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big entrance

  • Entrance - Fito Paez
    "Ella sólo quera tirarse en la cama subirse a un caballo y mandar todo al diablo soar con alondras, bailar en una gran salón no siempre el viaje era hermoso a veces vea unos monstruos horribles. que hablaban"
  • Entrance theme (volume 5) - Jeff Hardy
    "Don't you see the writing on the wall ? Your in way over your head You're gonna drown in the things that you said. Time has come and gone for words. A thousand threats I've heard before. But words are"
  • Entrance - Dimmu Borgir
    "Soul(s) on departure six six six onward unto another existence A trip far beyond all pleasant dreams A voyage through desolation sights Inner transformation Subconscious flight In the glance fields of"
  • ??? entrance - Kotoko
    "primary final line precious mind == Romanized Japanese == tatakai wa nan no tame ni? ima ken wa ki wo terasu kono ai wa dare no tame ni? ima"
  • Entrance - Kevin Tellie
    "Tonight, there's nothing that'll make my eyes close My sheets covering me are covering you The sun on the horizon Laying here with the moon and you Right here a girl walks in with color in her eyes She's"
  • Entrance - Asian Kung-Fu Generation
    "koge tsuku youna gogo no GORAUNDO hikaru "kimi" to iu nano BOURU todoke kanai to wakatte soshite muryoku o shite tsukaeru mure tsuchi nurasu toori ame toke dasu maeno kimi no kibou o dekiru genkai de boku"
  • Entrance Song - The Black Angels
    "Rollin' fast down I-35, Supersonic overdrive Rollin' fast down I-35, Thru the day and past the night Rollin' fast down I-45, I get ahead, goin' 109 Rollin' fast down I-45, Bendin' time, feelin' fine Entrance"
  • Entrance Stargate - Pagan's Mind
    "Appearing pictures in my mind Distracting I see the fate of thousand men The door to appearance, higher The cry of distant calling The cry of distant soaring from far In the sacred sands of Egypt A"
  • Entrance To Infinity - Pagan's Mind
    "A strange reality within, levitating off the ground Hovering, losing gravity Casting misery away, entrance higher Orion's aura is the gate A heavenly passage - starway Entrance to infinity The Heaven's"
  • Entrance Of Eternity - Even Song
    "Crimson dreams take me far away far from reality, into an other kind of sleep I stand before the gates of my innerself, of an unconscious world deep in my mind With the key in my hand I open the gates"
  • Entrance At Rudebrook - Millencolin
    "The joy and the pain, it's all in the game but right now the joy's far away we're gonna take it back to how it was before now so what if we're last, so what if we're gone you're waiting for that day,"
  • A Dim Entrance - The Good Life
    "Send me to bed My head's drowning out The thick and blurry sounds Of horses on the highway The days running down, And I'm drowning out This overwhelming sound Send me to bed And tamp out the lamp and"
  • Stone cold entrance - Disturbed
    "Step up! Cause you're the next one in line for the kill. You don't believe me but I'm betting that you will.Step up! I'll let you live a little bit with the pain that I bring. You know it's only the beginning.Step"
  • Entrance at ruderbrook - Millencolin
    "The joy and the pain, it's all in the game but right now the joy's far away we're gonna take it back to how it was before now so what if we're last, so what if we're gone you're waiting for that day, but"
  • Entrance To Defeat - Screw
    "Kotae nado mitsukaranai motsureta ito wo taguru you ni aimai na kumo wo tsukamu Kifuku suru myakuhaku ni hanpuku no hibi utsusu Memai ni aki asa wo matsu kienai mei sakebi Ikiru koto sae hakisuteta nara Nani"
  • Entrance of the conflagration - Trivium
    "A common woman Lives by the bible Wed-locked a prison Of antiquation Brings life to the earth While losing her mind Trying suicide Hallucinating Satan Forcing her own blood down Beneath the waters to drown"
  • We Hail Thy Entrance - Abyssos
    "The witch is dead Burn black messiah, enlighten my path with thy flames Guide me through thy kingdom, in this godforsaken rain And reveal all my pain Again and again... Where the mountains shadow the"
  • Entrance Of The Elected - Bear Vs. Shark
    "Maybe like a polecat like a cannon you'll be praying for days like the nuts and bolts like the uniforms that they wore in the civil war and scratching your cat claws at the pavement see you coming across"
  • John Cena Entrance Music - John Cena
    "So, you think your untouchable? Word life! Its a place for thuganomics It's a pretty place for thuganomics Word life, I'm untouchable but I'm forcing you to feel me Word life, Its a place for thuga - thuganomics Word"
  • Big - Big Tymers
    "You know Do it big nigga If you don't do nothing do it big, fuck it Ain't like your stupid ass gonna live twice Ball like a dawg, nigga fuck it If you doin it small do it big, know what I'm sayin' Hey"

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