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blind placebo

  • Placebo - Kidneythieves
    "no more wishing wells that never come around no more growing trees without a ground one, to take one, to fly one, to make use of all the treasure inside one, too late act surprised one, to play and say"
  • Placebo - Meat Beat Manifesto
    "Can you visualize the consequences that we patronise But it's alright, you're too far gone, just realize Taste the spice of life and you'll feel fine, together we can climb But it's alright, there's nothing"
  • placebo - Alan
    "Stoję na czerwonym świetle Ona by chciała więcej Płyniemy po Wisełce Ale przester Serducho wybija werble Rzucam gówno na pętlę Podaj mi tego więcej Podaj mi tego więcej, kiedy kręcę Poklejone moje ręce Oczy"
  • Placebo - Kidney Thieves
    "No more wishing wells that never come aroundno more growing trees without a groundone, to takeone, to flyone, to makeuse of all the treasure insideone, too lateact surprisedone, to playand say it was just"
  • Placebo - Scars Of Life
    "Fake a smile, I force a tear To show an illusion that I care. I would rather you just shut your mouth Then listen to the bullshit you spew out. I don't want this, or do I need this? Its getting way to"
  • PLACEBO - Mariusz Wawrzyńczyk
    "Każdy oddech, każdy dzień jest ważny tak Wyżyny władzy, uroda, sława – to tylko brak Stracona miłość, dotyk, wolność jest obca nam Dziś, życie twe to tylko cel Czas biegnie Słońce wstaje Z każdą chwilą"
  • Blind - Placebo
    "If I could tear you from the ceiling, And guarantee a source divine, Rid you off possessions fleeting, Remain your funny valentine. Don't go and leave me, And please don't drive me blind, Don't go and"
  • sajko placebo - alan x floral bugs
    "to co na bloku zostaje na betonie miałem pojechną psychę dzięki temu nie płacze po niej Jak te kurwy mają kochać jeśli wiecznie porobione są Moje sajko Moje placebo to co na bloku zostaje na betonie miałem"
  • Placebo Effect - Shandon
    "Soluzione rapida,alterazione chimica Perdo i miei timori,cerco soluzioni Sentimentalmente io farei Tutto quello che mi chiedi tu Ma probabilmente fallirei C' qualcosa in me che non funziona pi Non mi basti"
  • Placebo Effect - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "You dip your hands into my flesh And say you won't reveal a scar I must have faith in this procedure It's a miracle - It's a wonder A thousand hidden needles In a thousand covered nerves Stick pins in"
  • Placebo Syndrome - Parliament
    "Ahh rum pum pum do waa There's so much syndrome, baby (there's so much syndrome, baby) When all the smiles are out of town You're going round and round You find the Syndrome When your ups lift you down Your"
  • Placebo Headwound - The Flaming Lips
    "Where does outer space end it's sort of hard to imagine is it real? Is it nothin, nothin? Cause it's not so clear anymore to me..., Why do birds always fly south when sometimes its warm in yer headwound is"
  • Doorman's Placebo - At The Drive-In
    "chances are you've heard this but your headphones mute your equilibrium the mattress hit, the mistress fooled but nothing ever felt this good wake you up and shake you but your motor skills still speak"
  • Eyesight To The Blind - Placebo
    "You don't know me, and you never hold me like your little piece on the side. My mother told me, that you're never lonely when you're laughing all the time. Inside out and outside in you bring eyesight"
  • Placebo (feat. DZIARMA) - Adi Nowak
    "nie wiem czy przez pochodzenie czy przez ex cebulę ale twojej gadki jak nie kupowałem, tak nie kupię mówią – jesteś królem odpowiadam – prędzej żulem pan Sebastian pyta, czy chcę jakiś wpierd*? mówię –"
  • Blind - Talking Heads
    "Signs Signs are lost Signs disappeared Turn invisible Got no sign Somebody got busted Got a face of stone And a ghostwritten biography Dogs start to run in, Hungry for some food Dogs start a-twitching And"
  • Blind - SZA
    "Utwór 'Blind' z albumu 'S.O.S' od SZA (premiera 9 grudnia 2023r.)"
  • Blind - Jars Of Clay
    "Cynical, just your way You play the doubting Thomas Feel the scars and wipe the stains So you fight, and retreat And talk yourself out of believing in any peace that you can't see Blind words you call Blind"
  • Blind - Pleasurehouse
    "Who do you think that you are Why do you think you gotta go far You better stop dreaming Perhaps turn around and round Open your eyes try to realize Things are not what they seem to be You're so blind You're"
  • Blind - Mario Lopez
    "Nights of visions nights of power Once was a desert rivers now run. Deep inside I hope and pray I was alone and you were ?gone/guide/god? all this pain surrounded me hopelessness is all I see You belong"

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