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big taj rush
  • Black Moon Rush
    "Rush, rush, rush, rush Rush, rush, rush, rush Rush, rush, rush, rush Rush, rush, rush, rush If I don't get in, I'm rushin' You can step aside or collide with this four-five bustin' No bluffin', just"
  • Akon Rush
    "(Akon) Hey-Aye! Upfront, Konvict Hey-Aye, OoO Yeaa! (Akon) I gotta find a way to get outta here x2 This ain't the way that I wanna live, no This ain't the way somethin' gotta give In a rush, rush (gotta"
  • Talib Kweli Rush
    "Feel the rush Yeah, I do this shit for real (you get Chuck D'd, "Shut the Fuck down") Ain't no games being played (remember that, remember that) It might be the career (yo) It might be on the stage"
  • Echobelly Here Comes The Big Rush
    "Save your point of view For the manic charm that he puts you through When he wears your pearls, your ruby dress And he looks so good with his sunken chest There's a certain charm To the pretty boy that"
  • Cash Cash Sugar Rush
    "I took my time I never touched when you taste you tease me All night, sugar rush Just gimme a taste tonight Oh oh oh girl youre too much Im burning up right now, and I need your touch Come on lets take"
  • The Notorious B.I.G. Ultimate Rush
    "Damn Ma, I love you like a lot Gonja, Cintamelia, Can I feel ya? All I wannah do is touch ya The Ultimate Rush The drugs baby First Verse (Missy Elliot) Don't you know I'm the ultimate? To get"
  • Looptroop Adrenaline rush
    "Adrenaline Rush x4 Feel the heartbeat x4 Feel the adrenaline rush My name P, still the same, word to GP Y'all wanna test me, you must be CP I know that wasn't PC, politicaly correct to say Well, neither"
  • Ani DiFranco Rush Hour
    "rush hour and the day's dawning the rain came and pushed me under the awning the puddles grew and threw themselves at me with every passing car I'm shielding my guitar and there were some things that I did"
  • Big Audio Dynamite Rush
    "If I had my time again, I would do it all the same, And not change a single thing, Even when I was to blame, For the heartache & the pain, That I caused throughout my years, How I'd love to be your man, Through"
  • Big Time Rush Big Time
    "(BTR) Oh, Oh, Oh, Ooooh Oh, Oh, Oh, Ooooh Oh, Oh, Oh, Ooooh (Kendall) Make it count Play it straight Don't look back, don't hesitate (James) When you go (BTR) Big time (James) What you want"
  • Naughty By Nature Pin The Tail On The Donkey
    "Oh finally, finally (here we are) And for good, are the three, follow me (It ain't far Even though if it was, you could make it to the start The enemies, do you know who they are? (There they are) A devil"
  • Arrested Development Wag Your Tail
    "Wag Your Tail Yeah can I have a big bimbo box meal hold the bimbo sauce two super sized freaky fries and a make me shiver shake (I know who this ishow you doing?) I'm doing good sweetheart how are you? (I'm"
  • Eminem Rush Ya Clique
    "Bust your lip, rush ya clique, what? Outz in the area tearing things up Crush your chick, touch your trick, what? Outz in the area tearing things up (Sing it with me!) Bust your lip, rush ya clique, what? Outz"
  • Massari Rush the floor
    "rewa crew Im'a make you rush the floor Fellas throw your hands up, Ladies touch your toes look, Im about to crush the flow fu u all Yeah i keep my friends around me Run and tell your friends about me make"
  • Bel Canto Rush
    "Through the night the dark blue men came far across the starry sea, From Foreverland to Eternity. Rushed, rushed, rushed to the hill. There they would engrave the Oracle up on the hill that «Oh, we are"
  • OV7 Rush
    "Bailar... Tenerte muy cerca de m. Levantate hay algo mejor que sólo respirar para vibrar quiero entrar al fondo de tus secretos y encontrar mi libertad. CORO Bailar! Prender el fuego que hay en m Bailar!"
  • Suga Shikao Rush
    "ki ni kuwanai yatsu tte iru ja nai? anna yatsu inakya ii noni... tte omotte'nai? sonna joukyou ni sugoku ii kanji no fukou no tegami ga aru n' da tte kodomo no koro yoku okutte kita anna yasuppoi itazura"
  • The Pharcyde Rush
    "Rush, rush, rush, rush (Bootie Brown/Frank Fiction) What gets your adrenaline pumping? Overtaking Mental thought process move quickly to attain And acquire that state of being all desires seen Some get"
  • Freak Power Rush
    "We're alone, each with our very own lives to lead, we carry our walls around in our pockets, Electricity crackles and bricks turn to dust, when you're there... I get a rush, straight to my head, I get"
  • The Cramps Monkey With Your Tail
    "Baboon and a monkey playin' in the grass Baboon told the monkey, "You play too fast!" Monkey say, "Wanna.... monkey, monkey with your tail!" Come on come on I wanna monkey; monkey with your tail A guy"

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