you"
  • Do Or Die - Bg Knocc Out & Dresta
    "intro haha ha ha yeah...you niggas aint known haha bg knock out on a motha f**ken mission haha ha puttin marcs in check..cause bustas get no respect ha ha ha yeah its the big bad west side mad ass compton 1st"
  • Down Goes Another Nigga - Bg Knocc Out & Dresta
    "(dresta) Bang bang bang Pull the trang As I shoot my shit And I flaunt my gift Leaving another stiff It's me, the d Yeah the compton thug I get down like mud When I'm high of bud Little sally walker Jackin"
  • Life's A Puzzle - Bg Knocc Out & Dresta
    "Life in the hood, (life in the hood) Life in the hood, (yeah, just like a puzzle) Life in the hood, (life in, life in the hood) Life in the hood, is just like a puzzle (dresta) Its like a jungle, sometimes When"
  • Compton Hoe - Bg Knocc Out & Dresta
    "(dresta) I like big butts, but big tits drive me nuts And heres another cut from the compton slut The naughty nigga named dresta, the westside gangsta Comin back with more skills, than the buffalo bills I'm"
  • Everyday Allday - Bg Knocc Out & Dresta
    "(dresta) This how it's goin down Yeeeea, hehehe This is my motherf**kin dedication From the gangsta So all you bustas betta take cover Cause i'ma drop some shit on this one (dresta) Another day another"
  • Jealousy - Bg Knocc Out & Dresta
    "(b.g. knocc out) Well it's 95 and I'm back on the scene Now everybody wanna be on a niggas team I blew up out the clear Kickin flava in your ear Rockin shows Knockin hoes Screamin (party over here!) But"
  • Micc Check - Bg Knocc Out & Dresta
    "Yeah, somethin' fo' you trick ass niggaz in 95. Ha, b.g. knocc out and gangsta dre'sta Compton fo' life, fools. Chorus: Micc check - 1,2 - what a nigga - gon do When the 165 crew run upon you? Yeah,"
  • Compton Watts - Bg Knocc Out & Dresta
    "Hahaha, this is 4 all you fools dat don't know what's up yet... (dre'sta) I come ruff, I come real ruff And get 'nuff stuff. Demolition bustas, leave 'em like suckas. I'ma bastard not an actor, Bitch"
  • Yesterday - En Vogue
    "Ooh yesterday (BG)Ooh...aw..e..aw..e..aw all my trobles seem so far away (BG)Hey..ey..ey.. now it looks as though thier here to stay (BG)Here to stay Ooh,oh... (BG)I believe in yesterday (BG)I"
  • The Classic Rhyming Song - Sesame Street
    "Manha Manha guy: Fat Green guy: Cat Blue guy: Sat Violet guy: Hat gg: Fat bg: Fat vg: (pause) Fat gg: Cat bg: Cat vg: (pause) Cat gg: Sat bg: Sat vg: (pause) Sat gg: Hat bg: Hat vg: (pause)"
  • Smaointe... - Enya
    "(D'Aodh Agus Do Mhire U Dhgain) ist le mo chro, Go brónach a choch' T m caillte gan t 's do bhean chile. An gr mór i do shaoil Treora s m. Bg liomsa i gcóna L 's och'. Ag caoineadh ar an uaigneas mór Na"

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