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blues and rock

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blues and rock

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blues and rock
  • Moody Blues Rock-a-bye baby blues
    "I like lazing in the midday sun, Doing nothing is having fun, I said, oh Lord I love lazing in your midday sun. And I like doing my thing all night With my baby, that suits me right, I said, come on baby,"
  • AC/DC Rock the Blues Away
    "Drivin' in my car Headed for the local bar Pickin' up my girl tonight Everything is gonna be alright Shootin' pool with my friends Smokin' cigarettes Tellin' jokes out loud We're laughing way too proud And"
  • Brenda Lee Rock a bye baby blues
    "I got the rock a bye baby bluesBaby's out a rocking with somebody newLeaving me, with the rock a bye baby bluesI tried to rock a bye someone elseBaby I was only just fooling myselfSit alone with the rock"
  • Todd Snider Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues
    "(chorus) hey, hey, my, my rock and roll will never die hang your hair down in your eye you'll make a million dollars well i was in this band goin' nowhere fast we sent out demos but everybody passed so"
  • Undertones Rock and roll
    "Can you still recall In the jukebox hall Where the music played ? And the world spun round To a brand new sound In those far off days In their blue suede shoes They would scream and shout Sing the blues"
  • G. LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE Rock And Roll
    "This is rock n' roll shouts out Back to the rappers A lot of people stake claims Saying hip hop doesn't matter But really what could be phatter than Jungle J.B's beats and streetside sounds Profound are"
  • Status Quo Blues And Rhythm
    "(Rossi / Bown) I saw this picture in a magazine With it's gold plated grovers, such a clean machine So I, I did my homework and I worked like hell As the brown-eyed handsmone man said, you never can tell I"
  • Kid Rock Rock N' Roll
    ""Break out the whiskey And a bottle of wine Take your shirt off bitch And chop me out a line Dim the lights down low Turn up the stereo Don't say a word I already know You've never done this before But"
  • Muddy Waters The Blues Had A Baby And They Named It Rock And Roll
    "All you people, you know the blues got a soul Well this is a story, a story never been told Well you know the blues got pregnant And they named the baby Rock & Roll Muddy Waters said it, you know the"
  • Elf Rocking Chair Rock 'n' Roll Blues
    "How do you whisper out loud? Be all alone in a crowd? Well..... How do you manage to fly? Breathe like the wind when you sigh? Sun, burning like fire She's not feeling the sun, look at her run Looks"
  • Blues Brothers Jailhouse rock
    "The warden threw a party in the county jail The prisonband was there and they began to wail The joint was jumping and the place began to swing You should have heard those knocked out jailbirds sing Let's"
  • Kid Rock Rock N Roll Jesus
    "(Turn me up in the headphones) Been a lotta cheap talk but I rock still From the streets of Shanghai back to Knoxville Sittin' high on a mountain top Holdin' shop spreadin' the good news Been a lotta"
  • J.J. Cale Rock And Roll Records
    "(J.J. Cale) I make rock 'n' roll records I sell 'em for a dime I make my living and feed my children All in good time The blues they go for a quarter Guaranteed to satisfy It's a real funky deal Don't"
  • Redman Slide And Rock On
    "Yo, this blunt is for all the niggaz that was in the holdin pen with me in central booking Welcome to the system (Ha ha ha haaaa! Yeahhh! Motherfuckers! Coming to you live from Newark, New Jersey) (Hey"
  • Snider Todd Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues (Hidden Track)
    "Hey, hey, my, my, rock 'n' roll will never die, Just hang your hair down in your eyes You'll make a million dollars. Well, I was in this band goin' nowhere fast We sent out demos, but everybody passed So"
  • G. Love And Special Sauce Blues music
    "Me and my bandAll must agree we like to get groovyWith the sounds of the old timeWe like to jam cause manSounds from the bandstandHand for the cause manHang from the old onesThe tones the gear the props"
  • The Answer Rock Bottom Blues
    "V1) I've had a little time to reason I've had a little time to grow There's people in the world I'm pleasin' There's people in the world who don't wanna know Ch) But the future's gonna be much better"
  • WASP Rock And Roll To Death
    "Thunder pounding my brains in A six string rock and roll razor Nobody's gonna save me The whole world drives me crazy I hate work, I hate school I got a case of the rock's dead blues Friday night I'll"
  • W.A.S.P. Rock and roll to death
    "Thunder pounding my brains in a six string rock and roll razor Nobody gonna save me The whole world drives me crazy I hate work, I hate school I got a case of the rocks dead blues Friday night Ill"
  • Rick Derringer Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo
    "Couldn't stop moving when it first took hold. It was a warm spring night at the old town hall. There was a group called 'The Jokers' they were layin' it down. Don't ya know I'm never gonna lose that funky"

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