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  • Sabbat - Subway To Sally
    "Die Nacht ist heut gewitterschwer Der Berg ist voll von Lrm und Licht Und im heien Fackelmeer Hat nichts mehr menschliches Gesicht Trommeln schlagen, Funken fliegen Alles kreischt aus vollen Lungen Und"
  • Sabbat - Noir Fleurir
    "You fallin' down in fine the sky I search with fine the gay senketsu wo motome akumu ni dakareru "Sopia" haitoku no inori unmei no toki wo sasagu...... You fallin' down in fine the sky I search with fine"
  • For Those Who Have Died (Return To The Sabbat) - Cradle of Filth
    ""You stand before this court, accused of heresy and witch craft. How do you plead?" "Not guilty!" "Guilty!" Our tongues they could not silence with their malicious lies Their unforgotten violence, remember"
  • For Those Who Died (Return To The Sabbat Mix) - Cradle of Filth
    "You stand before this court, accused of heresy and witch craft. How do you plead? "Good duo!" "Guilty!" Our tongues they could not silence with their malicious lies Their unforgotten violence, remember"
  • Advent Of Insanity - Sabbat
    "A sea breeze echoes softly it's song echoes through your mind, leaves you thinking of tomorrow and the life you left behind. Come turn your head to face the wind that fills enchanted sails, and drives"
  • Hosanna In Excelsis - Sabbat
    "Soldiers of fortune, kings of Hades, in our quest for power unite, black messiahs, devastation angels, gird our loins - prepare to fight: With weapons drawn in anger, at last we stand our ground, crusaders"
  • I For An Eye - Sabbat
    "INTRODUCTION This tale I tell that all may see, behind God's truth lurks treachery. VOICE OF GOD 'Mine is the right to glory and light, and you shall have heartache and pain, yours must be Hell - for in"
  • Paint The World Black - Sabbat
    "Dazed on the edge of his world He looks on staring at his past life unfolding Sail away on the waves of despair Drowned within the tears that once cared His kingdom has fallen down As his thoughts take"
  • Behind The Crooked Cross - Sabbat
    "One man - one vision, racial purity, madman or magician?A mystery to me, he who scorns the teachings of Blavatsky count the cost, there's more than superstition hides behind the crooked cross. Our destiny"
  • Dreamscape - Sabbat
    "Broken thoughts which I have seen Stemming from my childhood dreams Haunted by surreal fears Culled from my yesteryears. With your last breath You'll endure death Never to awake From the dreamscape. In"
  • Horned Is The Hunter - Sabbat
    "Alone he sits - a vanquished Lord upon an oaken throne, presiding o'er this conflict that chills him to the bone, for each tarnished blade that festers is a thorn thrust in his side, and His pain alone"
  • How Have The Mighty Fallen? - Sabbat
    "Denizens of sylvan places hidden from the eyes of man, courtesans with sylph-like graces dancing to the pipes of Pan - that echoed through the ether notes that soured the wings of halcyon, songs to give"
  • Mythistory - Sabbat
    "I'm standing at the crossroads of my life - nothing to lose. Each path leads to oblivion, whichever one I choose. Rising from the ashes of my plight I traverse filaments of light, that permeate my ethereal"
  • A Cautionary Tale - Sabbat
    "Faustus begin thine incantations, take good care to draw thy circle true, by God must you prevail - for if you fail these demons make a meal of you. Your soul shall be their meat - a kingly feast for them"
  • Wildfire - Sabbat
    "INTRO: In thoughts from visions of the night, when deep sleep falleth out of sight. Many a strange thing will you dream - though it is never what it seems Awakened from my troubled sleep - where dreams"
  • For Those Who Died - Sabbat
    "Our tounges they could not silence, with their malicious lies, their unforgotten violence, remember those who died. And as my flesh is put to fire, I hear their voices still, their unjust accusations, demanding"
  • The Best Of Enemies (Wulf's Tale) - Sabbat
    "Oh instrument of God force - Fed on ignorance and lies, so blind and narrow-minded that you cannot compromise. Even the most foolish theif should know what he is taking - lest he find himself within a cage"
  • The Church Bizzare - Sabbat
    "The stage is set my friends for the play that never ends - this comedy we call the Church Bizzare, once you enetr you are bound to find salvation by the pound, assured the more you pay the nearer God you"
  • The Clerical Conspiracy - Sabbat
    "BRAND: "I have wealth beyond measure- My treasures are words forged by time in a tale of such beauty they cry to be heard. Still a young fool was I as my story begins, yet like all fools considered myself"
  • The Demise Of History - Sabbat
    "Can you see tomorrows end? The spawning of a new God begins The cities been lost to the war. Enemy existence is all abound Death laughs, his begotten playground The village of the damned is set forever. There's"

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