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  • UP - Cardi B
    "Once upon a time man I heard that i was ugly Came from a bitch who nigga wanna fuck on me Said my face bob mass thight Racks stacks up shaq height Jewelry on me flash light I been lit since last night Hit"
  • ESSKEETIT - Lil Pump
    "all the way signed esketit hopin out the raif esketit smexin on yo bitch esketit running on the checks with no limit poppin on x poppin on x poppin on x pills got a new car go a new bitch and I got"
  • This is for my niggas - 2Pac
    "& Strom[2Pac] Holla my name nigga you plottin' and scream, must be a thug with a heart to be apart of my team... it seems you got a problem, we ain't lettin' no women and no feminene inside, just spend"
  • Celebrate - Outlawz
    "(feat. TQ) stearing to this tunnel of life it ain't a far sight in the dark searching for god's light so cold I got frost bite lost kite from the prison this system got these young niggaz lost like mice"
  • Get ya weight up (remix) - Lil' Jon
    "Call me Rubber Band Man, get as high as I can Tote a hundred grand in my case Anotha five in my pants In dat new LI sedan, bout da size of a van 155 on 85, I be flyin my man And ain't no catchin T.I.P."
  • Name Hold Weight - Future
    "You get treated like royalty When you freeband loyalty We got A 1 bitches on the team It's ain't hard to see my name hold weight My name hold weight And they gone treat you like a God when you part of"
  • How It Feels - Lil Baby
    "What's happenin Chi Chi Section eight stay cooking in this muthafucker I just put a Mansory kit on top of a Lamb truck I know how it feel to stay down run you some bands up 100 grand on me, it's hard"
  • Bodyparts - Three 6 Mafia
    "(K RoC ) Hoe, I gotta my Prophet Posse right behind me Throw a chump and run a man through da crowd He gonna give me sumthin Brap Rap my niggas And step em when K- Rocin Dont f**k with dis, see"

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