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  • David DeeJay feat. Dony So Bizzare
    "2x I gotta feel you... your love's so bizzare.. i gotta taste you... you take me so far... i've gotta feel you..your love's so bizzare.. your love is so bizzare... 2x Girl make u feel your body... you"
  • Sabbat The Church Bizzare
    "The stage is set my friends for the play that never ends - this comedy we call the Church Bizzare, once you enetr you are bound to find salvation by the pound, assured the more you pay the nearer God you"
  • Ben Folds Five Bizzare christmas incident
    "OK Grandpa, let's tell them a little story about what happened this Christmas) Christmas eve I didn't get much sleep I kept hearing things Heavy breathing from the chimney Who could it be? In the morn"
  • Depeche Mode Photographic (Some Bizzare Version)
    "A white house, a white room The program of today Lights on, switch on Your eyes are far away The map represents you And the tape is your voice Follow all along you Till you recognize the choice I take"
  • Badly Drawn Boy Above You, Below Me
    "Badly Drawn Boy About a Boy Above You, Below Me Don't wanna give Don't wanna steer Don't wanna be anything im not You take answers I give questions Like some rolling monologue Wanna be the one to say That"
  • About A Boy Soundtrack Above You, Below Me
    "About A Boy Soundtrack Miscellaneous Above You, Below Me Song: Badly Drawn Boy Don't wanna give Don't wanna steer Don't wanna be anything I'm not You take answers I give questions Like some rolling monologue Wanna"
  • Sinner God Raises The Dead
    "It is the moment of creation A different level of incarnation The second pumping in my breast At the end of our darkest quest No matter how paranoid you are You're moving through the soeme It's so bizzare God,"
  • Gorefest You could make me kill
    "Do you think is bizzare that the giant's been slain?That you die by fire, if by fire you reignIt's a wake up call by a blow in the headIt's a man still walking knowing he's deadPut your hands up to the"
  • Y-Assper Dreamtacher
    "Ref.) I'm Dreamtacher I catch you .. x3 I walk with you ( with you ) 1) This Is In Your Head Your Dream Sex Hour And what ... I will be nice for you I love you We will be best friend Why ... Ref.) Im Dreamtacher"
  • Eminem Rabbit In Parking Lot Outside The Chin Tiki (8 Mil
    "Your style is generic Mine's authentic made I roll like a renegade You need clinic aid My techniques bizzare an ill I scar and kill You were a star until i served you like a bar and grill Now I proceed"
  • Natasha Bedingfield Drop Me In The Middle
    "(feat. Bizzare from D12) Woah woah, woah woah, woah woah, woah woah Bizare from D12, my girl Natasha, from the low-end, hahaha I think I found the recipe of creativity Put all you've got, then"
  • Opus Bye bye
  • Third Moon Atlantis
    "I drown in bloody hands as I bury the withers of human kind Cold but fluid the spiral stygian tears The birds once wept in waters still blind Sombre the spectrum glows in the snow Nothing but dust bleeds"
  • Reni Jusis Ginger girl
    "Red like a summer sun Unlike anybody Her skin like porcelain Freckles on her body She's turning every head In a twist reaction Daytime turns to night Ultra pale complexion This girl is all the world was"
  • Tub Ring Bustin' A Nutt (2001 Redux)
    "When it's late it always seems to get the best of me Palms start sweating my hands start shaking my libido running free I've been taught since I was a young lad I should repress the urge But if I don't"
  • Even Song Whispers From The Arcane World
    "Now as the Night takes form upon the face of sun and new shadows appear upon the lone, phantasmagoric sky a world, hidden and arcane, arise from cryptical depths, hinderless and stark One with night's"
  • Duran Duran Success
    "Here comes success Over my hill Here comes success Here comes my car Here comes my Chinese rug Here comes success Yeow! In the last ditch I'll think of you In the last ditch I will be true Sweetheart,"
  • Killer Mike Creep Show
    "(Chorus) Welcome to the creep show, street show, freak show, peep show anything goes strippers and live shows It's the creep show, street show, freak show, peep show exctasy, hydro, and good blow It's"
  • Eminem Steve Berman (Not In Marshal Mathers Lp)
    "(the way i am playing in background) Eminem: Hey steve...Vanessa said you wanted to see me? What's up? Steve: Marshal? I can call you Marshal right? Eminem: Uh...sure... Steve: Good...sit the fuck down"
  • Eminem D12 Project
    "(Chorus) And even if i found you under my bed,id just scream to death 'cause im sensitive id just knock you out dead (BANG) DEEEEEEEAAAAAAAADDDDDDDD 'cause two MCs just shot me three times (3 shots) (2x) (Eminem) I"

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