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black atack
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Panik Atack
    "I'm not going to panic Here in the shadows, a phantom of the night Attack without warning, a single strong light I'll brave the darkness and I'll stand right here No matter how you come at me I'll show"
  • Kreator After the atack
    "Fire's coming down, hot winds blow the smoke awayLow screams of the survivers the innocent have paidNobody knows what happened, light was all they've seenPeople walk through the destruction of the enemyMolten"
  • Lita Ford Black
    "(Ford/Ehmig) Black, is it dark enough? Is it hot or cold or stark enough? Black, is it dirty or sad? Is it old or cruel or broken or bad? Black, is it all you see When you close your eyes, you think"
  • Dio Black
    "Identify the real world Investigate the real world Intensify inspection There for all to see Here's what lies do All things turn to Black, black Yeah, no Now desensitize your heartbeat Regulate the heartbeat Sterilize"
  • Colony 5 Black
    "Black eyes, black lips, black nails. We're dancing a slow dance. Kiss of ash, my tongue fails, at the sharp blade of romance Tongue of ash catches drop from sharp and bloody steel. We've danced too long"
  • Juice Black
    "*Black* numerous times at start and behind the beat To tell the truth man. Shit, we all grew up in the ghetto Young black males, huh. Those black girls, hide and go get it It was real in the hood. Niggaz"
  • Jesus And Mary Chain Black
    "sung by William And my mood is black And my eyes are black And my life is black And my love is black Turn the good thing back Kiss the good thing back Make the good thing back Be the good thing back Nothing"
  • The Jesus And Mary Chain Black
    "And my mood is black And my eyes are black And my life is black And my love is black Turn the good thing back Kiss the good thing back Make the good thing back Be the good thing back Nothing here belongs Nothing"
  • Jag Panzer Black
    "Born out of flames descending upon the earth The master of games for what they are worth One with the darkness, one with my soul Black is all power, black is control It is my control Black is the"
  • Ours Black
    "So many lives I've confessed So many lives made a mess Pushed it all into something Pushed it all You turned and everything went black You turned and everything went black Wouldn't have tried to compete Wouldn't"
  • Collide Black
    "Black is the entrance the essence to which i confide my mystery into the escape within evil is the villain with a gun that kills just for fun i feel it all come down in pieces hold me tight its cold"
  • Neurosis Black
    "sometimes i feel so far away other times i think i need a change today unwanted feelings of despair from inside and all i want is a place to hide sometimes it makes me really angry other times it gets"
  • Therion Black
    "The gloaming are falling, The fade into black The new age of darkness, The seeds in our minds The tribe of the force Now gather their hordes The Dragons child Is taking his form So let it be So let it"
  • The Birthday Massacre Black
    "I think my friend said, "I hear footsteps." I wore my black and white dress to the Birthday massacre, birthday massacre, birthday I wore my black and white dress I think my friend said, "Stick it in the"
  • Schiller Black
    "It pleases me; it's not too strange beneath the undergrowth I hear a sound from another side I look around for another try the long way 'round from the other side down to the ground just another try I"
  • Tokio Hotel Black
    "The world has broken down Every stones been turned around We feel no fear at all Not at all We dont know whats to come Our beginning had already begun And now we have to run Come on The last look back"
  • Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Black
    "Black, you are my enemy And I cannot get close to thee Our life is ruled by enmity And I can't weaken that The only way that I can see Is to hold you close to me To love you for it's meant to be I weaken"
  • Archive Black
    "Please don't stop me But go and leave me You can't keep me inside Please don't stop me From being so strange You can't help me With your lies Watch me self-destruct Please don't stop me Let me loose in"
  • Lacrimas Profundere Black
    "Flee Away Dead Ingrowing taste of gloom Inkling ban Consider God denied Worst case Flipped away Many times before But now it's over It was a lie Sader than yours For all tears deny But I can't be strong Black"
  • Staind Black
    "Sheets of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clay Her lace spread out before me, as her body once did All five horizons revolved around her soul As the earth to the sun Now the air I tasted and breath has"

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