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black violin no fear

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black violin no fear

  • Fear - Richie Kotzen
    "I shut the door and promising The shallow word that suffocates the air There's always hope but then your never there What can I do to forget that I'm breaking And I fear that I've finally reached the"
  • Old Violin - Johnny Paycheck
    "Well, I can't recall, one time in my life, I've felt as lonely as I do tonight. I feel like I could lay down, and get up no more, It's the damndest feelin'; I never felt it before. Tonight I feel like"
  • Fear No Evil - Trouble
    "In the midst of the darkness A man dressed in Black He is the one cast down from heaven and is alive in him (Chorus) Beware the son of Satan born of a jackal from the land of the demons I believe it's"
  • Black Mask Of Fear - Vision Divine
    "Can you give me some answers I need you to help me out Yes I need you to tell me What there is behind. Hear me sorrow, (I) feel so hollow Clean my doubts, please I pray you loud Don't you hear me ? Won't"
  • Fear - Primal Fear
    "Centuries Of Blood And War The World Is On Its Knees Empty Heart, Fanatic Brain Incurable Disease Unfounded And Senseless Hate Is Poisoning Your Nation You Live In Sin, You're Spilling Blood Your Soiling"
  • Fear Of A Black Planet - Public Enemy
    "Man you ain't gotta Worry 'bout a thing 'Bout your daughter Nah she ain't my type (But supposin' she said she loved me) Are you afraid of the mix of Black and White We're livin' in a land where The law"
  • The Stringless Violin - Adagio
    "Now the time has come to face, my untold fears Every waking hour, drained me through the years So that I'm not one with myself my strength, my gift Is destined to be forgotten I have seen the world"
  • The stringless violin - J-Five
    "Now the time has come to face, my untold fearsEvery waking hour, drained me through the yearsSo that I'm not one with myself my strength, my giftIs destined to be forgottenI have seen the world begin,In"
  • Shelter (Violin Mix) - Sarah McLachlan
    "Crowded into the smallest spaces While outside all of nature cries It's known to be cruel and unfair but there is no place to hide I've seen a part of people that I ever really wanna share Oh I've seen"
  • Fear Not - Galactic Cowboys
    "Time to leave the craft, with all my strength I open up the hatch Parts unknown between the twilight and the danger zone Fear Not - No fear Feelin' no pain - Fearless Will be my name - Gonna walk And"
  • No Fear - The Rasmus
    "Girl You lived your life like a sleeping swan Your time has come To go deeper Girl The final journey has just begun Your destiny Chose the reaper No fear Destination darkness No fear Destination"
  • No Fear - Rasmus
    "Girl, You lived your life like a sleeping swan Your time has come To go deeper Girl, Your final journey has just begun Your destiny chose the reaper No Fear Destination Darkness No Fear Destination Darkness No"
  • No Fear - Claude Kelly
    "No fear no fear no fear, no I'm standin right here No fear no fear no fear no fear Everybody got opinions made about you But they ain't even have a clue About what you've been through Telling you about"
  • No Fear - Rage
    "On a cemetary after midnight See the dancing spirits in the moonlight Open your mind, let the world in You can see it's beauty, there is no sin Madness - in your brain the quest won't end Helpless - what"
  • No Fear - Swan Princess
    "Odette: Were off on a mission Were tough; in good condition Puffin: We're short Odette: But standing tall All No fear! Odette: There's danger around us Jean-Bob: They'd hurt us if they found us Speed:"
  • No Fear - Abra Moore
    "Come on in now, come in out of the crowd. Too many faces, too many loud sounds. Stay awhile, won't you stay here in front of me. Take your chances on what could be. And when it's cold out, feel no fear Here's"
  • No Fear - Agnostic Front
    "You've tried my patience to many times You've got to much to say Old soldiers never die They just fade away Intimidation and all those games You play so well They don't phase me I stand my ground I'll"
  • No Fear - Assassin
    "Party like a devil in delirium Run like a maniac to strike Stripping off and wander Fast like a thunder It's time to celebrate the feast of crime No explanation Fear of nothing Good feeling to my friends The"
  • No Fear - Terri Clark
    "I want a road stretching out before me I want a radio in my ear I want a full tank of absolution No Fear I want a rainstorm to pull me over Then a sky that begins to clear Towards the truest of destinations No"
  • No Fear - Fishbone
    "There's a storm coming But there will be no rain Bringing clouds of anger From a thousand years of pain For some of us there is no shelter From the change in the weather It will find you wherever you run So"

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