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blind leading

  • Blind Leading The Blind - Dance Hall Crashers
    "Goals turned toward consumption away from the way we think More concerned about what's in our pockets than the water that we drink Apathy increasing where skepticism once prevailed Ignorance covering"
  • Blind leading the blind - Sprung Monkey
    "There I was wondering My mind was always wondering About things that I didn't understand Why is God in command You ask why is that, I said I don't know Then how do you know if it's fact and not fiction"
  • Blind leading the blind - Raven
    "On the border between ignorance and fearCross the thin red lineThreaten everything that we hold dearAll for the good of the human raceEverybody`s got to be put in their placeWhy should we listenWhy should"
  • Blind Leading The Blind - Axenstar
    "(M and L: T. Eriksson) In empty words the truth is spoken Caught in a web of lies the silence is broken Believing all just take it for granted Deep down within your mind the seeds they have planted (BRIDGE) You"
  • Lies Leading The Blind - Legend Maker
    "(Music and lyrics: Mauricio Ochoa; all vocal melodies and vocal arrangements: Diego Gomez) The pale tears of doves that fell from thy grace Brought a new sunrise into this wicked place Mankind awakes"
  • Bling Leading The Blind - Geto Boys
    "hey yo, check dis dope ass beat out willie back in da muthafuckin house and i got my niggas da menace clan on dis one to help me out and we representin our god damn selves cuz how da fuck you gona tell"
  • Blind - Riddlin Kids
    "You know I've seen it all before. I'd like to see her out the door. But who the hell am I to whine I've been a dick a million times. Never thought you'd run never thought you'd ever go away. I know"
  • Blind - Riddlin' Kids
    "You know I've seen it all before. I'd like to see her out the door. But who the hell am I to whine I've been a dick a million times. Never thought you'd run never thought you'd ever go away. I know"
  • Who's Leading You Now - Horrorpops
    "Doing everything blind Always need a guide Someone to make your excuse Needing someone To hold your hand It's always easier when you don't Need to take the blame Admitting to something you did,"
  • Leading Far From A Mistake - Daedalus
    "\"Progress is based on development, knowledge will show the right decisions to take. Cleansing is compulsory, the aim is simple to justify\". Serving the cause I believe in race, helping to grow a nation"
  • Blind Willie - Hans Theessink
    "Blind Willie, he was a blind man Blind Willie, he was a blind man Didn't have no eyesight, power in his hands Beatup Stella, big 12-string guitar Beatup Stella, big 12-string guitar Hot shot Willie, one-man"
  • Blind Sheep - Dusty Springfield
    "(N. Unobsky / D. Ironstone / T. Faragher - additional lyrics by Dusty Springfield) (Please Note : These lyrics are not complete. They are complete as far as we have been able to decipher them. If anyone"
  • The Leading - BrainStorm
    "betray your friends and regret your life for all the words you said you pull my string and cut the line around my head you fingertips will burn my soul and reflect my life, i'll raise my hands against"
  • Leading Men - Wolfsheim
    "Talking loud, she's talking clear But no one really wants to hear No one really wants to know And her loneliness still grows Was it shame or was it fear When his devil's face appeared? And the wall between"
  • Love you blind - Celine Dion
    "Love and harmony Soul inspiration and prophecy We make love and we make joy One girl and one boy We are everybody's eyes Take down your guise and recognize There's only one way You leave me no choice But"
  • Love Is Blind - T. Graham Brown
    "(Doug Crider) Everybody thinks that they know us They say that we're bound for a fall Everybody thinks they can show us Like some chart on a wall But they don't know the way that it's growing in"
  • Love You Blind - Sheryl Crow
    "Love and harmony, soul inspiration and prophecy We make love and we make joy, one girl and one more boy Say, we are, everybody's eyes, lay down your guns and recognize There's only one way, if you leave"
  • The Leading Bird - Marketa Irglova
    "The Leading Bird And grass grown Torn.. Rushing head .. And we’ve been through Try to get to you … Like golden sun It could be one Where the snow silk… …"
  • Leading Me On - Hyrise
    "I ain't so stupid to be some other jealous guy I would be crazy falling for another lie No use deceiving cos I know what you're thinking Baby what you need is someone to believe in And if I ever lose myself"
  • Leading Me On - Monrose
    "You're undercover, I know that you're good Like no other lover, so maybe I should Get into some trouble, now look what you've done You've just begun Like your friends in high places, you've comitted a"

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