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blank space taylort sfiw

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blank space taylort sfiw
  • Roxette Piece Of Cake
    "i am busy doing nothing i am on my own there’s hot water i can’t found my comb my jeans is smelling funny my receords – they are tomb the zombie on the tv they won’t leave me alone but the air of the"
  • Eddie Vedder Matter of Time
    "As we arise with the sun in our eyes Catch a break from the dark Still times when nothings alright as we bandage u pall our parts Well i am a builder of Bridges And i could fly us up to the moon When"
  • Yung Lean Shine
    "If I die Shine, all I do is outshine I can't go outside I do this for my life Fluorescent lights I need a bitch by my side All my brothers gon' rise All I do is outshine Blood, blood on the moonlight Let"
    "mamo zobacz, ja wędruję pośród planet teraz te dni już nie będą takie same biorę swój chip przykładam, i pik pik skaner nuta w kosmosie, na wczytuję trapu dane mamo zobacz, ja wędruję pośród planet teraz"

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