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blackpool lights crash saunds

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blackpool lights crash saunds

  • Blackpool - Macc Lads
    "One day after closing I was lying on me nest,When Stez shouts "get yer bags on, come on outside."So I grabbed me stripy tank-top, I 'ad beer stains on me vest,An' I said "best get some cans in, it's a"
  • Crash Sounds - Blackpool Lights
    "Days turn to weeks turn to years All that you're left with is fear You're a shell of a man And you can't understand Why there wouldn't be anyone here Now all your thoughts turn to doubt You forgot"
  • Crash - Burak Yeter
    "there’s a fever I can’t leave you standing there honest, I swear, how could I walk you anywhere? come home with me till your feeling sober you choice completely you take the bed and I’ll take the sofa crash"
  • Crash - Public Enemy
    "People runnin on empty Rock the sympte Outside 2001 Other side of the sun Running, here we go tumblin Few solutions, honey they polluted the future Got me thinking of a new thing Revolverlution Computer"
  • Crash - Lunic
    "how about that siren you hear screaching in your ear you gonna pretend you can't hear it? or the flashing lights that keep you up all night you gonna say you don't fear it? you're gonna crash and burn"
  • Crash Landing - Offset
    "It seems our Time has all run out Were falling from tonight's sky Trying to block this whole world out,eyelids closing I've always dreamed of dying in my sleep Eternities of counting sheep But I... I"
  • Car crash - Matt Nathanson
    "I'm wide awake and so alive, ringing like a bell Tell me this is paradise and not some place I fell, 'Cause I keep on falling I want to feel the car crash I want to feel the capsize I want to feel the"
  • Crash & Burn - Blanks 77
    "uptown downtown been around all around nothing left to say take a ride suicide here i come step aside get out of my way Its okay i feel alright citys gonna crash and burn tonight its okay I feel alright crash"
  • Crash Landing - Rustic Overtones
    "An airplane crashed outside my house. The dogs barked loud. Turn the lights out. Don't let them see us move around. Next to the sound of dogs like the guns and songs The blaze x-rayed onto my bedroom wall. There's"
  • Car Crash - Courtney Love
    "There's a ghost on the highway, And I want to run it down, There's a phantom in my bed, And I'm all alone now. I've seen every hotel, I've seen every hell, There's nothing I haven't done, There's no one"
  • Car Crash - Tricky
    "Tricky & Costanza: You leave me hungry Wanting more Am I thirsty I wasn't sure See me driving Through the rain Why am I driving I can't explain In my car to where you are I won't make it I can't make it In"
  • Oh Blackpool - Beautiful South, The
    "Beautiful South, The Welcome To The Beautiful South Oh Blackpool (heaton/rotheray) I wasn't sure if it was marx or hitler that was in this year I hadn't been to brighton for a while so it wasn't too clear So"
  • Oh Blackpool - The Beautiful South
    "(Heaton/Rotheray) I wasn't sure if it was Marx or Hitler that was in this year I hadn't been to Brighton for a while so it wasn't too clear So imagine my surprise when I opened my eyes To find it was"
  • Oh Blackpool - Beautiful South
    "Beautiful South Welcome To The Beautiful South Oh Blackpool I wasn't sure if it was Marx or Hitler that was in this year I hadn't been to Brighton for a while so it wasn't too clear So imagine my surprise"
  • Crash Test Fetus - Cliteater
    "Father, with cruel intentions Doesn't want the newborn To come into this world So he takes precautions That can not bear the light of day Crash test foetus Stomp and kick it around Crash test foetus Hits"
  • The Truth About Love - Blackpool Lights
    "The truth about love it's great when you're in it Rolls out of bed picks her clothes off the floor Yesterday headache from the night before To late for makeup she turns out the lights And kisses herself"
  • Red Lights - Ryan Adams
    "He destroys his pretty face Emptier than outer space Trees grow arms and eyes Outside my window witches sharpen knives For the car crash comes Red lights Red lights I foresee a sudden change They will"
  • Red Lights - Aruna
    "Amber got lost Forgot what she came here for She fell out of line Now she's not herself anymore Amber let go She gave up on everything she had And traded her wings for things To keep her from feeling desperate"
  • City Lights - Jojo
    "Hmm Yeaa (Ooh Ooh) City Lights It's on tonight Yea Yea (ooh ooh ooh ohh yea) Out on the street, I'm looking for a celebration Come roll with me, together we can crash the party and Get on the floor, DJ"
  • Crash - James
    "A diva, a leaver, a lawyer, imagine, imagine A fever, a vision, derision, imagine, imagine Someone got hurt Someone got high Someone got left behind the lies Someone got hurt someone got high Some of them"

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