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black sky kartky

  • BLACK SKY - Kartky
    "Powiedz mi kim jesteś czy mnie jeszcze znasz kiedy pijany deszczem idę z tobą przez ciemny jak niebo las kim jesteś czy mnie jeszcze znasz kiedy pijany deszczem idę z tobą przez ciemny jak niebo las nie"
  • Black Sky - All
    "Black sky, black sky What's wrong with me? Black sky, black sky What's wrong with me? Nothin' means nothin' to no one I know unless it's a lie A lie is the only thing I see When I look in their eyes I"
  • Black Sky - Dave Alvin
    "Dave Alvin (Blue Horn Toad Music, BMI) Baby black sky Black sky is all I see Yeah baby black sky Black sky is all I see Please stand beside me baby Shine your light for me. Well I been all around the"
  • Black Sky - Legenda
    "The shades of evening were falling fast My body shivering in the cold A light wind casts her odour in my wake Her eyes reminding me of my eternal agony Her lifeless pale face in the stare of my eyes Her"
  • Black Sky - Shakespear's Sister
    "Come on, tune in to the life Black sky blue world green eyes And you'll come running To the dark side of the moon And 'though you'll never find us We'll still be watching you Come on, tune in to the"
  • Black Sky - Sam Phillips
    "the trees are listening each time a missile's made they hide three mystics the earth sends from her grave to tell us the future has been stolen away by diggers, drillers and sellers but we won't stop 'till"
  • Black Sky - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
    "(HARP & GUITAR INTRO) well I sure take it with me wherever I go and you might like to see it but it never does show like a wind in the valley that never does blow like the grass in the back that you"
  • Black Sky - Hepcat
    "Black sky before dawn The moon shines down below the earth A new day has begun Another frightful and dreaded rebirth Yesterday was such a pressure Last night was waste of time This morning's not much"
  • Black the sky - King's X
    "Ok so it can't be right I cry and try and think and fight Ok so I need some help but they can't fix the way I feel. Just one day just one second Maybe just a minute feel no pain. Oh I walk the line Black"
  • Beneath A Black Sky - Six Feet Under
    "Look to the sky It's turning black No sun shining light Day turns into night No moon above Lost in the shadows Eclipsing the sun Only darkness above Beneath a black sky All life will end Infinite winter Eternal"
  • Sky Blue And Black - Jackson Browne
    "In the calling out to one another Of the lovers up and down the strand In the sound of the waves and the cries Of the seagulls circling the sand In the fragments of the songs Carried down the wind from"
  • all black (prod. Leśny) - Kartky
    "Kartky, Kacper All black All black All black Ej, Ej Oni się wszyscy trzymają za ręce Szczęśliwi tak, ze wszystko inne to nic Wesoło śpiewają se smutną piosenkę Nie rozumiejąc ani słowa jak ty Proszę nei"
  • Black Eye Purple Sky - Therapy?
    "Scrape the stars from your eyes, lift yourself up, let's go home It's a long drawn night that we leave behind Keep on walking, breathe deeply as you go It's a well scarred part of the road But at least"
  • Black eye, purple sky - Therapy
    "Scrape the stars from your eyes, lift yourself up, let's go home It's a long drawn night that we leave behind, keep on walking Breathe deeply as you go, it's a well scarred part of the road But at least"
  • Black Ships Ate the Sky - Current 93
    "I had already seen Black Ships ate the sky I was sweet sixteen The fences folded And the trees surrounded Black Ships in the sky Devouring the clouds And the thought came to me Just sweet sixteen and full"
  • Black Ships in the Sky - Current 93
    "Sudden the colours And I see peace Not as a sword But as a candle My legs were like frogs Bubble green blisters I was a dog or a calf Licking the Eucharist With my bride back lake Tigrous fibre blooming Shining"
  • When The Sky Turns Black - Graveworm
    "Eyes of pain - eyes of death Death has come - life is gone Humanity in the sphere of death The world falls down... When the sky turns black When the sky turns black - black Desperate cry infinity of life The"
  • black soul - Kartky
    "rewolucja romantyczna pod oknami tańczy zabieram im ten kryształ bo nie lubię tańszych pierd* instytucja znowu wspiera country ja lubi Yelawolf mój kolega F... ze swoim białym wilkiem napierdala szanty ja"
  • Black - Lita Ford
    "(Ford/Ehmig) Black, is it dark enough? Is it hot or cold or stark enough? Black, is it dirty or sad? Is it old or cruel or broken or bad? Black, is it all you see When you close your eyes, you think"
  • Black - Aaron Lewis
    "Hey oooh Shades of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clay. Were laid spread out before me, as her body once did All five horizons revolved around her soul As the earth to the sun Now the air I tasted and"

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