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  • Die frisur von Bjorn Borg - Sportfreunde Stiller
    "Schon in der Schule war ich einer der Guten Ich war flink und agil und lie die anderen bluten Ich war schlau und gerissen Hilfsbereit und verbissen Perfekt die Statur und rein mein Gewissen: Ich hab die"
  • Glove Sex Guy - Bjorn Rosenstrom
    "Han r en Pajala-pojk som alltid velat bli jojk, men rkade hitta sin grej i andra pojkars pastej. Och som grundare av Norrlands allra hrdaste klubb, sa han att hr har ni bara att slnga av er rubb och stubb. Men"
  • Objects Of My Affection - Peter Bjorn And John
    "I remember when, when I first moved here A long time ago 'Cause I heard some song I used to hear back then A long time ago I remember when, even further back In another town 'Cause I saw something written"
  • Young Folks - Peter Bjorn And John
    "If I told you things I did before Told you how I used to be Would you go along with someone like me If you knew my story word for word Had all of my history Would you go along with someone like me I did"
  • Amsterdam - Peter Bjorn And John
    "Baby went to Amsterdam She put a little money into travelling Now it's so slow, so slow Baby went to Amsterdam, 4-5 days by the big canal Now it's so slow, so slow And I was heading up north, to a place"
  • Start To Melt - Peter Bjorn And John
    "I start to melt With your arms, round my waist And your mouth, starts to spell And the words, telling me to fade I start to fade With her arms, round my waist And he mouth, starts to spell And the words,"
  • Up Against The Wall - Peter Bjorn And John
    "I guess I should have caught your call But I just had to waste the phone forget it all Bones are trembling, hands are cold You don't know how it feels you've got me up against the wall Maybe we could"
  • Let's Call It Off - Peter Bjorn And John
    "When you decided to knock on my door. Did your remember what happened before? It just didn't sparkle it just didn't grow. Somethings are better to leave unexplored. Did you agree, we should let it be, And"
  • The Chills - Peter Bjorn And John
    "Your tongue is sharp but I miss the taste of it You said time heals there's not enough of it The lessons are too cruel to keep to lock the door to hide the key To hear you cast a spell so sweet to still"
  • Roll The Credits - Peter Bjorn And John
    "Let's take the easy way out, Let's move away for good, Let's pull the curtains down and leave. It's between me and her now, Can't separate at all, Let's put the cards back in the sleeve. She's stepping"
  • Poor Cow - Peter Bjorn And John
    "When all is gone, and things go wrong, We don't need them anymore. The artifacts and all they lack, We don't need them anymore. I don't have the means, and so it seems For now I can't participate. But"
  • Lay It Down - Peter Bjorn And John
    "Hey, shut the fuck up boy You are starting to piss me off Take your hands off that girl You have already had enough Hey, shut the fuck up boy You are starting to piss me off Take your hands off that girl You"
  • Nothing To Worry About - Peter Bjorn And John
    "Do this thing, this type of thing Put a little money in this type of thing I got nothing to worry about I got nothing to worry about Do this thing, this type of thing Put a little money in this type of"
  • Big Black Coffin - Peter Bjorn And John
    "it's coming back to things you've said to me i'm hiding away from reality denying myself for the better parts and you slip back and say "don't take it hard" and then i find it hard to sleep at all wishing"
  • Paris 2004 - Peter Bjorn And John
    "Sunday morning, On the bed two half-eaten croissants. Sunday morning, We'll soon be out on the boulevards. Monday morning, We have to fly back home again. While I'm sleeping, You paint a ring on my finger"
  • What You Talking About? - Peter Bjorn And John
    "You used to be my hero Now you're just another butt Now I rate my self-esteem I can't understand what you talking about All the anger left my body I drop off in the aftermath Five years since you run"
  • The Alley Cat Song - Bobby Rydell
    "The Alley Cat Song Artist: Bobby Rydell -from his "Top Hits Of 1963" LP Words by Jack Harlen and Music by Frank Bjorn Despite the title of the LP, the instrumental version by Bent Fabric charted at #"
  • Over The Rainbow - Erasure
    ""Am naechsten Ton ist es zweiundzwanzig Uhr fuenfzig Minuten und dreissig Sekunden" Somewhere over the rainbow There is a light that shines Like saying prayers on a Sunday Makes me feel so divine I never"
  • End Titles - Various
    "Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, and Bjorn Ulvaeus CIVIL SERVANTS: Oh my dear how boring He's defecting Just like all the others He's expecting Us to be impressed with what he's done here But he "
  • Ezra Eats - The Arrogant Worms
    "I have a little baby boy and Ezra is his name No one knows him now but I know he will be famous And known throughout the world for all of his accomplishments But for now the main thing that he does real"

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