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black ead peace

  • My Peace - Woody Guthrie
    "My peace my peace is all I've got that I can give to you My peace is all I ever had that's all I ever knew I give my peace to green and black and red and white and blue My peace my peace is all I've got"
  • Peace Tonight - Indigo Girls
    "Honey pick the red corner shoes The ones that hardly ever get used I knelt in front of my whole collection I'm picking you a special selection On a no news is good news middle of mid-year day I feel no"
  • Peace Pipe - South Park
    "Whas really goin on? My people we onna rise If we jus open our eyes Killin each otha for a color Right now as i speak Can u see wha makes us weak? Understand tha cowardz act fools But tha bravest of"
  • Peace Pipe - South Park Mexican
    "(feat. Lil' Russ) What's really going on? My people we gonna rise If we just open our eyes Can you see who makes us weak? Killing each other for a color Right now as I speak Understand the cowards act"
  • War & Peace - Nappy Roots
    "Welcome War/Peace, c'mon Nappy Love/Lust, now say it, Roots I got a telegram from a pelican Said in the clouds last night she got higher then she's ever been Seen shuttles and huddles, hard rocks"
  • Yo, Peace Man! - Sonny Black & Frank White
    "Sonny-Black: Ich mach Rap wieder hart bleib ruhig weiter Untergrund! Mach den Mund zu! Ich bin cool du bist nicht wie ich! Es geht nicht um dich Sonny wer ist black beim Jetlake! Komm zu mir nach Tempelhof"
  • Peace To The Niggas - Black Sheep
    "Now, if you got it going on make some noise Peace to all the real grimy ghetto girls and boys In my neighbourhood , whether black or hispanic Yo, this is some positive shit but please don't panic You can"
  • Rest In Peace - Dorothy
    "Blood on my hands what’s done is done Left you by the road with the crows in the dust Heart so hollow deep as a cave One day I’ll be dancing on your grave Takin it back the life you stole Every little"
  • Peace Of Mind - Gotthard
    "Carry all the weight upon your shoulders It's another day in your frantic life You're just another voice in the crowd You don't know who you are Sometimes you don't understand Nothing's ever what it seems They"
  • No Peace Sign - Twista
    "relaxin maxin to the maximum to tracks a hum the wicks where the stacks are from inside the styles of a funky lyrical wiz what a miracle is get down to spiritual business now my tounge kissed put words"
  • No Peace Sign - Tung Twista
    "(Tung Twista) relaxin maxin to the maximum to tracks a hum the wicks where the stacks are from inside the styles of a funky lyrical wiz what a miracle is get down to spiritual business now my tounge kissed put"
  • Peace Will Come - Hank Williams
    "(e) I'm praying for the day, when the (a) whole wide world can say, That this (e) cruel war it is (b7) o'er, And the (e) boys who are gone, start their (a) long journey home, Oh I'm (e) praying for the"
  • Peace And Quiet - The Rifles
    "I don't see how another days gonna make us change our minds So why don't we go separate ways ad save us a bit of time We can't go on trying living behind this worn out and thin disguise I don't want"
  • Rust in peace - Megadeth
    "Tremble you weaklings,cower in fearI am your ruler,land,sea and airImmense in my girth,erect I stand tallI am a nuclear murderer I am polarisReady to pounce at the touch of a buttonMy system locked in"
  • 911 For Peace - Anti-Flag
    "It's in the paper every day I see it in the headlines and I feel so sick, yeah As another life leaves this world (this world) so full of hate But short Short on compassion Short on humanity Asking"
  • Yo, peace man - Bushido
    "Ich mach Rap wieder hart, bleib ruhig weiter Untergrund, mach den Mund zu, ich bin cool, du bist nicht so wie ich, es geht nicht um dich, Sonny West Black beim Jetlack, komm zu mir nach Tempelhof, ich"
  • Make Your Peace - Scarface
    "Is this how you made it, or is this sickness out of control Is the beginning of the end right now? Let me know Do the saved souls travel the road of the souls lost? How come the dead can't talk? Through"
  • Speak Ya Peace - Lord Finesse
    "(feat. A.G., Diamond D, Marquee) (Speak the peace Then slide like grease) (Rock to the beat, get wreck on the regular) (That's right) I'm real like the Son Of Sam while other are soft like"
  • Black Market - Black Market Militia
    "(Intro: Killah Priest) Yeah, knawhatimean, Killah Priest I changed my name, man, it's Leo Angel now Knawhatimean? Yo, this is Black Market Knawhatimean? Trag', Will Cooper, yankee, knowhatimean, uh (Killah"
  • Black is black - Rick Springfield
    "Black Is Black, I want my baby back And gray is gray since she went away Oh oh, what can I do, cause I, I'm feeling blue If I had my way, she'd be here today But she'd go in time and leave me to cry again"

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