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birdy-no birdy

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birdy-no birdy
  • 22 Pistepirkko Birdy
    "here comes my darling saying hello you hey why you look so worried whats so wrong with you I felt something evil lying in my room it makes me really scared dont you feel it too I know, it dont really matter does"
  • Kristin Hersh Little Birdy
    "Little birdy, little birdy What makes you fly so high? It's because I am a birdy And I'm not afraid to die Little birdy, little birdy Come sing me your song I've a short time to be here with you And"
  • Barrett Syd Birdy Hop
    "Barrett Syd Misc Birdy Hop Birdy Hop - he do, he hop along a lonely bird upon a window there he, he, there he blow a windy snow, he knew the snow, I know the snow, a hoppy bird The antelope ride around"
  • Tristania Bird
    "A friendly push Off the cliff - is all I need A sudden change Or a smile Could make me feel alive, Anything to take the ignorance away There is a hole in my chest where my heart used to be If you're looking"
  • Anouk Bird
    "Isolated from the outside Clouds have taken all the light I have no control It seems my thoughts wander off Of the time when I tried to Live life without you Birds falling down the rooftops Out of the"
  • Passenger Beautiful Birds (feat. Birdy)
    "You remember when we were two beautiful birds, We’d light up the sky, when we’d fly, You were orange and red, like the sun when it sets up I was green as an apple’s eye. You said you loved all the songs"
  • Sigma Find Me (ft. Birdy)
    "We said goodbye, that's what you told me once So many times we've made our peace But this is love, I'll never give you up I know your love has come home to me Like a river, always running I keep losing"
  • Sesame Street The Count's Birdy-Pox Lullaby
    "One, two, three, four, five, six pox Rest your wings Seven, eight, nine, ten As I count your green things Eleven, twelve and thirteen pox Now close your eyes As I count fourteen green dots on your thighs Fifteen"
  • Kashmir Little Old Birdy Funk Thing
    "And if I tell you who I really am, I think you might die, Because you don't even know my real identity. You just know how I look and how I shook your legs that night between the evil and humanity."
  • The Incredible String Band White Bird
    "Who among you has not laid his head beneath some holy awning Would think that such a night of tortured travelling Could bring such a glory morning And feel his heart sucked to his head His head so wide"
  • Al Stewart Angry Bird
    "One day you fell Down from the sky You oversaw things Forgot how to fly You're an angry bird Walking in circles all alone Angry bird Now you don't belong You stagger round Don't like the air Don't like"
  • Terry Allen Red Bird
    "Ho down down Ho down dee Red bird dancin In custody Goin down New Orleans Red bird dancin An a red bird sing Red bird sing Red bird do New Orleans An a red bird blue I been born An I'm gonna die Blood"
  • Triinu Kivilaan Black bird
    "Summer night in Skyway City Theres no rest theres no sleep My life is such a mystery scares me Neon lights and strange people No one who cares for me Searching for a place to hide hear me REFREN: Black"
  • Mark Lindsay Silver Bird
    "Get aboard the silver bird, departing gate 19. Satisfy your Walter Mitty mind, tryin' out a dream. Your sign is capricorn and every corner of your mind, Says you'll remain my friend, my friend until your"
  • Eddie Floyd Big Bird
    "Open up the sky Cause I'm coming up to you So send down your wings And let 'em bring me to you You know I'm standing at the station, ready to go Oh, big 'ol aeroplane, I'm trusting you so Get on up big"
  • The Jam Big Bird
    "Open up the sky 'Cause I'm coming up to you So send down your wings It'll bring me to you You know I'm standing at the station Ready to go Big ol' airplane, you know I trust in you so Get on up big bird To"
  • Dionysos Broken Bird
    "I was talking to a bird in the middle of the road It was crying blood into my hands I'm talking to this bird I don't thinh you've got no troubles Hey small ! Little broken bird He looks like the smile"
  • Siouxsie and The Banshees Painted Bird
    "On lead-poisoned wings -- you try to sing Freak beak shrieks are thrown -- at your confusing hue The peacock screaming eyes -- show no mercy no mercy Painted bird -- it's absurd Just a tainted bird --"
  • Travis Beautiful Bird
    "I once found a beautiful bird Upon my ground all battered and hurt And I mended its wing And I taught it how to sing As time passed on There came a song That I had never heard Now it was a haunting melody And"
  • Jerry Reed The Bird
    "THE BIRD Writers Hal Coleman, Barry Etrics Well my throat was dry and I was getting' late And I was at this bat on the interstate When this guy with a bird on his shoulder walked in the door And he proceeded"

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