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blue całe shine muzka

  • Shine - Scarlet
    "I've a smile on my face And I can't imagine never feeling this way Wonderful day Through it's poured with rain for weeks It can't put me down Heavenly blue And it's always gonna shine on me this"
  • Shine - Joshua Kadison
    "Hey, Sebastian, don't be blue It ain't up to you Sometimes this world just has a way of goin' astray And hey, Sebastian, look around It's a crazy lost and found We're all tryin' to find a place in this"
  • Shine - Keith Urban
    "Winter's weighing on your shoulders It's hanging around a little too long And I can see it in your eyes You've taken on a load that's just too strong Oh, but let me get down to the heart of the matter Baby,"
  • Shine - Edenbridge
    "The night is drawing on but all the strain not told on him And he won't fall into the sleep of the just To be a tumbler or a lonesome intruder He is as good as gold and searching for trust (be), to be"
  • Shine On - Angie Aparo
    "I was born at the end of time In the beginning Up on command post number nine They gave me the living With my love in place They sent me on Programmed to remain Of another mother robot's son With my love"
  • Shine On - Bonepony
    "Early in the morning, drinking coffee in the kitchen Dogs yapping at me from the back porch Yes, it's got my attention So I look out the window, see the sun rising up before the trees It's like a sentimental"
  • Love Shine - Dance Dance Revolution
    "Love love love love Lalala love shine yeahyeahyeah Yeah! "Sun Shine!!" Hare-watatta "Blue Sky" HIKARI ryoute ni A-TSU-KU mabushii koi no yokan "Love Beat!!" Kono kimochi mo "Heat Up!!" HIKARI abite Soshite"
  • Love Shine - Kosaka Riyu
    "Love love love love Lalala love shine yeahyeahyeah Yeah! "Sun Shine!!" Hare-watatta "Blue Sky" HIKARI ryoute ni A-TSU-KU mabushii koi no yokan "Love Beat!!" Kono kimochi mo "Heat Up!!" HIKARI abite Soshite"
  • Shine on - Nas
    "They wanna shine on 'em Shine on 'em Yeah They dug me out the soil in the Mines of the Motherland Now I'm misplaced, one hand to another hand Illegal smugglin', people strugglin' Wish they could just"
  • Shine on - Tarsha Vega
    "Up in a no where town Where there's no where to go but down Ariba en un pueblo Que no esta en nada Walkin' round in circles in the pouring rain Waitin' for ya luck to change The weather vane is spinning"
  • Cali Iz Active - Tha Dogg Pound
    "Let's bang, Cali Iz Active Let's bang Let's bang, Cali Iz Active (Kurupt) We got heaters, smoke, drank, bitches Fo's, deuces, trayz, switches Riders, money, houses, boats Notes, uncompromisable quotes We"
  • Blue - Howard Jones
    "Lay at my side and shut out the world Warm this cold heart and wrap me in love Pour magic into a space made for you Lifetimes of longing are to live through Blue blue blue blue blue blue All of my life"
  • So Cal Weather - Kingspade
    "Ain't nothin better then southern Cali weather From spring to the summer to the middle of December Never need a sweater cause it barely gets cold I know you heard it all before but let the story be told Ain't"
  • Cali Tex Connect - South Park
    "Come slip into my darkness stop list got rich putting on the hot hits with true convicts block this studio 3 month blackout rap out the bad route and those who had doubt bad shout to all my boys at the"
  • Blue - Buzz Poets
    "Downtown to get them right (??) Blue love so we collide Rain is fallin' from my eyes Blue skies we will despise CHORUS: (Steal Me) Steal me away from myself I can't stand livin' without you I am so blue Freefall"
  • Blue Skies - Blue October
    "Chorus: Blue skies Calling on blue skies Don't take them away, boys Don't take them away Cause I'll never stop I've been to both knees Raise my hands up to the skies, forgive me Is something out"
  • Deepest Blue - Deepest Blue
    "(Verse 1) The sun will always shine on you You turn my ocean deepest blue I'll never hide my thoughts from you You're my deepest blue (Verse 2) If mother nature ever chose a name I'm sure that she would"
  • Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You - Toby Keith
    "Day by day, we let love just walk away And I'll be the first to say, I was glad to see it go And day by day, ever since you went away I'm finding I'm still missing you, and I just got to know Does that"
  • Let It Shine - Caravan
    "Went down to the corner, sunshine in my hand I tried to sell the truth but I couldn't make it stand Ooh, come on, I cry, cause I'm feeling kinda low Let it shine, let it shine, let it grow And when you"
  • Sparkle And Shine - Steve Earle
    "My baby sparkle and shine Sparkle and shine Sparkle and shine My baby sparkle and shine And everyone knows she's fine She blesses all that she sees A toss of her hair and a kiss in the breeze But she don't"

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