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bigbang tonihgt

  • Bigbang - Big Bang
    "B to the I to the G B to the ANG... let's do it So get them hands up high We gon' get this party started right C'mon everybody let's all get down It's the T-O-P, I be the baddest around 'n Suckas don't"
  • Cloudy Days - Bigbang
    "you were my sunshine on a cloudy day you give me love and laughter skys are grey x2 todayyyyyyyyyyyyy you were with me through my darkest hour you make my hopes feel bright at night you will be UP everythings"
  • Dancing In The Moonlight - Bigbang
    "We get it almost every night When that moon is big and bright It's a supernatural delight Everybody dancin' in the moonlight Everybody here is out of sight They don't bark and they don't bite They keep"
  • Earphones - Bigbang
    "one man can make a lot of waves another man will get a lot of surf on the other side of the planet a little boy with earphones on and a big smile on his face on the wrong side of the planet starts"
  • Fire And Oil - Bigbang
    "from underneath the outback to somewhere close to hackensack here we come you got ugly buildings and shitty culture but here we come ooh.. never thought you'd see us in this position and now we"
  • From A Distance - Bigbang
    "Don't you know you better get some sleep you better get some sleep now but all you're gonna do is run out there and hide in the sound looking good from a distance while you're dancing around no slowing"
  • Frontside Rock N' Roll - Bigbang
    "you don't have to you really don't need to just because i i am going to i am going to now all the flowers have been broken but we watched them for a while and we know you got your token so go on don't"
  • Girl In Oslo - Bigbang
    "can I talk to the prettiest girl in Oslo oh is that you can I talk to the prettiest girl in Oslo oh is that you I call you everyday once or twice you don't say much but you are very nice and I'm doing"
  • Head Over Heels - Bigbang
    "you're travelling going to places just to see wide open spaces head over heels try to be a wise man they're telling you come on closer but you're not the one who chose her you're head over heels trying"
  • Heaven And Stars Above - Bigbang
    "i want you to come out and play with me i want you to see what i see i want you to help me across the line i want you to read my mind all i want is a little love heaven and stars above i want you"
  • In Love With You - Bigbang
    "Oh what can I say What can I do What's building up inside Where other people keep falling I just wanna fly In love with you under my wing Lift you up higher and higher Squeeze you 'till juice comes running"
  • Long Distance Man - Bigbang
    "When you get up in the morning While you work till late at night As you sit along and watch some movie about guys who loves to fight She will take off all her make-up Brush her teeth and go to bed Fall"
  • Make A Circle - Bigbang
    "Because your smooth But not too special, really really cute though The way you look at me Is gonna wear my heart out And Trouble stands laughing hard now He's waiting by my door Mother nature what is the"
  • One Of A Kind - Bigbang
    "What they say doesn't matter to us anyway you know we're going to find a better way i said a better way By your side lead the way if i get lost and i'll help you at any cost we'll find a better"
  • Sail Away - Bigbang
    "i wanna fly away to a lonely place, such an empty space where i can be with you alone come with me and ill show you how i wanna sail away where the air is clear and theres no one there across the sky"
  • Saturn Freeway - Bigbang
    "Baby went off to summerschool and she didn't feel allright Nobody spoke to her and she couldn't sleep at night No one there knew what she had been through If they ever make one baby we should go right"
  • Something Special - Bigbang
    "Did you ever write my name with a fountain pen In your books or on your desk or did you tell your friends That I was someone special Did you ever lie awake the entire night Glowing in the dark with no"
  • Summer Rain - Bigbang
    "your eyes are heavy and your lips are dry, and I don't have to wonder why.. I could say nothing, I could say some I'd say a lot with more to come And sometimes It's not all bad whats going down"
  • The Elephant Man - Bigbang
    "A church in front of a window to a world He don't need to see anymore cause he's just seen it all In a picture show In a theatre long ago We're watching movies and now we want more but one more"
  • Wild Bird - Bigbang
    "Wild Bird flying Sing a song that I can't capture I'll make it up to you somehow High my hat was hung there for a while On a pole set up Norwegian style Ready to show them what I can Little bird came"

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